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Jul 2, 2013
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All of them. Your MCAT is slightly above average to well above average at DO schools and your GPA is excellent. With those stats I'd expect a lot (5+) DO interviews if you apply broadly and early next cycle and have solid ECs.

Dr Tony T. Chopper

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Mar 6, 2014
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I am wondering which D.O schools I should apply to and would have a great chance of getting in. I am currently a junior undergraduate student at UB. My GPA is 3.9 and I just took my first mcat and got a 29 (12 phys, 9 Bio, 8 Verbal )which is what my practice mcat average was. I plan on applying to both MD and DO schools and would be satisfied with either. I am a resident of western NY and english is my second language. I have good research and volunteer experience and plan on shadowing more doctors. In terms of MD schools, I would love to go to either UB or Wayne State. In terms of DO, I like LECOM but would be open to going elsewhere if accepted. I plan on retaking the mcat but I am not sure if I will get it scored. So, what DO schools will I have a great chance of getting an interview for in terms of my current stats?
Awesome! I, too have similar stats as you for the mcat and gpa. I'm looking to apply strong next cycle as well!
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