3.63 cGPA 3.57 sGPA what are my chances

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The Immaculate Catch
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Jun 29, 2015
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Top 20? Depends on MCAT.

DO? Depends on MCAT.

Probably somewhere in between.
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May 5, 2015
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Your GPAs are within around 0.05 of the median MD matriculant. You are doing fine. Aim for acing the rest of college.

Gap years have alot of benefits and if you feel you can use it to boost your EC's(amongst its very many benefits), its definitely worth real consideration.

The MCAT median of top 20 schools is in the 36-38 range(think 518-522 on the new scale). The DO median is somewhere around a 27(502-503 on the median). The average MD matriculant is around a 31-32(509-513). Use those as very rough guides. A 3.6/510 has a good shot at being competitive for lower tier programs. A 3.6/503 has a very good shot competitive for DO programs. A 3.6/520 MIGHT be competitive for top 20 programs depending on a lot of factors and pure luck(there are tons and tons of applicants each year with 3.9/37 type stats who get shut out from top 20's entirely). All of this should serve as an rough estimate at best in providing perspective.
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