1. esob

    Important Anki update: FSRS

    Just in case SDN is your sole source of info for Anki, I wanted to point out that the update to FSRS compared to the SM-2 is a must-have. The TLDR is that FSRS is a spaced-repetition algorithm available in the latest Anki builds. It can be selected in lieu of the default SM-2 algorithm. The end...
  2. Vrubino

    Using Anki prior to starting content review?

    Hey everyone, I’m currently a senior in undergrad planning on taking the MCAT in September prior to applying next may 2025. Currently, my plan is to begin studying about 2 weeks after I graduate from undergrad, and study full time until my test date. A premed advisor I’ve hired recently told me...
  3. tepahtiani

    Is Pepper Deck for Micro and Pharm enough in the long run for Step 1? Or, are the traditional AnKing decks more sustainable?

    I started my micro/path/immunology block at my school this week and I'm overwhelmed since it's the most compact block so it's hard to keep up with all the cards and videos. I'm thinking I would be more successful with the Pepper deck, but I'm not sure if other people have been successful with it?
  4. D

    Confused how to use Anking as first year DO student

    Hello! So I am in my second month thus far as a first year DO student. Everybody swears by the Anking deck but it seems so disconnected from what I am learning right now. I don't know if I am doing anki wrong but it just seems really awkward to be using a step one deck (ie, anking) when I barely...
  5. C

    Should I start Anking as a rising M2??

    I did very mediocre my first year (lots of C's) and I'm realizing I didn't retain much. Is it worth starting Anking now??? Or is too late? I'm looking at the number of cards there are (over 40k) and I have no idea how I'm going to all of this in and finish by like April of next year. Are there...
  6. mudfud26

    Remediation Routines?

    Hi all, I'm currently remediating a Musculoskeletal block where I passed the second exam and board-style cumulative, but failed the heavily cadaver-based anatomy exam. My remediation is 2.5 weeks of independent study and another board-style exam. Do you have any suggestions to add structure...
  7. stevmq

    MD & DO The Human Insight Project (THI.AI) - AI for Students, Residents, and Attending Physicians.

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share an exciting update with you all regarding a project I have been working on. Some time ago, I posted on Reddit about fine-tuning an Open AI model for medical purposes, and I received a lot of positive feedback. Encouraged by this response, I decided to delve...
  8. Jack-Kennedy35


    Hello Everyone, Thank you so much for your time. I had a question about using ANKI to study in medical school. Would you mind going over how you incorporate it into your studying? Do you first read the lecture slides and try to memorize everything on there first before getting to the Anki...
  9. MateoGM416

    Anki scheduling/intervals for cards (block curriculum)

    Hello, I know this forum is kind of dead but if anyone is lurking and willing to share some wisdom about using Anki I would appreciate it. So I just started OMS-I at a program with a block curriculum. I did above-average on the first exam by watching osmosis videos before lectures, going to the...
  10. Lugh

    Is it better than Anki???

    I discovered memcode a year ago. It is meant to help people learn hard sciences and coding. But you can copy and paste pictures directly into the flashcards. There are two types of flashcards: front/back and occlusions. It is also really pretty and super easy to make a lot of flashcards really...
  11. chicken-n-beer

    Improving Workflow

    I'm using Anki and finding it very helpful. I have an inquiry regarding workflow: how do you save time when making cards? I have approx. 1200 slides to go through (i.e. make cards in Anki) but it seems like it's taking me an inordinate time to make cards. I already learned the material and I'm...
  12. S

    Anatomy panic

    Anatomy started today and I already feel overwhelmed. What’s the best most efficient way to do this? How do I choose an Anki deck? Have some decent school made ones by someone a few years older than me that like up well with lectures. I’ve seen UMich, Dope, etc but don’t know if I should focus...
  13. chicken-n-beer

    Using Anki Well

    I'm currently in a Medical Masters program but I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed. I did well in my first set of exams but I'm becoming increasingly anxious about the second set of exam. It's been suggested that I just focours on lecture slikde and I've been trying to make Anki cards for the...
  14. chicken-n-beer

    Reviewing Lectures Quicker with Anki

    I'm currently in a Medical Masters program but I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed. I did well in my first set of exams but I'm becoming increasingly anxious about the second set of exam. It's been suggested that I just focours on lecture slikde and I've been trying to make Anki cards for the...
  15. N

    NYCPM resouces and anki

    Hey guys! Incoming MS1 at NYCPM, I just wanted to prep my resources for school, so if anyone (Especially NYCPM) students have any study tips/resources, please drop them here! So far I've downloaded anking and Dope anatomy anki decks, and I have UMuch Blueprint on retainer for practice...
  16. esob

    Hashtagging Cards for quicker search

    So, maybe there is an easier way to do this, but personally, I don't like adding tags for some things b/c I want to search for them within a given deck. For some background, I'm currently on my FM rotation and I'm using the Anking step 2 deck. My preference is to create subdecks for the shelf...
  17. A

    Complete Anki Decks for SketchyPath??

    Hey everyone, I loved sketchy for OMS-I, but really need the anki to reinforce it. AnKing was great for this last year, but I think a lot of SketchyPath videos were added semi-recently, so it doesn't appear to have anki decks for all of the videos. Even after updating to AnKing v9, I am missing...
  18. D

    Should I add notes to Anki cards or minimize the amount of information per card?

    Hey everyone, I know that generally Anki cards are supposed to be short and to-the-point to maximize the quality of learning. However, what do you do when there is a relevant piece of information/application/clinical connection related to that answer but isn't the actual answer? Should this...
  19. Super_Med

    Medical Incoming MS1 planning on starting Anki from Day 1. What would be the ideal settings?

    I don’t want to burn out too quickly but I definitely want to do a decent amount of Anki every day. In particular, I’m wondering the following: 1. How many new cards should I do per day if I’m starting Anki from Day 1? Is 100 too much or is that a good amount? 2. Which ”Steps” settings should...
  20. CaliGal777

    Which Anki Deck to choose? (Poll)

    Hi there, With the advent of P/F for board exams, what would be a suitable Anki deck to use alongside a systems based curriculum? I am trying to keep a flow of cards as I go through the curriculum. Thanks a lot.
  21. Konigstiger

    Percentage correct on mature cards?

    I was wondering around what percentage correct you guys usually get while studying your matured cards. I'm usually in the low 80s or high 70s, which I don't think is very good, but I'd like some other data points for reference. Also, if this number really is low enough to be concerning, any...
  22. G

    Could someone assist with me some questions about Anki

    I have spent a couple of hours watching videos on how to use anki for medical school but still have some unanswered questions. Being my first time using Anki I want to make sure I start this off right. I prefer to talk over Discord or Whatsapp. PM me if you can offer some guidance. Thank you...
  23. watchfulwaiting1957

    ANKI vs QUIZLET. Final battle. Who wins?

    I prefer Anki on the desktop as it is much much faster than using Quizlet in the Chrome browser. Quizlet is nice because oh how portable it is, being able to use it on your phone and tablet. Quizlet is newer but Anki is tried and true. I love that you can search other users decks on Quizlet...
  24. T

    Medical When should I start using Anki and which deck(s) should I start with? (Incoming MS1)

    I will be starting medical school in August 2021, and I want to do whatever I can to start medical school on a good note. Ideally, when should I start using Anki? Should I make cards from my lectures or should I use pre-made decks from the start? If the latter, are there any recommended decks...
  25. TragicalDrFaust

    How many reviews a day is too many?

    Yesterday for example. Exceeded 1,300 reviews and took 4 hours. Slightly more than 10sec/card. 140 new cards and probably spent some time editing them (adding pictures or clarifying wording) as I went along. Then spent about 2.5 hours going through two lecture hours to make more cards (our in...
  26. M

    Writing out ANKI answers?

    This may have been discussed before. Apologies in advance if it has been. I have been using Anki for over 2 years. I had some quick questions on what veteran anki masters think. 1. Should I be writing my answers out? I feel like I retain more but getting 140 cards a day is usually my max...
  27. The Lovely Maverick

    Anking/ zanki/ FA 2021

    hello, Does anyone know if there is an updated Anking deck including the FA 2021 text? pls help meee
  28. S

    Question about overriding deck organization with imports

    I'll try to explain this the best I can: I have 100 anatomy cards in one deck. Student B has the same 100 cards (same deck), adds 30 more cards, and then organizes the whole collection into 5 subdecks. Student B then exports their deck. When I import that deck, my 100 cards stay in the same...
  29. A

    Anki settings, but just to pass?

    Not going to lie, I dread doing hundreds sometimes thousands of class related cards every day, and I think I've realized that just to pass my in house exams, for me the typical settings seem like extra-ordinary overkill. Sure, I'm doing well, but I really just want to make some more time for...
  30. B

    Anki new cards piling up- problem, or normal?

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I checked this forum and went to different anki set-up forums and couldn't find much help with my question (maybe I just don't know how to best search it). I am currently going through the Cheesy LY deck after watching related bnb videos. I find...
  31. taharahislam

    The Berkley Review Anki Deck

    Does anybody have a pre-made Anki deck for The Berkley Review books they’d be willing to share? 🥺
  32. S

    A&P Anki Decks for Undergrads

    Posting for a friend who wants to use anki in undergrad but hasn’t been able to find any premade decks that are at the undergrad level. Anyone have any good decks they used in undergrad for anatomy and physiology?
  33. Redpancreas

    MD & DO ANKI for Step 3

    [Note to mods: I feel this is relevant enough to Allo given your guys experience with all things ANKI and given I know a few of you are doing Step 3 to make use of quarantine time during the pandemic.] Background: I'm have a month of dedicated time to finish Step 3 prep. I've completed UW with...
  34. TommieDoc22

    MD & DO Advice using Anki for Step 1 Prep

    I know this is may be a very individual-based question, but I would appreciate any help/advice! I'm an MS2 and I've only started using Anki about two months ago - my goal is to get through most of Zanki (32,281 cards) by mid-April as I prepare for my Step 1 in mid-June. I've seen about 5,000...
  35. esob

    ANKI Epic card of the day

    Post your most effective learning card of the daily grind here. Ideally, let us know what deck it came from and why you think it is such an awesome card. It can be funny or serious or anything in between, please just ensure that it remains within the scope of our TOS.
  36. esob

    ANKI Meme Thread

    Rules: Please be sure that your meme abides by all of the regular rules of our TOS (ie, no nudity, racism, etc).
  37. esob

    Compilation Anki Deck Reviews superthread

    Below you will find links to threads by community members where they discuss their favorite and least favorite Anki decks. MCAT Deck Reviews Medical School Deck Reviews - esob's med school (preclinical and step 1) deck review Shelf Exam Deck Reviews Board Exam Deck Reviews
  38. esob

    Compilation Anki FAQ's

    What the heck is Anki? What is the forgetting curve? Where do I get it and how much does it cost? Where can I learn more? Where can I get premade decks to study from? I have a question that isn't answered here
  39. Ryze

    Physeo-like Medical School Curriculum

    Hello Med Students! I am a new grad PA who was having a huge internal battle of whether or not if I should go back to medical school. I have ultimately decided to try working as a PA for a few years first. However, I do acknowledge I have holes in my knowledge for the foundational sciences. And...
  40. P

    Anki vs. Quizlet vs. Brainscape vs. unmentioned alternatives

    Hey y'all, I'm a second year pre-med and as I move towards more advanced chemistry and biology courses, I got curious about what other pre-meds or current medical students used to scope their studying for things like bio courses and general/o-chem. I've used Quizlet and Anki interchangeably...