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May 23, 2003
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ok...i guess this is the new thread.

Undergraduate/Graduate School: U.Buffalo

GPA: 3.54
Sci GPA: 3.3
major: Physical Anthropology

Grad GPA: 3.5
Major: Paleontology (2 publications from M.S. thesis)

Overal sci: 19
BIO: 20
GCH: 18
OCH: 20
Reading: 21
Quant: 18
PAT: 17 (ouch!)
shoe size: 13

Dental experience: Several undergrad and grad level classes taken at UBuffalo's dental school. Numerous hours shadowing there as well (+50hours?).

Applications(8): U. at Buffalo, Columbia, U.Michigan, Case Western, U.Penn, U.Pitt, Tufts, Boston U.

AADSAS: sent out June 6th (AADSAS # 200)

Interview Invites: CWRU, Tufts, Columbia, BU(didn't even pay the application deposit), U.Buffalo, U.Pitt, U.Michigan (didn't pay deposit)

Withdrawn applications: U.Mich, U.Pitt

Accepted: Buffalo, Boston, CWRU, Tufts, Columbia (waitlisted)

Rejected: U.Penn (no interview)

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I think it'd be good if the posters could also post their undergrad school. If they think that info is too private to give away, fine, but I just think it'd be neat to see where they got their GPA's and others stuff from.
Undergrad Ed:
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA:
Science Undergrad. GPA:
Graduate Ed: (if applicable)
Cumulative Graduate GPA: (if applicable)
Science Graduate GPA: (if applicable)

1st DAT: Academic, Science, PAT
2nd DAT: Academic, Science, PAT (if applicable)

Extracurricular/Research Activities:

Schools Applied:

AADSAS Submitted Date:

Schools Received AADSAS Date: (approximate date)

Interview Invites:


Withdrew Application:


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Also add state of legal residence. It helps us see the dynamics of applications to state schools from both instaters and out of staters.
Undergrad Ed: Tufts U
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.5
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.5

1st DAT: Academic-22/ Science-23 /PAT-19

Extracurricular/Research Activities: Volunteered at hospital dental clinic, and private practice. Researched at Tufts dental school and Forsyth Institute. Actively involved in various school organizations and held numerous leadership positions.

Schools Applied: Tufts, UMich, UConn, Harvard, Temple, SUNY Buffalo, UPenn, Columbia

AADSAS Submitted Date: May 29th

Interview Invites: Temple (8/17), UPenn (8/28), UConn (8/30), Tufts (9/3), Harvard (9/26), U Buffalo (9/10), Columbia (9/10), UMich (NA). YAY interviewed at every school!

Denied: none yet

Accepted: none yet
Undergrad Ed: Case Western Reserve University grad may 2002
Major: Medical Anthropology
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.47
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.5
Graduate Ed: (if applicable): Histology and currently Biochemistry
Cumulative Graduate GPA: (if applicable)
Science Graduate GPA: (if applicable)
State of residence: OH

DAT: Academic, Science, PAT: 19,19,20

Extracurricular/Research Activities: 2 semesters of chemistry research in college. Currently a full time research assistant. Various fraternity related extracurricular activities along with volunteering

Schools Applied: Ohio State, CWRU, Tufts, Nova, Pitt, Umich, Umaryland

AADSAS Submitted Date: June 25th

Schools Received AADSAS Date: July 25th

Interview Invites: Tufts, CWRU, Maryland, OSU, UMich, UPitt, Nova,

Denied: None

Withdrew Application: CWRU, UPitt, Nova


Accepted: OSU, Tufts, UMaryland, UMichigan!!

Attending:Ohio State!!!

Shoe Size 13? Great numbers!
Srry for double posting.... but just wanted to say:

I feel like I'm the perfect example of a MEDIOCRE applicant.

Undergrad Ed: SUNY Binghamton
major: Bio
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.3
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.4

1st DAT: Academic, Science, PAT = 19,19,18 ....... took it on 8/29

Extracurricular/Research Activities:

2 Pre-Dental programs.
Research - one semester and counting
Shadowing - 200 hours +
Manual Dexterity - Sculpture Course, 4 years mechanical school prior college.

Schools Applied: UMDNJ, SUNY buffallo, SUNY Stony Brook, Maryland, Marquette, NYU, columbia, uop

AADSAS Submitted Date: July

Schools Received AADSAS Date: August

Interview Invites: Stony brook (9/23), buffallo (10.30), UMDNJ (10/31), NYU (10/6), Columbia (11/14)(Canceled), Maryland (11/18)(Cancelled)....all except UOP

Denied: NONE

Withdrew Application:

Waitlisted: NONE

Accepted: Buffalo, UMDNJ, Marquette, Stony Brook, NYU

-Going to stony brook
-- Charlie
OMG!! You guys have amazing stats. I start to worry now.
Undergrad Ed: University of California, Irvine
Major: Biology
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.1
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.1
Graduate Ed: (if applicable)
Cumulative Graduate GPA: (if applicable)
Science Graduate GPA: (if applicable)

1st DAT: Academic, Science, PAT: Bio 22, O chem 21, G Chem 23, Quant. Reas.: 23, reading 21, Pat 21
2nd DAT: Academic, Science, PAT (if applicable)

Extracurricular/Research Activities: 4 quarters of research, and about 2 years of volunteer at a dental clinic and work as dental assistant for about 6 month

Schools Applied:UOP, USC, UCLA. UCSF, Arizona, UNLV, NYU, BU, Tufts, Temple, Nova, Case Western, Howard, U penn, U of Pittsburg, U of Puerto Rico, Creighton, Columbia,, Marquette, Sunny Buffallo,

AADSAS Submitted Date:in 3-5 days

Schools Received AADSAS Date: (approximate date)

Interview Invites:


Withdrew Application:



I'm crossing my fingers now. Hopefully i'll get in somewhere even Puerto Rico!!!!
Hey asian 81,

Your stats are pretty good, especially your DAT score. I think your applying to too many schools. Try to only apply to schools you can really see yourself going to. Save some money. I wish I applied to fewer schools and saved some $$$. I definitely think that you'll get into many of the schools you listed. Good luck.
It seems like SDN has an abnormally large number of subpar GPAs and very high DAT scores compared to the general applicant and accepted pool.

I see a lot of people getting in out-of-state to schools with numbers below the matriculating average, and people with considerably lower numbers getting into their own state schools and privates. Who brings up the GPA averages at these places? It seems to be deceptively easy to get into dental school, much easier than the numbers would suggest.
Hey asian 81, why are you taking the DAT again? Your stats are top notch! Well, good-luck.
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I'm not planning to take DAT again, i'm sick of it. I think DAT materials are not too hard if compared to all the prerequisite classes that i have taken in my school. I got C in my organic chem classes but i managed to get 21 in DAT. OMG!!! my undergrad school is so competitive.
Hi, juan7677
What do you think my chance of getting into UOP?? I really like this school, and i heard many positive things about this school, esp. my dentist who graduated from this school about 4 years ago.
Originally posted by asian81
Hi, juan7677
What do you think my chance of getting into UOP?? I really like this school, and i heard many positive things about this school, esp. my dentist who graduated from this school about 4 years ago.

You have a very good chance. Your DAT score is very good and UOP likes to see good PAT score, which you have. Plus your applying early. I definitely think you'll get in. And don't worry too much about your GPA cuz UOP's more lenient on that area than other schools, like ucla for instance.
asian 81,

I agree entirely with juan that you are applying to way too many schools. Your stats kinda resemble mine when I applied this time last year, so you might want to check out my stats from the 2003 STATS Thread. If you haven't already submitted your app, I would recommend that you narrow your list down some. Don't underestimate your stats like I did. Unless you have terrible interviewing skills, you're going to be accepted at most of the schools you apply to. As far as UOP goes, you should be fine.

Hey Juan,

I look forward to meeting you and the rest of the SDN UOP family in just 5 more weeks.

UOP SOD 2006
Hey Ricky! Glad to see you're still posting on SDN. See you in July!
Undergrad Ed: Johns Hopkins University
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.38
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.25

1st DAT: Academic 21, Science 20, PAT 19

Extracurricular/Research Activities:
research-two semesters of neuro research so far
extracurric- Resident Advisor, Lead Instructor for Students Against Sexual Assault, one of the founding members for the Armenian Youth Organization at our school
dexterity- piano lessons since age 6 and cello since age 9
dental whatnots- worked with my dad ( a dentist) since I was 13, and am working for a temp dental assistant agency this summer

Schools Applied: UMaryland, SUNY at Buffalo, UPenn, NYU,

AADSAS Submitted Date: May 25

Schools Received AADSAS Date: June 20

Interview Invites: UMaryland, SUNY at Buffalo, UPenn, UMDNJ


Withdrew Application:


Accepted:UMaryland, SUNY at Buffalo, UMDNJ, UPenn

WTF: NYU sent me a letter in october saying they were considering my application and I haven't heard ANYTHING from them since
Hey, Asian81.
Good to see someone from my school! Go 'eaters!

As somebody mentioned above, your stats looks fine. Your DAT score of 20+ on both Academic and PAT puts you on top of the list. Your GPA seems kinda low, but hopefully, your DAT scores and the institution you attended will compensate for that. UCI has a really good reputation among all major dental schools in the nation. They know how competitive our program (Bio) is, and know how well prepared we are.

I graduated this year (Bio), and I'm going to USC this fall. Let me know if you have any questions.
Undergrad Ed: Howard University
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.57

1st DAT: Sept. 1st

Extracurricular/Research Activities:
Research programs for 2 summers. Medical clinic coordinator at a non-profit clinic for 1 year.

Going to apply to: UOP, Temple, Howard, USC, Nova, Upitt, Meharry, VCU, LSU

AADSAS Submitted Date:
Do you guys think I should retake the DAT I got very high scores 23+ on biology, chwemistry and organic. I have talked to a few schools and they feel that the 15 is low but typically students with low scores spend more time in the simulation lab.
What do you think is more important the academic score or the PAT score?

Undergrad Ed: UCSC
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.3
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.25
Graduate Ed: (if applicable)
Cumulative Graduate GPA: (if applicable)
Science Graduate GPA: (if applicable)

1st DAT: Academic, Science, PAT 20/15
2nd DAT: Academic, Science, PAT (if applicable)

Extracurricular/Research Activities: Chemistry club, worked in research for three years after graduation. 60 hours shadowing

Schools Applied: I am playing the numbers game. 17 schools
Schools in california, and mostly private schools scattered throughout US.
AADSAS Submitted Date: June 13 2003

Schools Received AADSAS Date: (approximate date)

Interview Invites:


Withdrew Application:


Undergrad Ed: Florida International University
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.85
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.85

1st DAT:Academic 19 Science 19 PAT 17

Extracurricular/Research Activities:
VP of Dental Club; worked as a dental assistant for 4 years.

Schools Applied: UF, Nova, Tufts, Boston, UPenn

AADSAS Submitted Date: June 25

Interviews: Boston, UF...

GOOD LUCK APPLICANTS!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
undergrad: univ of illinois at champaign
major: mech engineering
cumulative gpa: 3.90
science gpa: 4.00
DAT: 24 AA, 22 PAT

appyling to: UIC, SIU, Upenn

extra: 3 yrs working experience in engineering and consulting

I have a question that maybe you guys can answer being that all of us are 2004 applicants. I am not working right now so I don't have the money to pay AADAS until I start working at the NIH in September. One of my professors can't right a letter of recommendation until school starts back up. And I am not taking the DAT until August 30. Is it okay for me to just send out my AADAS application in September? Will I be significantly hurting my chances by waiting so long?
I doubt it considering most school don't even start looking at apps until around august-sept. I would not worry too much.
Undergrad Ed: U of Colorado
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA:3.2
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.2

1st DAT: Academic: 23, Science: 24, PAT:19

Extracurricular/Research Activities: working full time as an assistant, 100 hours working at P.T. clinic, worked in nursing home, kinesiology club board member, captain of rugby team

Schools Applied: Colorado, UOP, Loma Linda, Arizona, Nova, Temple, Boston, NYU, Columbia, Creighton

Withdrew Application: Creighton, Arizona, Loma Linda

Interviews Invited: Temple, Columbia, UOP, Nova, Boston, Colorado, NYU

Interviews Attended: Temple, Columbia, UOP, Nova, Colorado

Accepted: Columbia, UOP, Nova
Undergrad Ed: Texas A&M
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA:3.0
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.0

1st DAT: Academic 20, Science 21, PAT 19
2nd DAT: Academic, Science, PAT (if applicable)

Extracurricular/Research Activities: 2yrs/dental assistant

Schools Applied:Arizona,Nova,Indiana University,University of Kentucky,University of Louisville,Boston, Tufts ,University of Detroit Mercy,Creighton,UNLV,New York University,New York at Buffalo,Case,Ohio State,University of Pittsburgh
Temple,Marquette,UTSA, UThouson,baylor

total application fee: $2800. :mad:

AADSAS Submitted Date: 7-21-03

Schools Received AADSAS Date:na

Interview Invites:na


Withdrew Application:na


Accepted:na :confused:

I am assuming you are a Texas resident? Why are you applying to so many schools? Did you think it was too risky to JUST apply to the Texas schools? Your stats seem competitive.
Wow, that's applying to nearly half of all dental schools in the U.S..

What I want to know is, would adcoms think a person is indecisive when they see the candidate has applied to so many schools?

(I wonder if there had been anyone who applied to ALL the dental schools in the country heh heh..)
Texas schools suck ! Asian applicants (especially Vietnamese and Chinese ethnic) have a tough time to get in with average stats. I'm 30 now and I don't want to wait for another year. I hope adcoms would understand my situation.
Undergrad: James Madison University
Graduated 2003
Overall GPA: 3.78
Science GPA: 3.74
Shoe size: 11
AADSAS submit date: May 16 (#2)
: total app fee: ALOT of $:( :( :( :( +$3000
Interview invites: NOVA, SUNY-Buffalo, Suny, Stony Brook, Case Western, University of Florida, VCU, Columbia, Temple, Maryland, Ohio State, UConn, UNC

Went to eight of them

Accepted to: Case, VCU, Nova, Ohio State, UNC
Undergrad Ed: BYU
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA:3.63
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.43
Resident: NC

DAT (8/4/03): Academic 28, Science 29, PAT 20

AADSAS Submitted Date: 5/27/03

Schools Applied (7): UNC (1st choice), Ohio State, VCU, Case, Temple, Maryland, Louisville

Interview Invites (7): UNC, Ohio State, VCU, Case, Temple, Maryland, Louisville

Interviews Attended: UNC (10/18), Ohio State (10/25), VCU(10/27)

Withdrew Application (pre-interview): Temple, Maryland, Case, Louisville

Denied: None

Waitlisted: None

Accepted: VCU (11/29-mail), Ohio State (12/1-phone), UNC (12/3-phone)

Attending: UNC
:wow: wow jaap.... how did you get 28 and 29????? you must be from Mars or something....:)
Hi everyone,

I just took my DAT today, and I was kind of disappointed because I see all of your scores are incredible! My scores were just kind of average:( However, when I walked out of the testing room, the secretary congratulated me, which certainly caught my surprise...because she said others who took the DATs in Gainesville, FLorida did much worse. That didn't make me feel all that much better because I feel like my reference of what a competative DAT score is and what it is not is now skewed. I am worried my "average" scores won't be enough to get me into a school. For those out there with experience, do you advise that I take the DAT again?

Here are my stats:

Undergrad Ed: University of Florida
GPA: 3.78

DAT: Academic 20, Science 20, PAT 18

Schools I am planning on applying to: Univ. of Florida, Boston Univ., Nova, Univ. of Penn., UNC, maybe somewhere in Texas?

Thank you for your input...I greatly appreciate it.

Kind of discouraged,

Don't be discouraged just because you do as well as jaab. Heck, I can guarantee that he has one of the highest DAT scores for the 2004 cycle. Your high GPA and 20/18 is very, very commendable. I would not even think to do it again. You should have no problem getting in somewhere. My friends had lower GPA's and 17/17 scores and got in. Go take a vacation, you deserve it!

I meant jaap, what does that mean anyway?
Doesn't mean much - just a name.

I agree, Karrie you should do great with those DAT scores, and that GPA should make Nova, BU, Penn no problem. UF as well if you are in state.
Awwwww....thank you so very much for the sincere encouragement, Nic and jaap. You can't imagine how much of what you said lifted an enormous amount of weight off my shoulders. Although my non-dental friends try to reassure me I did well, its not the same when its coming from you guys...my fellow pre-dents. You have experienced and you have shared. I hope that now that I have experienced, I can be of help to others as well.

I will definately take your advice, Nic, and go on vacation...soon :) after I write my essay and finally complete my AADSAS application. Then I'm off to Yellowstone Park with my family!

I hope that you're all enjoying your summers...and I will definately keep in touch. Keep me updated guys! "Jia Yo" --> that is Chinese for the literal translation "add oil", but it really means "keep going, you can do it!" :rolleyes:
Undergrad Ed: UVA
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA:3.3
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.3

DAT: Academic 28, Science 28, PAT 28

Schools Applied (5): Harvard, UConn, U Michigan, UCSF, Baylor
Only DDS/PhD

AADSAS Submitted Date: Not yet

Interview Invites:na


Withdrew Application:na


actually yeah, i am...but i recently realized that dentistry was my top choice and med school was a backup...people in dentistry seem to be much more laid back, as you can tell from the posts on this forum. everyone is so helpful and no one argues over petty things like AA or why one degree is better than other...of course, this isn't the reason i like dentistry, but it does help :)

want to share ur dat tips with all of us?
possibly in the DAT discussino forum?
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.02
Science Undergrad. GPA: 2.83
Post-Bac GPA: 4.0

DAT: will take it on October 25, 2003

Research: assistant in plant cloning. Will begin virology research in winter.

Schools Applied: UOP, Oklahoma, UNLV, Arizona, NYU, Boston, Tufts, USC, Columbia, Penn, Nova, Temple, Detroit Mercy

AADSAS Submitted Date: 8/11

Schools Received AADSAS Date:

Interview Invites:


Withdrew Application:


I'm I the only person noticing a trend among the UVA students, they all seem to score ridiculously high in both the DAT and the MCAT:rolleyes: Look at both Jaap and Anxiosone dat scores. If this trend continues I'll be transferring to UVA very soon.
Thanks for the correction Jaap. Can I join the pre dent factory?
Undergrad Ed: UC Davis
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.08
Science Undergrad. GPA: 2.88
Graduate Ed: CSU
Cumulative Graduate GPA: 3.95 (55 units)
Science Graduate GPA: 3.95 (55 units)
1st DAT: Academic, Science, PAT- 20/21/17
2nd DAT: Academic, Science, PAT (if applicable)

Extracurricular/Research Activities: 35 hrs/week work off campus, Biology lab TA, ~200 hours total shadowing/observing, Thesis research work on V. cholerae w/ one publishing in Microbiology, Biotechnology Certified.. Getting my Master's next year!

Schools Applied: UCSF, UOP, UCLA, Loma Linda, USC, NYU, BU, Tufts, Nova, Creighton, UNLV, Temple, Upenn, Case, Arizona

AADSAS Submitted Date: 8/23

Interviews: BU, NYU, Temple, CWRU for alternate list, Nova, UPenn, UNLV, Loma Linda, USC
Withdrew: Arizona, Tufts
Not going to interviews: BU, Upenn, Case
Accepted so far: NYU, Nova

I'm real nervous.

Undergrad Ed: UMass Amherst
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.04
Science Undergrad. GPA: 2.8
Graduate Ed: N/A

This fall i'll be taking Bio courses at Worcester State College to raise the sci GPA. Stay tuned!

1st DAT: Academic, Science, PAT 16/15/18
2nd DAT: Academic, Science, PAT 17/17/18


Studied tooth shape and sharpness in fruit bats at my undergrad school... i developed a way to measure the sharpness of their teeth! (yes, for real)

also, affects of perchlorate on thyroid secretion

Extracurricular Activities:
Resident Assistant 4 years
One year of volunteering and shadowing at a dental clinic/offices
officer for bunch of student organizations
Volunteer at a hospital

Schools Applied: 20 (too many)
AADSAS Submitted Date: Sep, 14, 2003

Schools Received AADSAS Date:

Interview Invites:


Withdrew Application:

Waitlisted: NYU!!

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