1. H

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Accepted to USciences, MCPHS, Hofstra. Which one to choose?

    Hi guys, I've been accepted to USciences, MCPHS in Worcester, and Hofstra University for their MOT programs. I'm trying to decide which one to go to. Does anyone on here have any experiences with any of these schools they'd like to share? I am comparing my options and looking at pass rates...
  2. A

    Usciences Interview HELP!!

    Hello All, I have recently received the chance to interview for USciences's DPT program. Can anyone who has gone through their interview process share their interview experience, share any advice on how to prepare for the day, share what questions they got in the interview, and elaborate on...
  3. H

    Program-Specific Info / Q's SALUS, TEMPLE, USCIENCES ... admissions process

    Hello, I had some questions for the admissions process once accepted to the programs at schools such as Temple, Salus, and Usciences. I want to live in the Philadelphia area and have already been accepted to programs but I live far so I wanted to know whats involved. Does anyone know if these...
  4. L

    Usciences DPT class of 2021 class

    Hey guys, I got an invitation to an interview dec 10. However, today, I got mail stating I got waitlisted. Any suggestion on how I can prove I should be accepted. I'm aware that usciences only accept approximately 30-35 transfer students. And for those who got accepted, what do you think got you...
  5. T

    Invitations to interview - 2017

    I sent in my applications at the end of August/beginning of September (Usci, Emory & Henry, Rutgers south, creighton, Puget Sound, university of arkansas medical sciences, NYIT, marymount university, franklin pierce, kean, gannon, AT stills, Murphy deming, hampton) and so far I have received...
  6. M

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Major Decision- MOT or MHA

    Hey everyone, So I have a bit of a big decision to make and I need some opinions. I applied to OT programs in the Philadelphia area. I was denied from most, however USciences put me on their waitlist and I was accepted into their last open seat today. While on the waitlist, I researched...
  7. B

    Chances of getting into 0-6 pharmacy school?

    Hey guys I'm a junior in high school and I'm looking into getting into a 0-6 program. This is what I've been participating in in high school and etc. : my unweighted GPA is a 3.7-3.8/4.0 I'm in cultural clubs, amnesty club org, sports club, volunteer club, newspaper, and did track and field for...
  8. P

    How I got into an accelerated dental program as a high school senior

    Hello! I'm a high school senior, but I got accepted to University of the Sciences' accelerated 7 year BS/DMD program. I got a lot of advice here on SDN during my freshman-junior year while I was trying to get into these programs, so I figured I should give back, so I'm making this thread to...
  9. Mjm1175

    USciences DPT class of 2019

    Hey everyone! I got accepted into USciences DPT in Philadelphia. I just wanted to start a thread for the new class so we can all ask any questions, figure out housing etc. I started looking for an apartment and I'm looking for a roommate/roommates. I'm not sure if there is a Facebook page yet...