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  2. B

    Volunteering projected hours advise

    Hey everyone, I am pretty much finished with writing all my primary essays and activities with all my transcripts sent so I can get verified early. The only problem I have is what to do with my projected volunteer hours. I have finished all my training and certifications to be a firefighter and...
  3. P

    Should I list a high school research experience when applying MD/PhD?

    I've gotten very mixed advice on this and wanted some more opinions. Between my Junior and Senior years of high school I got a paid research internship at a pharmacology lab at the university I eventually attended. The internship lasted 8 weeks and I accumulated about 300 hours on the project...
  4. GettinAfterIt

    Do medical schools "like" primary care?

    Hey everyone, I'm finishing up my personal statement and activities section and had a question; should I mention my interest in primary care? I've heard that many schools highly favor students who are interested in primary care specialties. I have a genuine interest in IM/FM, but I'm also...
  5. G

    Activities/personal statement: would this be considered a HIPAA violation?

    Hey everyone, A lot of my shadowing and another experience (which is one of my most meaningful experiences) includes work at a doctor's office in which I was once a patient. This fact is a huge part of my story, but I was wondering if mentioning I was once a patient at this office would count...
  6. KatsuCurry

    Combining Shadowing Experiences, is this okay?

    So I would like to combine my 3 shadowing experiences into one activity, so I have more room to talk about other activities. However, I have a couple of questions. I would appreciate help from anyone who's doing the same thing or did the same things in past cycles. I don't want to show bias...
  7. H

    Caregiver for client with CP: activity classification

    For the past 4 years I have been working as a caregiver for a client with cerebral palsy. My duties include feeding him his meals with his medications and supplements, cleaning him up if he soils himself, bathing, assisting with his physical therapy exercises, and socializing with him in and out...
  8. KatsuCurry

    Most Meaningful Activity too similar to Personal Statement?

    So my PS talks about how my experience working with homeless patients was a transformative experience that led me to want to become a physician. I thought it would intuitive to also include it as one of my most meaningful activities, even though the description of why its my most meaningful...
  9. S

    You & Another Applicant with Same Activity

    in the past, I had started a sports club and had previously written up a description for our website. a girl from my school, in the same club which isn't a very common one, is also applying this cycle. we don't talk with each other much and definitely not about applications. i have two...
  10. D

    Questions about Activities section of AMCAS

    I just have some questions that i am having trouble filling out on the activities section, as well as mention all the activities i am including and if there are any that would just be pointless to include and i should remove? Top 3: 1. ED Scribing - paid employment 2. Crisis Line and Suicide...
  11. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Improve and Present Your Experiences for Your Med School Reapplication

    In the final section of our Medical School Reapplicant Advice: 6 Tips for Successseries, we’ll discuss how reapplicants should improve, and then present, their experiences. One last factor that can seriously hurt your chances is a lack of substantive, ongoing experiences. Medical schools want...
  12. LindaAccepted

    Medical Applying to Medical School: Selecting Extracurricular Activities

    When considering your goal of attending medical school, you need to choose extracurricular activities that you will enjoy and that will also help you highlight the characteristics that med schools are seeking. 3 strategies for choosing the right extracurriculars Below we will provide you with...
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    Deleted for anonymity.
  14. P

    ERAS questions

    Hi a few questions about the ERAS app: 1 . I'm getting an LOR from a program director who is also listed a medical education chair on the hospital website - do I click the chair button when preparing the face sheet? 2. Do you use bullets to write about your activities like you would in a...
  15. B

    Listing Multiple Clubs/Organizations in AMCAS

    In the activities section of my AMCAS app, I would like to list my participation in several clubs and student organizations. Although I don't really have a specific number of hours for these clubs (a lot of the meetings and events were rather informal and related to planning and networking), I...
  16. H

    Reapplicant questions: Personal statement, activity description, & secondary apps

    Hello, I'm a re-applicant due to a low MCAT score as well as applying too late in the cycle (called some schools that rejected me and found this out). A school told me that my experiences were "good", and some other schools seemed to like my personal statement, but I'm reading on here and on...
  17. LindaAccepted

    Medical 6 Tips to Improve Your AMCAS Application Activities Section

    It’s almost summer, and for me that means barbecues on the deck, specifically with the company of friends. I was recently enjoying a cook-out at one friend’s home in particular, and gracious as my hosts were, I felt a bit daunted by the huge piece of steak that filled my plate, accompanied by a...
  18. LindaAccepted

    Medical What NOT to Do in the Activities Section of Your Medical School Application

    Don’t underestimate the importance of the activities section! Let’s take a look at some of the biggest mistakes to avoid in your activities section so you can make sure that you’re doing it right: Mistake #1: Providing less than 15 activities Simply submitting an application with less than the...
  19. S

    How do I categorize a grant I applied for and received on AMCAS?

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    Question about listing my poster presentations