1. P

    VIRMP internship package

    Hey guys, Does anybody know approximately when VIRMP positions send out their detailed information packages (which you have matched with through the match or through open positions)? Like if the position starts in the beginning of July, typically when should you expect all the information...
  2. CatMomExtraordinaire

    Small Rotatings: Need help deciding

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to decide between my top two for small rotating internships (with eventual exotics specialization being the overall goal). Does anyone have any input between Garden State Vet Specialists in NJ vs. Metropolitan Vet Hospital in Ohio? They are fairly comparable on paper in...
  3. cdo96

    2022 VIRMP Match

    Me three days ago: “there’s no way I’m going to do a residency, I’m already so tired and ready to go into practice” Me on October 1st: “I should do a residency” Is this a mistake? Probably, but this could be fun.
  4. E

    New VIRMP internship opportunity: MSPCA-Angell at Essex (Community Practice)

    Deadline approaching: December 9, 2019 at 9:00 pm EST MSPCA-Angell is pleased to announce a new community practice/small animal medicine and surgery internship position for its Angell at Essex location in Danvers, MA starting in June 2020. Angell at Essex is a new teaching clinic located at...
  5. M

    VIRMP Rotating Internship Question

    Hello, I am applying for an academic small animal rotating medicine/surgery internship, as I hope to pursue a residency in the future. I am very interested in going to the University of Georgia (UGA) for this purpose, and until today have felt confident that I have a fighting chance. However...
  6. S

    Missing last letter of rec for VIRMP

    VIRMP deadline is this Monday (good luck to everyone!) and the last of my letter of recs is not yet in. I've touched base with my clinician last week and she reiterated that she would write me a strong reference, but the VIRMP application still has not yet received her letter. She would've been...
  7. S

    Matching at internships without passing NAVLE?

    I'm getting ready to submit my application for rotating internships and getting ready to take the NAVLE for the first time this winter. I know there's a second testing window in April, but playing the devil's advocate here... what happens if you match at a rotating internship but you fail the...
  8. S

    Academic Internship Program Reviews

    Hello everyone, like many of you out there I am currently getting my application all ready for a rotating internship! My goal is to stay in an academic environment and go for a surgery residency in the future, so I'm limiting my application to a variety of different university rotating...
  9. cavy_crazy

    Internships open to foreign graduates

    I have a friend at Royal Vet College in London - AVMA COE accredited - and he is looking to enter the match this coming Fall. What internships accept foreign graduates? He is running in to issues of internships not sponsoring visas for foreign graduates. Does anyone have experience with this?
  10. lgs9109

    Internship VIRMP Personal Statement Format

    I know it's a bit early to be thinking about the match for next year, but my professional development rotation is having us write a cover letter/personal statement and resume/CV for our "next step". Thought this was a good time to get my first rough draft written down! My question is how to...
  11. M

    VIRMP interviews

    For anyone who has done VIRMP interviews, what sort of questions/cases can we expect to be asked about? Any tips?
  12. D

    VIRMP/Match CV organization

    Hello everyone! I did not find this topic anywhere in my search so please forgive me and redirect if I've missed it.. How are you organizing your CV for VIRMP? I am applying for residencies and am trying to decide: (1) where my internship fits (2) if I should include DVM clubs (Bovine Club...