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  1. Mr.Popo'sDentist

    Thoughts/Reviews about the 2019 Nymeria/SDN 100-Day MCAT study plan for those who used it.

    Hello! I had a few questions about the 100 day study plan and would love to get feedback/ general thoughts from those who followed it this cycle! 1: I hear TBR is too in depth. Did you think so? 2: Did you do content review from KAPLAN, and questions from TBR or both from TBR and...
  2. I

    Dr. Collins 2016-2017

    I am selling my Dr. Collins PCAT study guide with the 2017 update. The book is in good condition with slight staining on the tabs of the book due to a spill. There are no pen markings and each section is included in spiral book format. My offer will include a Kaplan biology study along with 3...
  3. E

    What do you use to study for boards?

    What do palliative care fellows use to study for boards? On amazon I see some sample test kindle books for sale, but not many books for study. Is there something that fellows commonly use to study for boards, or review courses?
  4. N

    As a dental student, what did you wish you had to help you?

    In the future, I hope to start a website specifically for predental and dental students. It would include informative videos, easy-to-understand study guides, tips and tricks, information for students hoping to study abroad and its own chat forum. What would you or what would you have wanted to...
  5. C

    CPJE streamlined!!!

    Alright guys, as you guys know in the world of Infectious Disease and antibiotic stewardship, we start patients on broad spectrum antibiotics and then after the C&S reports comes back we streamline our therapy to avoid unnecessary toxicities, etc. Now that 2017 May, June and July results have...
  6. mcat prep

    For Sale Books for sale: MCAT, DAT & OAT. Slight damage due to incorrect shipment handling

    Review Guides & Workbooks (Q&A): MCAT Biology & Biochemistry Review Guide, $14.99 (was $50): MCAT BIO: Biology and Biochemistry Review Guide by Gold Standard [Slight Damage] 1927338271 | eBay DAT Biology Review Guide, $14.99 (was $30): DAT Biology Review by Gold Standard 1927338093 | eBay DAT...
  7. M

    step 2ck disease treatment and test notes?

    Hey guys, I have been a long time member and took the 7 year medical school plan. I am taking CK in just about 19 days. I know my diagnosis. There are only a few questions in the Qbank where I dont know the diagnosis but my issue is treatment. I need a quick diagnosis , fun facts, and best...
  8. P

    Antibiotics Chart

    Deleted due to lack of interest
  9. C

    AAMC FL practice test/ spoiler questions

    Are all the questions random and different for every person that person that purchases the AAMC FL1 and FL2? I'm asking this because I've seen ''spoiler questions'' for AAMC FL1 and FL2 posted by some SDNers in some of the threads. Please answer and thanks.
  10. J

    DAT retake study schedule/material 2017 need help!

    Hey everyone I am retaking the DAT for the 3rd time. I'm not improving as much as i want to and i was wondering maybe if i changed my study schedule or got different materials it could help? I used Chads videos for Chem and Ochem. Crack the dat pat. And half heartedly used DAT destroyer. Briefly...
  11. R

    USMLE Step 1 Prep Survey

    Greetings everyone. I am a recent IMG who will be taking U.S. licensing exams over the next 18 months. After browsing the many threads on here for the last few weeks, I wanted to survey current US MD/DO students and other IMGs who have recently taken or will be taking Step 1 this year. You do...
  12. P

    Step 3 exam scheduled! How should I study?!

    Hey everyone, Little background information about me....I am an IMG, currently in my 3rd year of psychiatry residency training. I took step 3 once, back in March 2016 and didn't pass (188). I am scheduled for my second attempt at this exam and I'm freaking out! I passed all my other USMLEs on...
  13. TKHearOnline

    For Sale PCAT (98 Comp) Selling Kaplan and Dr. Collins

    Just took the PCAT and did fairly decent so I'd like to sell my study material to those of you still prepping for it! 2016 Dr. Collins 2014-2015 Kaplan big book McGraw-Hills PCAT pdf file (this I can just email you for free) All in great condition because I barely used them haha! I prefer...
  14. M

    Dr.Collins 2016

    I am selling the Dr. Collins PCAT packet for 2016 for $200 If your interested, please email me at [email protected]
  15. M

    found decent exam prep resource for study notes -link

    Hey guys, thought I’d share something a guy in my study group showed me. This is getting pretty popular where I study- Its a website that gives pretty good information about oral exams and just general study. It’s written in a pretty funny way and their tips and...
  16. G

    ABSITE Study using Anki Flashcards, Seeking Volunteers to help

    Thank you for visiting this post. I have a large set (about 5000 cards) of ABSITE flashcards on Anki (a flashcard application which uses spaced repetition) which I'd like to update. They are based on the Fiser ABSITE Review (4th edition). Can you help create this ultimate study resource? WHO...
  17. I

    Advertisement Tutoring by Harvard/Hopkins Faculty

    Looking for the very best tutors for MCAT, USMLE Step 1 or 2, CCSSA etc. Go to . Tap into the experience of two academic physicians who taught at Harvard, University of Chicago and Johns Hopkins medical school and get the results you need. Whether it is mapping out a...
  18. C

    Studying for the DAT in ONE (1) Week

    Hey guys. First post. Before I jump into this I would like to say one thing: I do NOT recommend this. I was faced with extenuating circumstances that forced me to do so. If you can study more do it. But if you cannot or don't feel prepared this study 'schedule' may help. Background about...
  19. I

    DAT Study Schedule- 2 months

    Hi everyone, I wanted to know if you guys have any recommendations for study schedules on a shorter time span maybe 8 weeks? I tried to follow Ari's DAT study guide, but didn't work as well for me. I am a bio major, and don't know the best way going about the material: I have the CLiffs AP bio...
  20. MeVamp

    The MeVamp Protocol: A Low-Stress Organizational Framework for MCAT Self-Study

    The MeVamp Protocol: A Low-Stress Organizational Framework for MCAT Self-Study How long should I study for the MCAT? There are way too many variables at play to definitively answer this question. However, 480 hours of sincere effort seems to be the minimum amount of time to consistently...
  21. H


    Hello, guys! I am selling Dr. Collin's study guide with 2015 updates (This study guide is so good, I got exactly the same essay prompt, and chemistry questions were pretty similar) 2015 PCAT Destroyer (Spilled coffee on the cover, but it's brand new inside) And 2013-2014 Kaplan PCAT study...
  22. D


    MedStudy: Internal Medicine Board Review Core Curriculum 15th edition: 5 books, 780+ pages, plus Study guide and shelf case Asking price $100 Very good condition- some underlining/margin notes. These books highlight the important things to know. Short Study guide includes pointers on how to...
  23. A

    1 month before my DAT

    Okay so I have a little less then a month until my test. This will be my first time taking it, and want it to be my last. Any tips? So far this is what I have planned... Reviewing all Chad's videos in hyper speed and redoing his quizzes for OC & GC. I've been on and off with Destroyer for OC...
  24. C

    2015 Dr. Collins PCAT

    I have all of the Dr. Collins 2015 PCAT study guides and practice tests, including the July 2015 updates, and am selling them for a very good price! Message me if you are interested.
  25. D

    For Sale ABIM Internal Medicine STUDY MATERIAL FOR SALE

    Start studying early to ensure you will PASS ABIM 2016. More than 50% off retail price MedStudy: Internal Medicine Review Core Curriculum 15th edition: 5 books, 780+ pages, plus Studyguide and shelf case Very good condition $100 Don’t waste thousands of dollars preparing for this exam...
  26. F

    How to pass the Texas Jurisprudence Exam for state licensure

    Took the Texas Jurisprudence Exam a few days ago for Texas licensure. We did not have an 'in house' crib sheet at my program for this exam, and I couldn't find much on the forums, so I decided to put this together to help those of you who need a bit of guidance with study strategy and...
  27. D


    Start studying early to ensure you will PASS ABIM 2016. All materials are 50% off retail price MedStudy: Internal Medicine Review Core Curriculum 15th edition: 5 books, 780+ pages, plus Studyguide and shelf case Very good condition $200 MedStudy: Core Scripts Flash Cards 2014-2015 edition...
  28. A

    For Sale Selling PCAT materials

    Hello everyone, I am selling Dr.Collins 2015 with updates of 2014 January, 2015 January and July. I am selling kaplan book for 2014 and also Pearson test which will be valid till this year. Everything is in good condition and there are no markers or highlighters on any of these study guides.
  29. S

    For Sale $80 NBEO Latest edition(12th) Berkeley Study Guide for Part 1 booklet 1 & 2.

    Brand New no markings. On their website it is $105 +tax+shipping
  30. H

    Wanted: Dr. Collins PCAT Study guide. 2015

    you can reach me at [email protected] Please list : Year of the Study guide and which updates you have Condition of the study guide (any marks, writings, tears) Any missing pages, sections, or practice questions. And the asking Price. If you could send pictures, that would be...