1. V

    Canadian Applicant for Aus Medschools - Whats wrong with rural ?

    Hello everybody. I'm a canadian ( 26M) who is looking to apply to an australian medical school. I have near 0 chance at Canadian or US schools due to terrible GPA, around ~3.4-3.5ish, my MCAT score on the other hand is at 517. my pharm degree GPA really dragged me down (grades are curved and I...
  2. M

    MWU-AZ or UL or UK

    I am fortunate enough to be accepted to these three schools, All three of them are great in their own aspect. If you had the choice between the three which one would you choose and why? For me personally i am gearing towards UK because of the smaller class size and the technological advances...
  3. freedoctor17

    What is your DREAM medical school and why?

    Hey SDNers, there are a few other old threads like this and I wanted to start a more recent one. So what is your dream med school (or maybe top 3 if you don't have a specific one in mind) and more importantly why? edit: removed portion referring to myself... quickly realized basing my own list...
  4. F

    Why all the negative talk about pharmacy?

    I read many threads before posting this and i'm seeing all these people talking really badly and some disrespectfully about pharmacy, jobs etc. YES. I know that there are too many pharmacists in this world and that the job market is saturated but that's just like any other field. (at least in my...
  5. shnarf9892

    TBR Organic Chemistry (2013) page 45 question #8

    I have attached photos of the passage, problem, and answer explanation in question. I was thinking it would be C, the unsubstituted alkene. I was okay with the explanation until it said that a lower heat of hydrogenation is found for choice D. Delta H for D is -26.4, while Delta H for option...
  6. T

    What motives you to become a doc?

    So I'm now 23, finished a Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree, and kinda suddenly realize that I want to help people, like actually helping someone physically. I never thought of entering the healthcare services even though my parents are in the industry (they are nurse / dental hygienist)...
  7. RogueBanana

    Why did you choose medicine?

    Just wanted to share my reasoning for choosing to become a doc with someone. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to critique my reasons/motivations? I'm going back thru my app and looking for red flags after my recent waitlist .
  8. GBCrzzyy

    Which school did you choose and why?

    I've applied to 26 DO schools but I'm having trouble trying to differentiate them and figure out which ones I like best so I thought I would ask about the schools that other people are attending. I'd like to know why you chose the school and your favorite and least favorite parts about your...
  9. ProspectiveKidd

    pre-dent and girls

    Basically my school has a lot of good looking girls. When I see perfect female specimens one of the first things I tell them is "I'm pre-dent with an interest in oral maxillofacial surgery" and this is what I get: What does this reaction actually mean and do you tell girls that you are...