2019-2020 Pain Fellowship APPLICANT DATA, REVIEWS and Interview Thread Spreadsheet

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Nov 12, 2017
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Hey everyone, I posted in the typical Pain Fellowship interview thread as well, but wanted to create a new thread so it does not get buried throughout the season.

I created a google spreadsheet that allows applicants to anonymously add their data to the table. I'm hoping it can help people get a better feel for where they are compared to others who are applying, provide a location to easily find when interview offers occur and interview dates, and a place where we can anonymously review programs that we have experienced or interviewed at. I got the idea from medical students who have been creating vast spreadsheets for applicants with tons of good data. (copy this into your browser to see how many sheets the med students have created: www.reddit.com/r/medicalschool/comments/9g1zjl/residency_20182019_interview_spreadsheets/)

Here is the link to our table, copy into your browser:


Anyone with the following link can post in the table. You do not need to sign into google to post as it is a public table, so it truly is anonymous. Honor code though, please do not adjust other's data or post this to places where others might try to corrupt the data. Feel free to comment on the FAQ section for things you want to change or add or suggestions you have.

I think you can protect your data in the table if you are worried about someone changing it. Google search "protect my cells in google sheets" to get info on that.

This is created to be supplemental to the 2019-2020 Pain Fellowship Interview Thread.

Thanks, hope this is helpful for everyone!