Advice Needed! Doctors in Training vs. USMLERx vs. Boards and Beyond

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Jun 17, 2018
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Advice Needed! Doctors in Training vs. USMLERx vs. Boards and Beyond for STEP 1

I'm an IMG from India, and I'm prepping for Step 1. I kind of feel lost and overwhelmed with so many resources available and I'm getting confused as what to use.

I would like to go into OBGyn, so I'd like to score around 250.

I have access to Kaplan materials (videos and text) already and have been using that but I'm struggling to find a structure.

I know the mandatory resources I should be using are First Aid, UWorld and Pathoma/Goljan.

I just need advice, if you will, on how to structure my days as an IMG (because we're weak in basics since we don't have lecture notes to rely on like US med students do). Also, which is better for going over First Aid? DIT, UsmleRx Express videos, or Boards and Beyond?

Thanks so much!

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I did DIT. Do it early, annotate FA. While not comprehensive I thought it gave me a good foundation and review tying stuff together.

USMLERx, at least when I looked at it a couple of years ago was basically FA read out load, didn't think it was worth my time. Did use some of their QBank (med/hard Qs only) when I didn't have enough time to focus through a bunch of stuff since they have a lot of Qs that focus on the nitpicky details in FA. Kaplan was just too much and while I used some of it for review during the school year, I wasn't convinced it would have been good for me during dedicated time.

Looking back I thought think the ideal plan for me would be to go through DIT, then Pathoma, then thorough 1 time through UWorld + a quick focused 2nd pass. Plus stuff like Sketchy or Picmonic or KISS pharma for the stuff you just need to memorize.