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  1. hopeful_vet2025


    Gonna go ahead and make this for the upcoming cycle! Good luck everyone!
  2. M

    University of Tennessee c/o 2023 Applicants

    I haven't seen a thread yet for UTK 2023 applicants. I applied OOS! Who else applied this year?
  3. B

    UT-Knoxville and experience/GRE?

    I'm not sure if this has been addressed directly yet about specifically UTK, but I'm wondering about their MPH program and their admissions rigor. I know that places like UGA would pretty much demand quite a bit of experience and a pretty high GRE score to get in. But what about UTK? Do they...
  4. U

    Where should vet students live near UTK?

    Hi y'all! I'm an OOS student and will be attending UTK in the fall! But I'm at a loss for where to live. I'm going up next week to sign for an apartment but I need to know where to tour first! Any suggestions would be useful! I'm looking for something close to campus with 2x2 availability...
  5. S

    UTK In-State Tuition

    Hello! Does anyone have any experience/knowledge about applying to this school as a resident? I will be moving there soon because my boyfriend is getting his PHD at UTK. I haven't decided whether or not I will apply to vet school, but I am definitely moving to Tennessee. Would it be difficult...