Jul 25, 2016
Academic Average 21
Total Science 21
Organic Chemistry 22
General Chemistry 23
Biology 19
Reading Comprehension 23
Quantitative Reasoning: 17
Perceptual Ability: 18

Materials used: DAT destroyer, DAT bootcamp, Crack the DAT, Kaplain DAT 2014 book, Cliffnotes AP Biology 3rd edition

Materials I recommend for the sciences: DAT Destroyer, DAT bootcamp, Cliffnotes AP Biology 3rd edition

DAT destroyer is a must for the sciences, as well as DAT bootcamp, and cliffnotes AP biology 3rd edition. All are fairly low in price and you get the most bang for your buck out of those.

Materials I recommend for PAT: DAT bootcamp, and (if you have the extra money) Crack the DAT PAT
The scores I got in each of these pretty much reflected what I got on the actual DAT, however I found DAT bootcamp to be more similar, especially for the keyholes and TFE.

Quantitative Reasoning: DAT bootcamp, DAT destroyer, and (if you have the extra money) Crack the DAT
Overall, the QR section took me completely by surprise, I honestly felt unprepared for the QR section, unlike all of the other sections, but quite frankly, I did not use all of the resources in DAT Bootcamp, and looking back on it, I wish I used all of the resources. That being said, the first 5 practice questions did not prepare me well enough, for what it's worth. Neither did all of the questions for the DAT Destroyer.

I would not recommend the kaplain book as a resource, I felt it was a huge waste of time.

Overall, the most cost effective way to study would to get DAT bootcamp, and cliffnotes AP biology 3rd edition, and the DAT Destroyer. These resources in my opinion were the three that I would not go without if I were to take it again (which I am not).

I also to thank Ari and his team for DAT Bootcamp, and I Dr. Jim Romano for his outstanding work on the Destroyer, and lastly dedicate this post to the people before me who made DAT breakdowns, and the people who are about to take the DAT. Good luck to those who are taking it! I hope this post helps!