3 Phases of MCAT Prep

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Jan 3, 2018
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3 Phases of MCAT Prep
When setting up Strategy Sessions for my MCAT students and Study Hall Members, I like to organize the MCAT prep process in 3 phases.

Phase 1 – Content Phase
The content phase is just that, a review of subject material you’re expected to know for the exam. Learning the content for the MCAT requires making weekly progress for each subject tested:

General Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
CARS (verbal)
You MUST give yourself enough time to review and, somewhat master, content before moving on. Simply reading the chapter doesn’t count.

I recommend following my 5-Steps to Mastering the MCAT Sciences.

Some prep companies will have you doing practice passages and questions right away. But let me ask you this:

Are you really getting the most out of your study time by doing a complex passage on torque PRIOR TO UNDERSTANDING TORQUE??
Give yourself enough time to learn and understand the information BEFORE you start heavy practice.

I include an outline of what I believe are ideal lengths for content review based on different students’ learning habits later in this article.

Phase 2 – Practice and Review Phase
Phase 2 is where you start to practice MCAT material, especially full-length exams and passage-style questions.

Phase 2 should last a MINIMUM of 4 weeks, but up to 8 weeks is typical.
This is when you work through passages and REVIEW information related to the questions you missed by taking a full-length test every 2-3 weeks. Only by answering questions and then GOING BACK AND STUDYING the topics you missed will you REALLY develop MCAT/Passage mastery.

Phase 3 – Hard Core MCAT Prep
Think of this as the ‘wrapping it up’ phase. This is the point in your preparation when you’ve:

More or less mastered all the content you’re expected to know
Done many passages/questions with review
Taken a handful of full-length practice MCAT exams to get familiar with testing style, duration, endurance, AND of course, taken the time to review your weak areas.

Source : Leah4sci