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  1. T

    DAT AA Calculator - DAT Bootcamp

    Hey everyone! Quick question for those that used DAT Bootcamp in the past. I was curious as to how accurate the 'AA calculator' is on the site. As in, after taking my practice tests, I then have been plugging my averages for each section into the calculator to see my expected AA score and I'm...
  2. G

    DAT Retake - already used bootcamp so now what do I do

    Hi! I took the DAT back in August (scored an 18 AA) and am now prepping for a retake. I used bootcamp before and did all ten practice tests multiple times sooo I don’t really want to use bootcamp again, since I think I’ll remember the questions and it’ll be ineffective. I already purchased PAT...
  3. K

    Feeling lost and anxious about studying for the DAT

    Hi, I'm feeling utterly lost and stressed over studying for the DAT and would like some advice on how to use the approximately 18 weeks (as of 9/3 when I posted this) I have before my exam to study. My exam is scheduled for Jan 9. Just to give some background, I'm currently in my 5th semester...
  4. Rainbowsheep5

    2019 DAT Breakdown 30TS/28AA/26PAT

    My scores: PAT 26 QR 30 RC 24 Bio 28 GC 30 OC 30 TS 30 AA 28 Resources (comparisons and recommendations) - I used Bootcamp, Destroyer, Math Destroyer, Orgoman Organic Odyssey, Dynamite Bio notes, and PAT Booster - I went over the BC twice and the Destroyer twice -- I'm really not a genius...
  5. T

    Caution using DATbootcamp for the Canadian DAT

    Hey everyone, So I took my DAT yesterday and for the most part, the test went fine. The section that really took me by surprise was the reading comprehension. On the DATBootcamp website, it says there are no difference between the American and Canadian DAT. So I trusted it. I went into the DAT...
  6. F

    can't seem to bring up my DAT Score

    so I've been studying for the DAT for about 8 months now and no matter how much I review I can't seem to bring up my DAT Score. I've gone through Kaplan, DAT bootcamp and DAT destroyer. I do the problems and I review afterwards but its like the next test I take I haven't retained anything. I...
  7. R

    December OAT experience (retake!) (280/290 -> 320/330)!!

    -LONG POST- scroll down to see my new scores and recommended study method/guide/my personal tips!!! soooo i retook my OAT today and felt that I needed to share my experience! i couldn't find anyone on here who may have been in a similar situation as mine so here is my post to be that person...
  8. A

    OAT Exam Experience & Tips

    Hi All, I took my oat exam today and did well! - I read some posts before my exam that were helpful so I decided to write one too. I would like to share some helpful tips that I discovered along the way and some advice based on my personal experience. It might work for you and it might not...
  9. Tjharden15

    Breakdown AA: 22/TS: 23/PAT:23

    So I just took my DAT a few days ago and wanted to post something because when I was studying I didn't see many posts that struggled with the things I did (aka QR, Gen. Chem, and RC mostly) so I thought this might help those who feel less confident about the DAT leading up to it. So for study...
  10. baszilion

    25AA / 25PAT / 27TS [2018 DAT] - 2 months prep, materials, tips

    :) Hi all! I took my DAT a few weeks ago and just finished my AADSAS application. Now that I have some time on my hands I thought I'd make this in-depth post sharing my prep and experience in case it helps anyone out there. Here are my scores that I'm pretty happy with: 25 AA [27 TS] 25 PAT /...
  11. otlcat

    DAT Breakdown 2018 [studied 3 weeks] AA22 | TS 22 | PAT 22

    I took the DAT on 1/8/2018 (lol this post is 7 months late) and this is my score: AA 22/ TS 22/ BIO 22/ GC 23/OC 22/ RC 22/ QR 22/PAT 22 Just a little background about myself, I am your typical Bio major and will be graduating June 2019. My GPA right now is actually slightly on the lower side...
  12. M


    Scores: PAT 23, QR 27, RC 30, Biology 25, GC 23, OC 30, TS 26, AA 27 Feel free to message me with any questions on applying or anything! I’d love to help out. Time Studied: 1 month Hours per Day: 6 to 12 approximately Materials Used -DAT Destroyer -Math Destroyer -General Chemistry Destroyer...
  13. J

    DAT Bootcamp Bio Question Bank

    Is it me, or the new question bank for bio in bootcamp is slightly more tough than the actual practice tests?
  14. J

    Buying Topscore exams for DAT retake?

    So I'm retaking my DAT on July 26th (got 17 AA last time, yeah I know horrible), and I already took all of the Bootcamp practice exams and DAT qvault (just for bio). I'm averaging about 20's in both for bio, and I'm averaging 19's on GC and OC on bootcamp. I already have used DAT destroyer for...
  15. S

    DAT Breakdown 23 AA 20 TS

    Hi guys, I recently took my DAT earlier this month and thought I'd just post my breakdown, see if it helps anyone. So here it goes: PAT: 20 QR: 30 RC: 25 Bio: 21 GC: 22 OC: 19 TS: 20 AA:23 Study Materials: Feralis Bio Notes(Comprehensive version now on DAT Bootcamp), DAT Destroyer, Chad's...
  16. S

    Low DAT scores...retake and apply for this cycle?

    Hi everyone, I just took my DAT this morning after studying for three months and my scores were awful...I'm so discouraged. I'm aware of the 90-day wait period, but I'm wondering if it's even worth it to try and retake it in September (90 days from now) and attempt to apply for this upcoming...
  17. Baryjt01

    DAT Destroyer

    I am writing this in response to anyone looking for study material. I took my DAT on May 30th and did what I would consider pretty darn good. I would have to say contrary to popular belief DAT destroyer was useless. I order the book went through all the problems and felt as if i learned...
  18. F

    DAT Study HELP

    i recently pushed my exam back 3 weeks and am struggling to figure out what to do: I originally went through all of Kaplan and then bought Bootcamp just before the exam. After taking the first five Bootcamp full lengths, my TS was averaging to about a 19-19.5, so I decided to push my exam back...
  19. J

    Mike's Videos Experience

    Hey everyone, so I've been using Mike's videos in conjunction with Chad's to study for both the OC and GC section of the DAT. Maybe someone would like to add their experience with using Mike's, but using both seems like a sure-fire way to do well on the two sections. I took the DAT on a whim...
  20. S

    Biology Section Help

    SO I was studying the biology section and I chose to follow the DAT bootcamp study guide. But I was wondering how good the information will be for the DAT? Does it cover everything needed? Or does it go too in depth? The Anatomy and Physiology section alone is 123 pages! Total it's 400 pages...
  21. W

    PSA: DAT Bootcamp increasing price on April 22nd

    Just thought I'd make everyone aware that DAT Bootcamp is increasing their price from $247 to $347 on April 22nd (tomorrow). If you update today, you will still receive access to all future updates. Hope this helps!
  22. K

    DAT Retake 24 AA, 27 TS

    hi all I just retook my DAT for the third time. here is my breakdown for all my attempts. (first-->second-->third) 2017-->2017-->2018 BIO 18 --> 21 --> 28 (+8) CHEM 19 --> 25 --> 24 (-1) OCHEM 15 --> 24 -->30 (+6) :soexcited: QR 15 --> 21 --> 22 (+1) PAT 17 --> 21--> 22 (+1) RC 17 -->...
  23. H

    DAT Study buddy in Houston, TX

    Hello, If anyone is interested in studying for the DAT together, I have most of the popular DAT study tools & Subscriptions and don't mind sharing. Direct Message me :) Let's conquer this test together!
  24. Boise State Bronco

    Best way to take notes in studying for the DAT?

    I am going to start studying for the DAT on Monday and I'm getting excited to start going. What are the most effective ways to take notes while studying? My friend uses OneNote for his MCAT prep notes, but I'm more of a paper and pen person. Although using the computer it will be a lot easier to...
  25. dentaltab4life

    DAT Bootcamp GC Test #9 Question #2

    I was particularly confused with this question due to the fact that the answer I got when solving the problem was not one of the available choices. Why, after finding that the number of total Al2O3 atoms is ~6.02*10^21, do we multiply that number by 3 to get the number of O atoms in the...
  26. D

    My DAT Retake: 20AA (21TS & 16RC) to 25AA (25TS& 25RC).

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my DAT retake experience with all of you. The reason I took the DAT again was I felt it was holding my application back, and I KNEW I could do better. I did not feel it was a true representation of my knowledge in the subject areas. Some say DAT doesn't...
  27. P

    DAT Done! 21AA/21 TS (10/23/17) but...

    Hey everyone! Can't believe I'm finally making one of these posts. Here is my score breakdown... PAT: 20 QR: 16 :( RC: 23 Bio: 20 OC: 22 GC: 22 TS: 21 AA: 21 Overall, Im happy with my scores except for QR. I really don't want to have to retake unless I really have to... For me, getting a 16 on...
  28. K

    DAT breakdown and concern for RC....

    So i just took my DAT couple days ago. PAT 21 QR 21 RC 15 Bio 21 Che 25 Oche 24 TS 23 AA 21 MOCK TESTS (DAT BOOTCAMP TEST 1,2,3,4,5) PAT 22 23 22 21 19 QR 20 19 20 19 17 RC 16 16 17 19 17 BIO 20 21 21 22 22 CHE 24 21 23 23 20 OCH 19 22 18...
  29. future_nostalgia


    Hi Everyone! I took the DAT on August 21, 2017. For some background: I am a junior majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Consumer Psychology. Prior to my exam, I had already completely the intro bio track at Penn, as well as the General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry courses. I also had...
  30. D

    Dat Breakdown

    DAT Breakdown below. 26AA | 28 TS | 30 OC | 27 GC | 26 Bio | 22 RC | 24 QR | 25 PAT Special thanks to Ari at DAT Bootcamp & DAT Destroyer. I am a non-traditional student who hasn't taken Biology in 10 years, work full-time, and am not a "good" test taker. My only opportunities to study were...
  31. fate85829

    For Sale DAT Bootcamp

    Selling bootcamp subscription for $150 start date 8/15. Just needed it for 2 more weeks and took the dat today.
  32. paperbands

    DAT Breakdown 2017 (24 PAT/30 QR/30 RC/30 BIO/27 GC/28 OC/28 TS/29 AA)

    Before I start… I apologize for how lengthy this post is! I took my test yesterday! I studied for around 10-11 weeks. The first month and a half was inconsistent studying, and I studied between 0-6 hours a day (probably with a mean of 3-4 hours a day). I didn’t crack down until the last month...
  33. K

    Am I ready for my DAT?

    Hello peeps, I know that no one can give me a definite for my DAT. I take it in a week. Here are my recent practice tests and scores over the last couple weeks. I took two of them about two months ago and scored low since I was just starting studying. I'm just looking for people with...
  34. M

    chance me

    23 aa 22 ts 21 bio 22 orgo 27 gc 22 qr 21 reading 21 pat 3.78 gpa. 3.68 science gpa 200 hours community service fraternity philanthropy chair 350 hours working/shadowing general dentist ny state resident applying to: stony brook, Columbia, nyu, tufts, bu, maryland, rutgers, touro, buffalo, pitt
  35. Z

    ? on BC subject specific tests

    So I know it says on BC that they recommend you go through the practice tests before attempting the subject specific tests because the questions are sourced from the main practice tests. However, I want to tackle my weaknesses before getting to the main practice tests. I fear that if I use these...
  36. ramixjp

    DAT Breakdown 7/26/2017 - TS 22 AA 21 Only Bootcamp+Cliffs+Feralis

    Hi SDN! I took the DAT July 26 2017 and I'm finally done with the beast. I scored a 22 TS, 21 AA and my full breakdown is (see attachment for paper copy): Organic Chemistry: 22 General Chemistry: 22 Biology: 21 Reading: 20 Quantitative: 21 Perceptual: 20 TS: 22 AA: 21 I know my scores aren't...
  37. M

    DAT Help, my scores are not doing well.

  38. tarheel2017

    Done with DAT! 24 AA 24 TS 21 PAT. Thanks and Advice

    Hey Everyone! Just got back from the test center and am happy to say I exceeded my expectations! This forum has helped me immensely over the past 3 months and I just wanted to say some thanks and give some advice to others! First the scores: PAT 21 QR 23 RC 24 Bio 24 GC 25 OC 24 TS 24 AA 24...
  39. IdleKoala

    Rate my DAT Study Schedule. Advice Welcome!

    Hello all, I am new to this forum as of last night, and let me tell you, this forum has already been an invaluable resource to me! The community on here seems to be amazing and super motivated! Very inspiring, but also intimidating! I wish the best to all of us and hope that we can encourage...
  40. P

    DAT bootcamp vs actual DAT scores

    Anyone who has taken the DAT, how similar where your scores to actual exam vs DAT bootcamp (the individual section tests vs full lengths vs actual exam)? I am on crunch time, if I only had time to do 4 exams total- which ones do I do out of the 5 bootcamp and 2009 and 2007 ADA, which ones do...