1. deweystrontium

    How to do Zanki Better?

    Hey all. I'm an M1 interested in maturing OG Zanki before dedicated. Currently, I've matured roughly 10% of the deck (corresponding with class units and B&B/pathoma videos I've covered). We haven't fully moved into an organ systems based curriculum yet, so I'm trying to establish disciplined...
  2. slowthai

    Do you (or will you) guys annotate FA?

    Title of thread
  3. M

    Anki Question...

    Is there anyone using Anki filtered decks with "hierarchical tags" as their primary study strategy instead of one or two large main Anki deck(s)? If so, a few questions: 1 -- What strategy have you found works best ? 2-- What tags did you add yourself ( i.e. subject, Uworld, FA) ? 3-- What...
  4. insocrat

    2 Weeks out from Step 1 - Advice

    Hi all, I'm currently 8 points away from my goal after NBME 18 with 2 weeks to go. I've got 19, UWSA1 and UWSA2 left. I also have a sizable amount of UW questions left. I was wondering whether to ditch Anki (aside from my UW deck) to free up more time to do UW and work on specific weak areas...
  5. docdew

    CBSE advice for OMFS residency

    I am currently trying to formulate some sort of study plan/schedule for tackling the CBSE, but it seems quite thoroughly overwhelming. There are so many study resources and so little time with which we, as dental students, actually have to study this material. I see my med school friends...
  6. Groy

    Anki memory-optimizing background colors/fonts

    Lately I've read a few studies from the cognitive science world that have outlined certain background colors for paper, notes, highlighting, etc. and their potential correlations to optimizing memory. Seems like there's no clear consensus; some studies cite warm colors like yellow for paper...
  7. latinclubimperatus

    BOTH I hate Anki, am I crazy?

    I recently downloaded Anki and brosencephalon and good god do I hate this program. This softare has the least intuitive and user-friendly UI I've ever encountered. I've watched videos and read guides and for the life of me I still can't figure out how to use it or barely even navigate it. I...
  8. theNDhopeful44

    Zanki or First Aid?

    Hey y'all. Rising M2 here who just discovered Zanki and loving it. Question for those of you who took Step and matured Zanki before dedicated: should you even bother reading First Aid? I feel like I've learned more this past month doing cards than I have trying to remember all the text in the...
  9. M

    Anki vs Zanki vs Bros vs Flash Facts

    Hey, I have 2 more months before dedicated and was wondering which is best? Rank them and give reasons please ! (I haven't started making any Anki cards myself)
  10. A

    Best Anki Settings?

    If there is anyone in undergrad that uses Anki, what settings do you have them under? Do you guys put a cap on your reviews? Because online and in medical school, people say they don't cap them. Want to get your perspective
  11. P

    How do I study MCAT P/S without Anki?

    Throughout my entire academic career, flashcards have NEVER worked for me. This is one of the reasons why I struggle in courses that require pure memorization. I get much better results when I read the book or create logical flow charts/diagrams. The reason I mention this is because everyone...
  12. RunawayGrape

    Torky vs. Pepper Micro

    I'll be starting microbiology in January and I wanted to know which Anki deck you guys thought was better for microbiology. I'm also open to any other suggestions for resources I could benefit from. Thanks.
  13. O

    Anki deck?

    Did bootcamp remove ANKI deck?
  14. S

    OMS-1 Make Ankis from FA or Pathoma?

    I just finished first semester of M1 and was going to use FA to review Biochem because I feel like it went in one ear and out the other. I made Anki decks for every lecture, but my professors kind of sucked. So my thought was to go through FA Biochem and make Anki decks from that. Some are...
  15. S

    MD How do I set up and use anki for studying for step 1?

    Hello everyone! This is my first thread on here. I joined because of my name exactly. So basically I have seen a lot of people swear by anki(bros) and I can't seem to understand how to use the app well. Please can someone tell me all the steps to setting up the bros deck on my anki Also is...
  16. lagbydesign

    Cloze Overlapper: Anki add-on for memorizing lists

    The add-on, made by Glutanimate: Cloze Overlapper - AnkiWeb His video showing how you can use it: This guy is like the Anki god, lol. He has videos for everything. You can even "gamify" your reviews.
  17. B

    Help Please!! - Study Methods

    Hey Guys, I am a first year medical student and I just started my fourth week of medical school. The curriculum just changed this year where we have weekly take home timed quizzes that we can take anytime Friday through Sunday at noon. Even though it is my fourth week, I am still at odds on the...
  18. rtmsf95

    MD How to approach NBME Anatomy

    Hey guys, I'm a rookie MS1 and medical school is starting this week. The first course is General Anatomy, and I go to a school that exclusively utilizes NBME exams. The thing is though, that the professors select the NMBE questions, so there's probably some focus on what is taught in lecture. I...
  19. W

    Need help from anki experts

    Hi anki experts I'm using Zanki to study along with class, and I want to study what I covered in class that day. Is there any way I can study specific topics first in the deck? So for instance, I do 100 new cards a day, and if I covered EKGs in class, I want to do EKG related new cards first. Is...
  20. Auntymarkovnikov

    Feralis vs Anki vs Cliffs

    My DAT is in less than a month. I read through Cliffs one time and made flash cards on all the destroyer bio problems. I wanted to know you guys think would be most efficient/effective in addition to studying my destroyer flashcards: reading over Feralis, rereading Cliffs, or simply downloading...
  21. I

    Zanki Vs Brosencephalon

    After talking to a couple rising third year students, it has come to my attention there there is a new anki deck (zanki) competing with brosencephalon. Can anyone provide insight on to which is the better of these two decks? To those who have just taken boards, any thoughts/comments on what you...
  22. T

    Where can I find an updated brosencephalon anki deck?

    Just looking for this legendary anki deck that everyone uses apparently! Can't find it here. There is a 2014 version on his website but I have heard talk of updated versions. Where can I find these? Thanks all.
  23. itsilya

    Adjusting anki to get through feralis deck in a month

    Hi, I've recently started using anki so I'm not that familiar with the settings. I'm using feralis deck and I seem to go slowly through the material as there are so many cards. I was wondering if its possible to adjust the settings so I can go through all the cards in a month?
  24. J

    Read FA or USMLE-RX Express Vids + Bros deck?

    So, I'm finding it too passive to just read FA cover-to-cover, but I keep finding sources that say this is the way to go. On the flip-side, I have used ANKI (Bros deck) and have loved it. Anyone have any thoughts on using USMLE-Rx Express Videos combo'd with ANKI in place of reading FA?
  25. akuko2

    Firecracker vs brosencephalon

    Hey guys, I'm coming to the last block of MS1 and have been doing well with out ever appreciably using Anki or firecracker but I want to add in something for spaced repetition so that I can make sure I retain everything over the summer and MS2. Does anyone have an opinion of whether I should...
  26. Zharp

    To make or to buy flashcards?

    Curious what peoples experiences/thoughts are with the pre-made Kaplan and AAMC flashcards? Are these worth my money, or should I invest the time into making my own on Anki?
  27. Kuttappan

    Were can I find Internal Medicine notes based on Harrison's textbook of Internal Medicine?

    Hey guys ,where can I find notes or anki cards or ppts made from Harrisson?For some chapters, I do want to read the things that are important in building the concepts,but due to time constraints I wont be able to read some of the chapters that I'd like to read.So if I can find some notes based...
  28. S

    First Aid 2016 Anki Decks??

    Anyone have a comprehensive anki deck for FA 2016/2017?? Please don't tell me to google- already did and it resulted in decks that were too old (2014) or those that didn't specify the edition used Thanks!!
  29. 6

    ANKI Bro's Deck Revisions/Questions Here!

    Hey everyone, If you rely on notecard's to study for Step 1, you know what a valuable asset Bros' Anki deck truly is. That being said, no one is perfect, including the legendary Bros! So, put your revisions for the deck here! Also, place questions that you may have about topics you find...
  30. tarsuc

    Does anyone have anki/flashcards for nbmes?

    to quickly revise the old nbmes, use nbmes as a learning tool etc. Kindly share if anyone has found any good ones online, Thanks.
  31. A

    Anki Bros deck question

    Hey! I just downloaded the Brosencephalon deck and am trying to start in on it, but all the sub-decks are a little overwhelming. If you've used it, or similar decks (with lots of topical subdecks), how exactly did you study? I don't know if I should: 1) Just go through the entire parent deck...
  32. G

    ABSITE Study using Anki Flashcards, Seeking Volunteers to help

    Thank you for visiting this post. I have a large set (about 5000 cards) of ABSITE flashcards on Anki (a flashcard application which uses spaced repetition) which I'd like to update. They are based on the Fiser ABSITE Review (4th edition). Can you help create this ultimate study resource? WHO...
  33. C


    I've read cliffs.. Things don't seem to stick in my brain.. I've made flash cards here n there but it takes 10x longer to get thru material like I spend more time writing flashcards than I do studying.. And literally EVERY term would need a flashcards idk how u guys do that.. As for the Anki...
  34. VeterinaryStudentK9

    Computer Learning Resources

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had any anki decks or specialised software that they could recommend? I see on the med student forum that they use these sort of things but haven't seen too much information about veterinary specific resources. Thanks!
  35. Cognovi

    Collaborative spaced education; AMA Innovation Challenge

    Spaced repetition in medical education is still in its early stages in terms of adoption, usability, and integration. It's an innovation that has been nothing short of transformational for my personal learning. Some like-minded classmates and I are trying to push it up in the consciousness of...
  36. H

    FA 2016 rapid review anki deck

    Hello out there, Has anyone made an anki deck for FA 2016 rapid review that they would be willing to share? Many thanks!
  37. ab_helsing

    Awesome Anatomy Anki deck

    So I already posted this on Reddit, but I thought I'd share here too.. Guys I'm super stoked to share my Awesome Anatomy Anki deck! I made it using Medcharts which is essentially each muscle/structure in several sets of spreadsheets. The deck has a handful of bells and whistles including...
  38. C


    Hey guys, I need help with Anki. I figured out that for some reason Anki doesn't divide its review into two separate sessions. For example, I set the max review for 100/day because I would like to review 50 in the morning and 50 at night. How do i set the settings so that it is set up like this...
  39. SwimmingSurg20

    What is your typical study plan?

    Here's my ideal study plan: 1) Wake up and go through flashcards (anki and trying to incorporate firecracker as well) 2) Preview lectures for the day 3) Watch lectures and make flashcards on anki (cloze deletions: just like taking notes, but you can block out specific words or phrases to quiz...