1. H

    APPE rotations and chronic illness?

    Hey all. I'm a P3 and am getting ready to register for APPE rotations. I've noticed a lot of them are 10ish hour days, starting at 4/5AM, M-F. I have a documented chronic illness where a schedule like this can cause flare-ups. I'm fully aware that this is a requirement for graduation and I'm...
  2. R

    The Overlap of Pandemic and Opportunities

    Hello everyone! I hope you guys are all doing well during crazy situations and things have been alright. I was at a loss for a few weeks and after trying to get it figured out on my own, I thought I should see if anyone can help me with my issue here. Currently, I am in my fourth year doing...
  3. S

    FDA APPE Rotation 2019-2020

    Hey everyone, I made a FB page for those who got an APPE rotation at FDA next academic year (2019-2020). ( And wondering if anyone has any advice for housing, transportation, and etc. for Silver Springs, MD? Also my rotation is late Sept-early...
  4. P

    2019 Grad Intern Job Interview

    I have a 5-week APPE rotation to make up after my graduation in May and wanted to know how to go about explaining this to my district manager when I interview with them in a few weeks; I really want this job as it allows me to live in my hometown and don't want to be passed up by others who will...
  5. N

    PANICKING during APPE rotations

    Just shy of a year from graduating from pharmacy school and feeling absolutely terrified. Most of my time on rotations has been spent watching other professionals in their fields--doctors, veterinarians, even nurses--thinking I should have done that instead. I feel like I've never disliked...
  6. P

    Taking NAPLEX early – Special Circumstance?

    Hey guys, I’m graduating in 2019…along with 14,000+ PharmDs and I’m trying to graduate before them by precisely 4-5 months. Most schools finish their APPE rotations and graduate in May/June. I scheduled my APPE rotations so that I finish in January 2019. No brainer here, I’m looking to take my...
  7. Leandispenser

    For Sale RxPrep 2018 book + RxPrep MPJE book $155

    The rxprep course book is brand new still in wrapping and MPJE book is lightly used /highlighted in...Selling both for $155 total.
  8. S

    Best Resource to Prepare for APPEs & to Brush Up On My Education?

    So I’m starting rotations soon and I want to prepare / brush up on my knowledge. What’s the most recommended way of going about this? I also want to use the next 12 months to study for the NAPLEX. Obviously the last 2-3 months before the exam is where I will study more intensely, however I don’t...
  9. P

    FDA Pharmacy APPE Student Rotation

    Has anyone heard back from the FDA APPE rotation for 2018-2019? I am just trying to figure out a general time when I will hear back.
  10. L

    Rent a Room / Sublet

    Hi all. Wondering if there is anyone out there in NJ within a 25 mile radius from Saddle Brook, willing to rent a room for 6 to 12 weeks. I'm going into my final year of Pharm school and have rotations set up for my first two blocks (6 weeks a piece), at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation. My...
  11. B

    Unique Fellowship & Rotation Opportunities in Drug Pricing

    Looking for a unique pharmacy fellowship opportunity? Or are you a younger student hoping to land a great rotation experience for your final year? If either apply to you, check out the attached brochure for more details. Applications are now live for both the APPE 2017-18 rotation and the...
  12. D

    A Compilation and Interpretation of Common Adult Lab Values

    In this link, you will find a compilation of all common adult lab values I created with topics that includes: basic metabolic panel, electrolytes, liver, GI, thyroid, hematology, anticoagulation, lipids, diabetes, viral, blood gasses, inflammation, and more! If you find this chart useful, you...
  13. C

    Industry APPE Rotation - EUROPE?

    Hi Everyone, I am interested in doing an industry APPE rotation in Europe next school year (2016-2017), preferably in any country where I can get by with English or Spanish as the primary language spoken. My school does not have any connections to pharma companies in Europe (only community...
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    My experiences as a 4th year pharmacist student on rotation

    I plan to be as transparent as possible in my blog to provide current and future APPE students a window into each of my rotations. I will share my experience, insights, and valuable information as I progress. In addition, efforts will be made to upload materials and discuss topics I deem...
  16. D

    My advanced pharmacy practice experience

    For current APPE students, I hope my blog will aid you in reaching your goals on the homestretch. As for future APPE students, I hope that this blog can offer you a jump-start on your forthcoming journey. I would appreciate comments and feedback. thanks guys. good-luck!