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Oct 31, 2018
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I have a 5-week APPE rotation to make up after my graduation in May and wanted to know how to go about explaining this to my district manager when I interview with them in a few weeks; I really want this job as it allows me to live in my hometown and don't want to be passed up by others who will be available to start working the day after graduation.

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Just tell them you need your start date to be in June, and you don't give a reason nor do you need to.
I mean i started my grad internship in June i did have a reason i needed to watch my niece a few weeks but i dont believe they cared or needed a reason. As far as they know you have a vacation planned post graduation. Very few in my class actually started right immediately after graduation taking a few weeks off was typical. And is often necessary for moving back home or wherever. Most likely they would just ask a start date but not care to know the details of why. Unless they need someone ASAP then that changes everything. In that case you probably wouldnt actually get the position because they probably only want a licensed pharmacist and are only interviewing you in case no one else works out.
Depending on your company you are working for, most new grads / grad interns have a 90 day policy in which starts from your day of graduation. These companies will give you a set number of hours. You should be fine starting in June and working 25 hours/week + studying for boards and licensed by mid-July.