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  1. P

    Please, help me understand this job offer’s proposed wRVU compensation model. An abomination?

    I have never worked in a wRVU compensation model. I’m a newbie to this stuff. Despite my inexperience with these payment models, I received a job offer recently that came with this wRVU system. The offer first had me bewildered and confused. Then as I learned more on my own, I began to feel...
  2. R

    Position Available Hiring Medical assistant

    I'm looking to hire for a medical assistant, part-time only for 2 to 3 days per week in Houston. for a Rheumatology practice, it's a very good opportunity to interact with medical students and gain valuable clinical experience. We have an academic title as well .Please PM me if interested.
  3. F

    What should I do?

    I have worked at Walgreens since 2018. Started as a floater and became staff. My pharmacy manager moved to another store so I was left by myself with no other pharmacist. On days that I was off pharmacy would be closed (super busy location) and I would go back to over 1000 in the queue and a...
  4. X

    How do I negotiate my Walgreens job offer?

    I’m currently a licensed pharmacist in MA and am hoping to move to IL in the next month or so. I had a phone interview with someone from talent acquisition and a store manager of a Walgreens in IL and was offered a job. When the person from talent acquisition called me, he offered $100K...
  5. E

    Seeking Advice on choosing a Clinical Research position.

    Would like insight into choosing between two clinical research coordinator positions for: 1. CRC at Nursing School Study participants are all Spanish speaking patients of lower socioeconomic demographic who I will be working with directly the study itself fits my narrative as a...
  6. G

    WAGS offer but email not generated

    So, I interviewed and a few days later was offered a pharmacist position by the DM over the phone. The next day he put the offer through the system and he let me know via text he did. I checked to see if I received anything but did not receive an offer email even though when I checked the...
  7. P

    Walgreens Pharmacy Manager job offer

    So I was just offered a position with Walgreens. I will be a staff pharmacist and get trained for 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks, i will be promoted to pharmacy manager. I just got licensed this September. I have some intern experience and had a rotation with Walgreens. For the past 2 months, I have...
  8. P

    2019 Grad Intern Job Interview

    I have a 5-week APPE rotation to make up after my graduation in May and wanted to know how to go about explaining this to my district manager when I interview with them in a few weeks; I really want this job as it allows me to live in my hometown and don't want to be passed up by others who will...
  9. studentpharmacist1995

    CVS Pharmacist Job Offer 2018

    Hello current/future Rphs! I am a P4. I have gotten a grad intern offer with CVS at a district 90 miles away from my hometown in South Florida. I accepted it as there seems to be no jobs any where. For those who work for CVS, what is the process if I would like to be near my hometown? Should I...
  10. heysexylady

    Job offer good or bad?

    Rural Indiana. Middle of nowhere. Salary 280 Covering inpt (geri and adult ) and consults in the am. Outpt in the evening 50 grand sign on for two year contract. 25 grand sign in and the rest given as stipend. Given as loan but if don't stay the full two years need to pay back plus interest...
  11. P

    Advice on job offer

    Hi, I was hoping I could get some advice from some of my fellow vet students and new grads. I am currently in the middle of 4th year rotations and externing at a private practice. I have really enjoyed this practice and it definitely seems like a great place for a new grad to learn and grow...