1. I

    Lexington KY, subleasing apartment

    Hello, looking to sublease my condo in Lexington KY from 07/05/2022 to 08/04/2022 and/or 01/30/2023 to 02/24/2023. Location is 15 minute walking distance from UK Chandler Hospital, Baptist Hospital, and surrounding area. Condo has free parking, secure building access, and laundry room. No pets...
  2. Syeira

    Typical clinical year schedules?

    Hello folks! I'm a third year veterinary student starting my clinical year in the spring. As I'm going through the process of planning my clinical rotations and learning more about our schedule, I'm starting to get a little nervous about the workload associated with clinics. I'm incredibly...
  3. T

    Medical New tool for clinical clerkship?

    Recently a friend who studies abroad sent me a great new totally free diagnostic tool called Kahun. Have to say that it helped me a lot during IM rotation. check it out diagnose.kahun.com Do you know about it? do you think its legit? please if you have another way/tool that helped you with your...
  4. Amaterasu B

    Seeking advice in setting up 4th year rotations in EM in NY, NJ or CA.

    Hello, I'm a MS-3, enthusiastic in pursuing a path in EM. I know VSAS doesn't open until next year but I would like to get in touch with EM residency programs that are still accepting students despite COVID to learn more about their programs and possibly schedule an away rotation for 2021...
  5. K

    Touro Ca: Teaching Hospital Residencies

    Hello! I know that years ago, Touro Ca DO students could do 6 months or the entirety of their 3rd year at teaching hospitals out of state such as St. John's Episcopal Hospital in NY or St. Joseph Mercy-Oakland in MI. Does anyone know if Touro Ca still has maintained any of those relationships...
  6. Welshman

    MD & DO Rotations and COVID-19

    Does anyone have any idea how the virus will impact third year rotations? My school already canceled preceptorships for M1s and 2s. Has anyone had their M3 rotations effected or students quarantined?
  7. medlife2017

    Firecracker discount - $100 off

    Hello everyone, I have been using firecracker for 3 years now and wanted to share this referral code that can get you discounts on any of the plans including more than $100 off the 2 year subscription. Just post the link in the web browser so you can see the discounted rates...
  8. C

    Hard time during Third year help

    Hi guys, I need some help. I'm a new third year on psych consult service. I was asked to preform an observed H&P with an attending on a patient s/p suicide attempt and was super nervous as I've never talked to someone about this sort of thing before. I asked all the residents for their advice...
  9. libertyyne

    Studying During rotations

    I have been having a bear of a time studying for rotations. A majority of my time is spent on my rotation and by the time i get home and get situated I am already exhausted and ready for bed. How does everyone manage studying on rotations? Any tips ? Am I doing rotations wrong?
  10. D

    Would these be considered "good" or "okay" clinical grades?

    Hi all, Here are my clinical grades: Surgery - HP Ob/Gyn - H Family Medicine - HP Outpatient Internal Medicine - P Psychiatry - HP Neurology - H Internal Medicine - H Pediatrics - H As the name of this thread says, would these be considered "good" or "okay" clinical grades? i.e. when...
  11. P

    2019 Grad Intern Job Interview

    I have a 5-week APPE rotation to make up after my graduation in May and wanted to know how to go about explaining this to my district manager when I interview with them in a few weeks; I really want this job as it allows me to live in my hometown and don't want to be passed up by others who will...
  12. Rads Consult

    Free Radiology Clinical Decision Support Tool/How, What, and Why to Order Advanced Imaging

    www.radsconsult.com is the only medical resource of its kind that is both comprehensive and free. Nearly every physician orders imaging routinely during the care of their patients however there is no formal training in how, what or why to order an exam. Many physicians and students don't even...
  13. Y

    Pharmacy Rotation Commute - Is a 1.5 hour commute too much?

    Hey! This is my first time posting, I am a P3 student at UIC College of Pharmacy on the Rockford campus (about 75 miles away from Chicago). We recently learned about a longitudinal APPE where you would do your 4x core rotations at one the UChicago hospital. It sounds like a great opportunity...
  14. emlady09

    LMU Class of 2023 Applicants

    Figured I'd start this...who else is looking to apply here?!
  15. P

    Where are clinicals done?

    I am currently preparing to apply to medical school next summer and I am curious how clerkships/clinicals work. I was under the impression that you were mostly localized to the hospital/school where you did your first two years; however, I have recently found information that suggested that you...
  16. D

    Med school was going so well....until rotations. Advice?

    Hey everyone, sorry for the long post ahead, but I just wanted to post on here to vent as well as ask for some advice. I started clerkships 6 months ago, and things have really not been going to way that I had been hoping for. During preclinicals, I studied extremely hard and sailed through...
  17. K

    Looking for rotation opportunities around Philadelphia and mostly North East until Maine

    Hi I am 3rd year med student from India. I am a US citizen but chose to study in India as it gives me more knowledge about local people and their ailments and treatments .I worked in international teams and currently I am volunteering my free time as physical assistant in free med camps in...
  18. B

    Help signing up for last minute rotation

    I go to a Caribbean school and am interested in going into EM. I know it is competitive, especially for IMGs. I am currently doing one rotation now for a SLOE and am in need for one more for August, before I apply for the match. I am having an incredibly hard time finding another elective and...
  19. doctorstrangerthingz

    Early entry into clerkships

    Hi all, I'm extremely happy about the school that I got accepted to. The school has a curriculum where we start our clerkships after a year and a half. I'm interested in what people people's opinion of this. Do the benefits of starting the rotations early out-weight the risk of cutting down...
  20. D

    FM/EM Dual Program hopeful with low scores...

    I was thinking FM long before med school, I went DO, and realize now that the perfect degree for me would be a dual FM/EM or IM/EM (basically I like EM and FM too much to have to choose btw them- trust me, I've tried). Do I even have a shot? I have all HP and honors, but boards were 496 and 203...
  21. P

    MD Help with choosing M3 electives!

    Hi all, I was hoping to elicit some advice from the SDN community out there for choosing M3 electives. I'm a rising M3, about to take Step 1, so this isn't something I want to be particularly worried about rn, but it's hard not to be because my school just gave us our clerkship schedules for...
  22. Illyrian313

    Swedish Covenant Hospital - Chicago rotations

    I was accepted into a international MBBS program that has rotations at The Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago. I don't really know much about the quality of the hospital in terms clinical exposure to different specialties. My question is does anyone have any useful advice or experience about...
  23. J

    Breaks between residency rotations?

    Does anyone's residency/internship schedule have breaks or days off between end of work at one site and start of work at the next? If so, what does this look like in your program.
  24. A

    LECOM rotations

    I heard that in LECOM 3rd year - one has to take the rotation, and then shelf exam and then also an internal exam worth 20% of marks. Has anyone heard that? Is that a good practice? Has the rotation issue been all sorted out at LECOM - Erie? Seems form other posts that there used to be an issue...
  25. medlife2017

    Which track is best based on your experience?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could tell me what track is best based on the options and if you could give reasons, that would be greatly appreciated too.
  26. Ane15050

    Rotation/Residency Rooms in Baltimore near most hospitals.

    Sinai Hospital, University of Maryland, The VA systems. Baltimore Rooms. Go here, make one yours, Very affordable, these rooms are limited at this time. If you are expecting to rotate any time soon, it will be to your best interest to book your room before any other person get it. Some are the...
  27. N

    Question regarding rotations and Cash Based Physical Therapy

    Hey guys, I am currently a student in a DPT program, and its about that time when we start thinking about rotations and put our requests down. I am strongly considering going the cash based route after graduation, and wanted your thoughts on what types of outpatient rotations would best set me...
  28. A

    PNWU Rotation Site Quality

    I was wondering whether any former/current 3rd or 4th year students can speak to the quality of the rotation sites offered by PNWU, specifically in the Portland, OR region? I have been accepted to this school, but might have other options..
  29. PreMedHeart

    How to DO 4th year rotations work?

    I've always been a little unclear on this and was hoping someone could lay out in general, how fourth year DO students find rotations for fourth year. I know we have to set them up...and I believe there is some kind of service that lists them out? I'm sure it depends somewhat on schools, but can...
  30. O

    NON-PPS Fellowship programs?

    Hello All, As we may or may not know. Most fellowships and residencies are apart of the "PPS" Personnel Placement Services of ASHP Midyear.. I wanted to create this thread to hopefully get some fellowship programs which are "non-PPS" (which do exist...) meaning we do not need to participate in...
  31. samac

    Emotions Checks

    So I'm on my first inpatient rotation. Today I had a patient I have grown very fond of decide to go to hospice. It was a very sound medical decision, but she started talking about how she'll go to heaven and be able to walk and see again and be with her husband and her parents. It really got...
  32. LindaAccepted

    Medical 3 Things to Watch for During Rotations

    In the past, I’ve blogged about keeping a journal during your rotations. Here are three things you can watch for during your rotations that will get you in great shape for later: 1. Watch your attendings. What did your attending do today that struck you? This can be anything, from observing...
  33. plantsandpremed

    Clinical Rotations as a Pre-Med

    Hey! I have a cool set up where I am privileged enough to have interviewed with the hospital director and placed in a position where I am able to shadow within 32 departments, including sub-specialties. Should I take advantage of all 32, or focus on one that I really love? Some are surgical, and...
  34. M

    VCOM - Auburn, Rural rotation sites, Jack Hughston, 3rd, 4th year rotations

    I am all over the place so pls bear with me and please help me. 1) what is the criterion to get assigned a rotation site, lottery, grades? Jack Hughston is a "ortho" hosiptal predominantly so how will students get to rotate in all areas that students at hospitals do? 2) Do students get to pick...
  35. L

    Firecracker 50% off discount if anyone is interested

    Hey everyone. Firecracker has been adding a ton of new features, and the price is set to increase soon. If you are interested in locking in a low price now to prepare for Step 1, feel free to use my referral code: mbsy.co/firecracker/27611985. You'll get a year subscription for $180. Good luck...
  36. I

    UWorld in LIC Curriculum

    Does anyone have experiences with a longitudinal clerkship/rotation schedule? How did you handle studying for shelves/Step 1/step 2? All of my friends at other med schools have blocks (traditional) that they study for, but at my school 8 of us are doing everything all the time. Our rotations...
  37. J

    Studying for step 1 during rotations

    hey everyone, i have recently taken comlex and got a good score on it but now im trying to start again studying for usmle step 1(been about a month since last studying) while im also doing rotations. Just wanted to know if anyone had any particular advice if they have gone through this as well...
  38. simbakoolaid

    International Medical Student Curious About Military Hospital Clerkships For Civilians

    Hey hey! I'm an international medical student (United States citizen) looking to join the Navy after I graduate. I already contacted the medical recruiter about applying for the military match for residencies, but I'm also curious about what military hospitals allow civilians to apply to their...
  39. X

    How many hours a day did you study based on rotation?

    I did not see a big thread on this so I wanted to start. How many hours in third year did you study a night on average based on the rotation? Psychiatry Neurology Surgery OB GYN Family Med Internal med. Figured it would help students not over or understudy. Also if you can feel free to share...
  40. derp3000

    Surgery Rotations with Diabetes

    Does anyone here with type 1 diabetes have sage advice/experiences they could share in terms of completing their surgery rotation(s)? How did you talk to your attendings/preceptors about it? Did you just go through the school and their disability resources? Any help or insight is much appreciated!