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Is this all for the same research work?
I am lucky enough to have an abstract accepted for a poster presentation that I will be presenting at an international conference after I submit my AMCAS application, however, I also will be presenting this same poster at a couple of local department symposium/research days before I submit my AMCAS application.

How do I go about listing these 2 posters and abstract acceptance on the activities section? Do I separate them into 3 individual poster presentations/abstract submission? Should I only put down the international conference abstract submission? I don't want to come off as trying to inflate my poster presentations or do anything not proper/allowed. Thanks for your help!
Mention upcoming presentation in the description but don’t list it in more than one place
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I was gonna list them all under 1 activity slot kind of like this


Author, Authors. Title. Abstract acceptance and future poster presentation at: Name of conference. Date of conference, location.
Also presented at (name of local symposiums, location, and dates).
That's fine
This isn't a CV where you have to list every single detail.

If you are writing up your research as a W/A spot, you can also briefly mention you have pending presentations at multiple conferences. We don't need the citation format for abstracts.