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2+ Year Member
May 6, 2017
Looking for advice before applying in the upcoming cycle!
I am a rising senior at University of Michigan
Michigan resident

AA DAT: 21
TS DAT: 20
PAT: 23
GPA: 3.64
sGPA: 3.59

150+ hours dental shadowing
200+ hours hospital volunteering
research in UM dental school
dental mission trip

was trying to narrow down the schools to apply to hopefully 10
based on schools that are either way too expensive (private or unable to gain residency), or unlikely to accept me based on my stats or being OOS

here's my current list:
1. Michigan
2. U Detroit Mercy [my mom said I could save money and live at home :')]
3. U North Carolina
4. UC, Denver
5. Boston U
6. Tufts
8. U Southern California
9. UA, Birmingham
10. UConn
11. UI, Chicago
12. U Maryland
13. NYU
14. UPenn
15. U Washington
16. Marquette

Let me know if there are any obvious ones I should cut! or if you have any recommendations of other schools I should look into! thanks in advance


Best Boss
2+ Year Member
Sep 3, 2016
Fellow [Any Field]
I had extremely similar stats to you and applied to UM, only problem for me was that I was OOS and had re-taken the DAT to score that. BUT i think you have a good shot at many places including UM. Agree with above about UIC.
Get the dental school application guide by ADEA and it tells you if schools favor IS or like OOS etc etc.
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Typical Average Student

5+ Year Member
Jul 6, 2014
Houston, TX
UWash and UAB favor their in-state students and surrounding states. UConn's class size is way too small to way IMO... I also think they might favor their residents and surrounding states.


NYU and USC are 2 very expensive schools. Look into UOP- 3-year program. UNC is also very OOS/ international unfriendly.
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