1. kyukenmyo

    MFT Interview

    Hey everyone! So.. My girlfriend had her interview with Texas Tech University's Marriage and Family Therapy Master's program on Friday, and it seems the group interview might not have gone that well. Some stronger personalities really dominated the social scene and took up much of the air time...
  2. P

    Interview for PsyD

    Hi! I recently received an interview for St. John's School PsyD program. I am so thrilled! I was wondering if anyone had any insight on how likely you are to be accepted if you were offered an interview? I've heard mixed answers from people: some say the interview is just a formality and...
  3. LindaAccepted

    Medical Are You Toast? – Med School Admissions Officers Reveal Interview Timeline [Episode 555]

    In this episode of Admission Straight Talk, host Linda Abraham addresses the concerns of medical school applicants who have not yet received interview invitations. She debunks the myth that not receiving an invitation by Thanksgiving means rejection and shares insights from several admissions...
  4. B

    How to prep for an interview at a new medical school?

    I wanted to know how people prep for an interview at a newly opened medical school to be a part of the inaugural class. I'm OSS and have no ties to the state and really grateful for this opportunity, however, since there isn't any information available except for what the school gives you I'm...
  5. L

    Are Letters of intent worth it? Dental School

    I wanted to know if anyone has actually benefited from sending a letter of intent and if it's worth it. I wanna prepare one and discuss what I will be doing in the spring semester and sent it in the beginning of January. I've already interviewed the school in November (VCU) and it's my top...
  6. jacob42

    Should I be worried?

    I've applied to 24 medical schools this cycle from a broad list. Using MCAT of 518, I applied to 25% of schools at <25th percentile, 50% between 25th and 75th, and 25% at >75th. So far, I've gotten 0 IIs, 0 A, and so far 6 pre-II rejections. Here is my list: R Boston University Aram V...
  7. DocSherman

    How does one turn a II into a slam-dunk A and avoid WL?

    Hello! I consider this a companion piece to the thread discussing post-II Rs. To preface, I was fortunate enough to get an II, despite my very choppy record (@Goro knows a lot about it). With that said though, I would like to avoid a fate that happened to me in a previous cycle – the dreaded...
  8. tofudelivery

    Interview questions about research

    So as context, I am very determined to go into an MD/PhD program, and I applied to both the MD and MD/PhD programs at my target school with the intention of reapplying and transferring into MD/PhD if I only get in MD the first time. Research has been a really strong part of why I want to go into...
  9. A

    Helpful videos/podcasts for Orthopedic Surgery applications!

    I found these 2 very helpful: 1) UCSF Faculty on the "6 to 8 Weeks" podcast discussing where to apply and how signals may be treated by programs: 2) This youtube video goes into depth on signaling: Do you have...
  10. partypat

    Job Timeline

    I'm set to graduate from my HPM fellowship in June and have been in the thick of the job search since end of December. I've done a few interviews and have more upcoming but have yet to receive a job offer. I was wondering what the timeline usually is between the final interview (site visit) and...
  11. J

    USF Morsani COM Interview?

    Hi all! I have my interview with USF Morsani COM coming up and I’m trying to prepare for it right now. I checked out the SDN specific thread for interviews that kind of has all of this gathered information about what to expect including a few questions that were asked of students that day (I...
  12. 0613Forever

    Employment & Professional Networking Job interviews

    Greetings, everyone! I recently graduated from the OT program and passed the board exam, so now I am looking into jobs in Washington state and California (I applied for licenses in these states). My wish is to work with adult populations in any setting, and as I was looking into the jobs, I...
  13. C

    Psych Scenarios (PsyD interview prompt)

    Hello!! One of the schools I received an interview for let us know that there will be a written prompt with a scenario having to do with a client & psychologist. Has anyone else had an experience/interview such as this one? Any ideas on how the questions can be worded/what the prompt can sound...
  14. T

    "Why did you not take a gap year?" at a T5 interview—thoughts?

    "Why did you not take a gap year?" was a question posed to me by an interviewer at a T5 school about a month ago. She did acknowledge that the question was "perhaps unfair". I looked around at fellow interviewees—partially looking for inspiration and partially gauging whether I would even have...
  15. Savannahj

    St Matthews University Interviews

    Hi! I just got invited for an interview for SMU! I was wondering what experience some of you may have had either this year or in recent years?
  16. P

    How do you explain for bad grades in supplemental essay/interviews?

    How would you explain for poor academic performance during one of your undergraduate semesters? Should you place the blame on yourself (for example poor study habits) or outside environmental factors? (such as being first-gen or struggle with finance)
  17. HappyPerson

    How to successfully prepare for an interview

    Hello, I got an interview at my top choice medical school. Interview is 30 min with a medical student and 8 MMI stations. I bought Dr. Grey's interview prep book. Bought a mock interview with prep questions with a prep program, and I'm looking around online for anything else that can help me...
  18. M

    Army Veterinary HPSP - Class of 2026

    I'm a current first-year veterinary student applying for the Army HPSP. I have searched through older forums but haven't seen many for this cycle. My packet is basically complete (at least for paperwork to submit on my end and completing MEPS). I received an email a couple of days ago saying...
  19. I

    Interviews and Classes/Work

    I'm just curious. Let's say you are taking a full-time schedule for fall quarter/semester, how do you setup interviews with schools? Let's say your interview day or days fall on days you have exams, how would that work? I know that there are a lot of professors that would not let students change...
  20. J


  21. J

    Physical therapy school interview

    Does anyone know of who can help out with doing mock interview? I have an interview with Ohio University DPT school in couple weeks and needed some help. Willing to pay too. Also if anyone has been accepted to Ohio University, does anyone remember what the questions were or like? Thanks!
  22. P

    Penn interview weird as hell

    Was talking to some friends about this. I don’t attend but interviewed within the last few years. During the scheduled “chat” with the admissions director he asked me if I had applied to another specific school…I said yes. He asked me if I liked the admissions process there — instinctually I...
  23. S

    why medicine interview question

    what's the best way to approach the why medicine question during interviews? should the answer be straightforward in 3-4 sentences, or is it better to use a personal anecdote (i feel like that would make the answer way too long, plus i used most of my why medicine anecdotes for my personal...
  24. GettinAfterIt

    Time Zone Difference - Interviews

    Hey everyone, I somehow just realized the two interviews I signed up for were eastern standard time. So they will be starting at 6 AM in the morning, not 9 AM. I feel like an idiot. Do you think they will allow me to reschedule for the PM time? Is it worth emailing the admissions department and...
  25. C

    Group Interview Question

    I know I shouldn’t dwell too much on the past, but I’ve been worrying about a group interview I had for a school recently with other interviewees. [deleted for anonmity] Thanks for any insight!
  26. c3balmes

    Should I take the UDM In-Person Interview?

    So I recently got my first interview invitation, and I’m incredibly happy I was invited as my stats aren’t exactly the most impressive: GPA: 3.62 Science GPA: 3.7ish DAT: 18 Dental Assistant for over a year with over 100 shadowing hours. As I live in Alaska, making my way out to Michigan is...
  27. MasterTheMMI

    MMI and Panel Med School Interview Coaching from a Fourth Year Resident Physician

    Over the past 2 years, I have had the amazing opportunity to help over 15 applicants in achieving their goal of medical school acceptance and matching to their desired residency programs in both Canada and the USA! This will be my last year offering MMI coaching before I finish residency and...
  28. M

    Should I visit the campus after receiving an interview invite?

    I received an interview with an MD school in Michigan about a week ago and was wondering if I should visit the campus to get a better understanding of the community and maybe meet some current students there. If I do visit should I talk about it during my interview to show my dedication to...
  29. A

    Official 2022-2023 Sleep Fellowship Application Cycle

    It's that time, folks..! Applications are officially out! Best of luck to y'all :giggle: Interview Offers - Program Name (date offer was received) Rejections - Program Name (date rejection was received) Just copy/paste the list each time you add a new program. Thanks!
  30. G

    Dermatopathology Fellowship Applications 2024-2025

    Please share any information you have regarding dermpath fellowship applications/interviews for positions starting in 2024 Here's what I've heard so far: Cedars-Sinai - filled Stanford - filled Arkansas - filled USF - filled Moffitt/USF - filled U Texas HSC Anderson - filled Colorado - not...
  31. Mr.Smile12

    Kira Talent assessments (asynchronous or live)?

    Hi everyone, (Taken from Becoming a Student Doctor resources) As interview invitations get sent out, it will be of interest to see if any of your programs ask you to participate in a Kira Talent or similar asynchronous MMI-like assessment. It is prevalent in many health professional...
  32. Morty Grandson of Rick

    KCU (Joplin) VS WesternU (Oregon)

    Hi Everyone, Please help me decide :O I love DO schools and luckily I got accepted to two good DO schools. The Kansas City University of Medicine in Joplin and WesternU in Lebanon, Oregon. KCU Pros: 1. Strong rotation sites. 2. I love their curriculum 3. $10k cheaper (But I don't care, with...
  33. agentfaithmd

    Pre-Med Advisor Meeting

    Hey guys, I'm back: So, I got admitted to SHSU's Biomedical Science undergraduate degree, and since I applied for their pre-med track, I was told to set up an appointment with their pre-med advisor. I'll be talking with her on the 21st. What should I expect? I'm clueless to this process and...
  34. A

    Red flags to look out for during job interviews

    I am interviewing for my first job out of training. Any tips on the most important red flags to look out for in the employers? Anything specific that the employer does or says that would be a deal breaker or should have me think twice before taking the job? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  35. D

    SPEP Collegiate II Texas A&M / TAMU Dentistry 2022-2023

    Hey everyone! I see there's no thread for this year's SPEP Program so I made one!
  36. claner1

    First Job Interview - Questions to not miss?

    Hi all, Current PGY-3 here and starting to interview for general PM&R jobs after residency! The jobs I’m considering are all outpatient MSK/spine with USGI and EMG and minimal/no inpatient responsibilities. Mix of academics and PP. I have an idea of questions/themes to address during my...
  37. H

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Samuel Merritt OTD Fall 2022 Interviews?

    Has anyone interviewed with Samuel Merritt yet? If so, could you share what questions you were asked, what the process was like, etc? I have an interview with them tomorrow and I am sooo nervous haha. Thanks!
  38. A

    PhD/PsyD PhD/PsyD Psychology program interview invites and admissions (applied Fall 2021 for Fall 2022 admission)

    Hi everyone, It is that time of year to share what psychology doctorate programs people applied to during the Fall 2021, and when they received interview invites. Also, if you were accepted or not/your final decision. Please provide what faculty you wanted to work with as well and who...
  39. N

    Dartmouth MPH Interview

    I was invited for an interview for the Dartmouth accelerated MPH program and someone on SDN said in a webinar they mentioned all accepted candidates get a 20 min phone call with an alum, and that the interview was not so much an assessment but rather a chance to ask alum questions to see if it’s...
  40. EoOT

    General Admissions & OTCAS Zoom Group Interview Advice?

    I have an individual and my first group interview on zoom next week. I haven't done a group interview before so I don't really know what to expect. What topics or questions would they might ask? How long are usually the sessions? All I know about the group interview is that they will have us...