1. J

    Questions about interview offers.

    I applied to 11 schools and received 2 interviews from my safe schools so far. Undergrad: UNC-Chapel Hill Major: Biology, B.S Application verified: 7/27 U.S Army veteran My stats are cGPA 3.63, sGPA 3.36, DAT 23AA, 22TS, 23PAT. I applied to UNC, UMich, ECU, UB, UPitt, USC, NOVA, UK, Tufts...
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  3. cupcakesprinkle

    Similarities between "Tell Me About Yourself" and "Why Medicine" answers

    When I answer the "Tell Me About Yourself", I will discuss my background, where I was raised etc, but I also really want to discuss how I discovered my interest in studying medicine. However, I fear that later in the interview I will be asked " why medicine" and feeling like I already discussed...
  4. A

    Interview Waitlists

    I have received emails from three different schools indicating that I have been put on their "interview waitlist" I am unsure what to think of this as it is still early but my application has obviously not made the initial cut. Are there people out there that have gotten off these waitlists?
  5. LizzyM

    Question for foreign language speakers who have interviewed

    There are stories of applicants being spoken to in a language other than English during an interview. But is this common or mostly urban legend? Please respond only if you have been interviewed for MD school between 2019 and 2021. If you listed proficiency in a foreign language on your AMCAS...
  6. C

    St. George's University Interview Invites

    Hi everyone! I'm still waiting to hear if I will be offered an interview for SGU's DVM program. I applied 5 weeks ago and still haven't heard back. I'm applying for the January 2022 semester so I'm worried that I won't have much time to get things in order if I wind up getting accepted! How long...
  7. M

    General Admissions & OTCAS Occupational Therapy 2021-2022 cycle graduate school application

    Hey everyone! I'm starting OT school in the fall and wanted to make a thread so that you guys can discuss the application process together and can all follow each other's progress during this process, ask questions, and support each other along the way! I saw a thread with this same idea a few...
  8. W

    Washington State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

    There are no breaks from exams throughout the semester. All four exams are on a SINGLE DAY on Mondays and there are a full day of classes the next day. Most pharmacy schools have their therapy, pharmaceutics, and physiology finals spread throughout the week, but not here. With Spring Break...
  9. A

    When are most interviews?

    I have my third year schedule now and am assigned an inpatient heavy rotation in the Fall along with some electives. When are the bulk of interviews for heme onc done? Assuming normal interview dates and not last year’s changes with Covid. Thanks
  10. E

    Reporter looking to talk to people about med school applications, experiences & expenses (pre- and during COVID)

    Hi everyone, My name is Eric Krebs and I'm reporting for Slate Magazine on the medical school application process and how COVID affected things. I'm interested in hearing all experiences — the great and the terrible alike. I'm really interested in the interview process specifically, how remote...
  11. Alemo

    Accepting forensic fellowship offers

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a few interviews for forensic fellowships in 2022. At the end of the interview, each program director has said something like “Well, if you want to come here let me know, and if you decide you’d rather be elsewhere, let me know that too.” One said, “I’ll...
  12. Leftpaw

    UHCO Admittance Chances Around Now?

    Hello! I just recently finished my interview with UHCO. I quite like the school with its myriad of research opportunities and plethora of clinical chances. I was overall surprised that I got an interview for this school since my numbers are slightly below their expectations - my work experience...
  13. Eragon8192

    Ross University c/o 2025

    Lets get this going :) Rossies '25!
  14. P

    “bad” interviewer - any way to let admissions know?

    if i had a bad interview experience with a faculty interviewer - unresponsive, didn’t ask me many questions, seemed distracted - would it be acceptable to email admissions about it and see if there is anything that could be done? obviously i’m not trying to be annoying, i know some interviewers...
  15. I

    Just received interview for Pediatric NP program - advice/specific questions to prep??

    I applied to the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program at Oregon Health and Science University and just heard I've received an interview. Any specific questions I should prep for?? I know one could be the difference between PNP and pediatrician, but curious of any beyond that. Eek, nerves are...
  16. paggal

    When do you guys think a second surge of acceptances will happen?

    Dec 15th was the first..... Roughly when should we hear back this time?
  17. OscarHanson

    Interviews— Does anyone have any tips for an outstanding interview? How best to calm nerves? Or what should be worn?

    I previously posted this on CollegeVine’s community forums but I believe I can receive a more detailed, experienced response since everyone seems to have “been there, done that” when it comes to college applications on SDN—Thank You!! First and foremost, here is a piece of the email I received...
  18. F

    Help! prelim interview date swap for UCLA Olive View

    Hi, anyone has an interview date at UCLA Olive View prelim medicine scheduled for 1/6 that could be swapped to 1/5? It would be mean that I could actually interview at the program and I would be eternally grateful. Happy to buy you postmates dinner and boba. Thank you!!
  19. D

    MPH/ MBA Dual Degree Related Questions

  20. M

    Program-Specific Info / Q's MUSC OTD Interview

    I got an email this past week from MUSC saying they would be sending emails out in mid-December for January interviews. I wanted to make this thread to see when people hear back from them!
  21. D

    IMG need advice/experience in prelim application & SOAP success rate

    I'm a non-US IMG, potentially no visa needed, with good scores (step1 255~260, step2 265~270, CS first pass) applying for neurology&radiology this year. YOG 4 years, has a bunch of first author publication in decent journals. Got some great interview invitations from advanced residency programs...
  22. Leftpaw

    Going to interview with UIW soon. Any advice?

    Hello! I was given an opportunity to interview with UIW's Optometry program. I was curious if anybody has interviewed with them already. If so, what are some nuggets of advice and questions I should expect from the interviewers? Thank you very much!
  23. R

    UBC DMD class of 2025 Interview!?

    I just received an invite to interview at UBC! Was wondering if anyone else received and if anyone else has done their virtual interview before how was it and what was it like!
  24. B


  25. Y

    UMaryland-Baltimore School of Pharmacy

    Hi everyone, I wanted to see if anyone else completed their interviews and math test for the University of Maryland-Baltimore School of Pharmacy. If you have done those things, how long did it take to get a response from the admissions team regarding their decision? Faculty interview - 11/02...
  26. K

    Rosalind Franklin DPT Interviews 2020-2021

    Has anyone had an interview/ heard any information on the interview format for Rosalind Franklins DPT program? I have an upcoming interview and was wondering if they were sticking with the MMI format virtually this year? Thanks!
  27. c137

    Freaking out about not getting II's

    Hello all. Sorry to add another "how competitive am I"-style post to the pile, but I'm freaking out rn. I am a non-US IMG, graduated 2018 and have been working as an ER doc non-stop since then. My step 1 is a flat 230 and CK flat 220 (I know... didn't study that hard). I have 4 LORs, all from...
  28. V

    Community hub - practice MMI questions online for free

    Hi SDN, I'm a physician in Canada working and with some other allied health members, we created videoath - a platform to practice MMI and health profession admission interviews. We had feedback to make a free community-driven "hub" for everyone to share questions and to practice. Have a look...
  29. D

    How Important Are Stats post-interview invite??

  30. 7

    Application updates to bring name to top of pile?

    I have seen several applicants making posts to the effect of "send an application update in order to bring your name up to the top of the pile," so you'll be more likely to get an interview. Is this commonly done? I know, I know, don't send an update unless you have something meaningful to...
  31. D

    Potential red flag during my interview?

    I interviewed at a school that highly values basic science research (think WashU/JHU). I had very strong basic science research experiences from undergrad, which I discussed in the interview. When the interviewer asked if I would be interested in doing similar research in medical school, I...
  32. Lifeblood_20

    The nagging sense of dissatisfaction after interview

    I just completed my first interview today -- a traditional interview with a medical student + MMI. I think I prepared well, felt relaxed going in, smiled, and generally did my best. But I feel like I could have done much better, even though I cannot pinpoint exactly what I would have done...
  33. M

    What to do about pets during virtual interviews?

    I have a cat, who I love more than anything, but I'm worried that she might mess up my virtual interview. I have been taking virtual classes and she has, for the most part, left me alone besides meowing randomly or asking to be pet. She mostly sleeps. However, if I leave her in the living room...
  34. M

    When do Texas schools stop giving out interview invites? Also, do OOS schools consider Texas residents?

    I know it is still early in the cycle, but I saw that a lot of Texas schools have started giving out II in late July - August and many spots through October/November are filled already. I'm a Texas resident, I completed Texas secondaries in mid-June and the radio silence is really killing me...
  35. P

    My first interview! :D

    Hey guys Just completed secondaries 10 days ago. Been blessed to already receive my first II from a SUNY :) (Am I allowed to say the name of the school or does that go against some type of privacy policy?) Anywho, I can't believe that the earliest date available already is December 1... Jw in...
  36. W

    Bringing up depression in my ERAS residency application

    I suffered from depression and anxiety during medical school. It has now been addressed and managed with medication. I want to be honest if asked about my course failure during medical school and say it was due to the untreated depression. any reason i should not be so transparent? Will the...
  37. D

    If you're a foreign trained dentist and looking for residency

    Hey guys, interview season's about to come and I guess many of you who're not CODA graduates must be thinking of the same question that I had when I was applying - Does graduating from a foreign dental school mean that it's impossible for me to get into a residency? Hell no! And I'm saying that...
  38. L


  39. j-s


    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone knows how interviews for schools will work this year? I've been searching for answers but haven't found anything too helpful...also, Berkeley is doing rolling admissions this year so I was wondering if anyone has heard about how they will be conducting...
  40. llyskc

    SUNY Upstate Medical School Early Assurance Program (2020 cycle)

    I recently applied for the SUNY Upstate EAP program and have been looking around for any information about it. Seems like nobody really posts about this program. Anybody else applied? On that note, any past applicants know approximate stats and figures for the program and the...
  41. sproutlatte

    Interviewing before receiving MCAT scores? [2020-2021]

    I've submitted quite a few DO secondaries, but I'm taking the MCAT in July. Which schools, if any, will be interviewing before receiving MCAT scores?