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  1. F

    PM&R Pain Fellowship Application - 2020-2021 Interview Season

    I know it's early, but was trying to get a thread going about PM&R residents/physicians trying to apply for a pain fellowship this winter, with the ultimate goal of starting their fellowships July 2021. Anyone have up to date information regarding programs, specifically work loads, call...
  2. C

    2019-2020 Pain Fellowship APPLICANT DATA, REVIEWS and Interview Thread Spreadsheet

    Hey everyone, I posted in the typical Pain Fellowship interview thread as well, but wanted to create a new thread so it does not get buried throughout the season. I created a google spreadsheet that allows applicants to anonymously add their data to the table. I'm hoping it can help people get...
  3. W

    TOP Anesthesia Programs, Suggestions and Tips, HELP!

    Hello, everyone. I am a third-year medical student interested in anesthesiology. I would like to go to one of the top anesthesia programs in California (top), though I will probably apply to all the programs in the west and east coasts. I am currently attending a mid-tier medical school on the...
  4. dillonkor

    Green card + job after residency

    Dear Colleagues, I am a foreign national, who is an AMG on an H1b visa with a couple years left in my average anesthesia residency program in the northeast. My goal is to focus more on my family after the training, so I would like to explore my options to get a job and obtain the green card...
  5. A

    Missing Research information on ERAS application

    Hello, If I recently submitted my ERAS application and am missing my research information (non-published) that is pain-related (including presentations at conferences), should I email all the programs I applied to individually? Or is it a possibility to withdraw/re-submit my application and...
  6. G

    Position Available Pain Fellowship Position:

    Non - ACGME Accredited Fellowship Program in Central Valley, CA: Two positions, one starting from Jan 2018 and another one from July 2018 under the supervision of anesthesiologist/Interventional Pain Specialist are available to join. Eligible Candidates should have unrestricted CA State Medical...
  7. MaximusD

    SURVEY: 2016-2017 Pain Fellowship Application Cycle Outcomes

    SDN - 2016-2017 Pain Fellowship Application Survey - COMPLETE ONLY IF YOU APPLIED IN 2016-2017 Hope this might help future applicants! I will post some of the analytics after November 1st. More (scientific, match-only) data may be found here: NRMP And here: NRMP Related thread here...
  8. N

    Position Available New Fellowship Position Pain Management - Indiana

    About: Center for Pain Management is excited to offer a multidisciplinary chronic pain fellowship opportunity in our multiple locations throughout Indiana. All our procedures including implants are performed in the center’s dedicated licensed ambulatory surgical centers. Our fellowship...
  9. T

    How to make myself competitive for a pain fellowship?

    Hello all, As the match is a week away, I was wondering how can I make myself a competitive applicant for a pain fellowship. I have applied to PM&R for residency. Prior to returning to medical school I knew I wanted to do pain and eventually chose PMR as I enjoy the MSK and neuropharm aspects...
  10. $1andIwontvoteTrump

    2017-18 Pain Fellowship Interview Thread

    Let's get this application cycle started. Post interview invites below. Any thoughts on programs or other advice appreciated. Gluck to everyone applying this year!
  11. N

    North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS)

    On Behalf of the North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) - The Residents and Fellows Section would like to create a multidisciplinary (Anesthesiology, PM&R, Neurology, Medicine, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry) forum for those interested in the implementation of Neuromodulation in chronic...
  12. Z

    Curious about pain medicine

    I've been very interested in doing pain management and have been trying to research but I have soo many questions. hopefully a nice soul, or souls, could help me :) What is the difference between non acgme and acgme pain? What is passor? Does being nonacgme effect job opportunities? How will...
  13. PeterMichaelMD

    Pain Fellowship wanted

    I am a recent PM&R graduate from the University of Miami looking for and accredited or non accredited Interventional Pain fellowship. Please email me at [email protected] Thank you Peter Michael, MD, MBA
  14. NYCPainDoc

    Re: Pain Medicine Fellowship Opportunity - New York, NY

    Dear Program Director, We invite you to please share with your Anesthesiology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neurology and Psychiatry resident physicians who are interested in pursuing advanced training in Pain Medicine. Click on Link to View Presentation: Fellowship Prospectus...
  15. W

    Going BACK to fellowship after leaving one and working - Advice Needed

    So here's my story... I finished residency and went into a PCCM fellowship in NYC, and I was going through some difficult personal issues and ended up failing my boards. Well, needing to keep on top of my work in the program and re-study for my boards was just too much for me, especially the...
  16. D

    Late start programs?

    Hello! I'm thinking of applying to pain but I won't be done with my contract until October. I know of UC Davis that allows the late start of a Fellow in January, are they any others? Thanks for a great list!