university of illinois at chicago

  1. rebelais

    ***Official - University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) OMFS Residency***

    University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) OMFS Tracks: 6-year MD/DMD Track (1 position) 4-year DMD Track (2 positions) 1-year Non-Categorical Internships (5 positions) Department Chair: Michael Miloro DMD, MD, FACS Program Director: Michael Han DMD, FACS Full-Time Attendings: Nicholas Callahan...
  2. D

    Question about University of Illinois, Chicago

    Hi! I wanted to reach out and see if there was anyone on this thread who attended UIC in Chicago. I was curious about their thoughts on the curriculum, how they handled it, and if they were able to find a job out of state after finishing school there for residency or retail. The web page...
  3. W

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Chicago OT schools - UIC or Rush?

    Hi everyone. I am wondering if any of you went to/are attending UIC or Rush for OT and could tell me about your experience. I got into both programs and have been debating between the two for nearly a month, and it is getting very hard to choose!!! I liked Rush because it has a smaller cohort...
  4. A

    UIC Orthodontics

    Hi! Any opinions on the UIC orthodontics residency program? Is it considered a strong clinical program?
  5. D

    University of Illinois Shutting Down?

    Hey guys, I just called to ask for a tour of University of Illinois (OOS), but they told me that their last graduating class is 2022. Has anyone heard anything about this? Thanks.
  6. B

    Chance me: where to apply to dental school

    Looking for advice before applying in the upcoming cycle! I am a rising senior at University of Michigan Michigan resident AA DAT: 21 TS DAT: 20 PAT: 23 GPA: 3.64 sGPA: 3.59 150+ hours dental shadowing 200+ hours hospital volunteering research in UM dental school dental mission trip was...
  7. APraxon

    Rural Pharmacy Program (UIC COP)

    Hey Guys, I've searched SDN for this question and haven't really found anything (so if you do please just link it here and I'll more than happily check it out there - assuming it is up to date). So the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) has two campuses. One in Chicago and one in...