wake forest

  1. Sidthekiddd

    Wake Forest vs OUWB

    Hi guys, I wanted to see if anyone had input as to the pros and cons of both programs. Say the tuition for both is equal, what would be the pros and cons to each. What I have so far OUWB Pros: Fit Extremely supportive faculty Beaumont health system Integrated research project OUWB Cons: Lack...
  2. MDhopeful234

    MD Very late application but 516MCAT - which secondaries are worth it?

    516 MCAT, 3.43 overallGPA, 3.2 scienceGPA (but went to an undergrad currently ranked #3 in the nation with the worst grade deflation ever). Current M.S. student. I am working on secondaries and I am wondering if I should complete all of them due to very very late timing. I am very late due to...
  3. T

    UW-Madison vs Wake forest(scholarship)

    I was accepted to Madison and was totally committed to going until I was accepted this week off of the wait list for Wake Forest. I received a very generous scholarship from Wake, but my #1 choice of school would be Madison. I also liked Wake, but honestly strongly disliked the city of...
  4. C

    Maryland vs. Wake Forest

    3 days left to make a decision, and I am at the end of my sanity - although I'm very fortunate to have options at all, of course. The decision is complicated due to finances. UMD: - Loved the school, fantastic program and excellent residency placements, strong research. - Love the city, plus my...
  5. B

    Georgetown vs. Wake Forest?

    Now that GT is P/F for its preclinical years, how would one go about comparing/deciding between GT and Wake Forest? GT's newly-retired grading system seemed to be its biggest downfall in old threads. Any input is welcome. Thanks!
  6. M

    Wake Forest Post Bac 2016-2017

    Who else has applied to the wake forest post bac program?