1. K

    Advice Needed! Doctors in Training vs. USMLERx vs. Boards and Beyond

    Advice Needed! Doctors in Training vs. USMLERx vs. Boards and Beyond for STEP 1 I'm an IMG from India, and I'm prepping for Step 1. I kind of feel lost and overwhelmed with so many resources available and I'm getting confused as what to use. I would like to go into OBGyn, so I'd like to score...
  2. B

    Pre- Med and Youtube Channel

    So my friend and I want to start a youtube channel, nothing bad or controversial, no swearing, family friendly.Will med schools possible look at it when I apply? If so, will it negatively affect my chances or acceptance, or will it not be a factor? Thanks for any feedback!
  3. CingulateGyro

    USMLE Step 2 CS physical exam videos + study guide

    I have been working on a Step 2 resource of all study materials I compiled when I was preparing for the exam last year. I am still working on the resources CK and shelf exams, but I wanted to share what I have written about Step 2 CS! I went a little overkill studying for CS after hearing...
  4. D

    Sketchy Pharm Notes

  5. B

    MCAT Physics: Khan Academy or TPR?

  6. P

    MD Starting Youtube channel in medical school?

    Hello all! I've been toying with the idea of starting a youtube channel in medical school. Not quite sure if I want to go the route of a day in the life of a med student, or study vlogs. I find that I learn best when I am teaching and explaining concepts (teaching is one of my passions), so I...
  7. M

    Advertisement eBooksme.com (eBooks and Videos Library)

    Hi http://ebooksme.com Website Selling Medical eBooks and Medical CME Videos all specialties at 5-20% of their original prices in official websites and other stores, contact me here in the forum if you are interested or need detailed info. Examples: KAPLAN USMLE Video Lectures (Live...
  8. O

    Watch DAT Chem Questions?

    I was wondering if there was anywhere to watch someone (and don't say Youtube smartass) work through Gen Chem problems that are tailored towards the DAT specifically? I'm watching chads videos and i know he has the quizzes but i like to watch people do problems to learn and he doesn't actually...
  9. J

    USMLE WHICH KAPLAN VIDEOS? HY? Classroom Anywhere? Center Prep?

    Hey guys, Although many recommend the famous Kaplan videos, I'm not sure which set they speak of.. Classroom Anywhere? Step 1 High Yield? Center Prep? Am I missing any others? Which ones include Conrad Fischer? I've noticed the "2010" and "2012" vids are circulating, what set do they pertain...
  10. Toothout

    Dental school funny videos

    hey guys! Lately, I've been craving for dental school related YouTube videos, but I can't find that many. Could you share with me your favs? This is my favorite: the six people you'll meet in DS I'm looking for more stuff like this. Parodies (songs) will be welcomed, but I'm not a fan.
  11. A

    MCAT Video Review/Recommendation/Thoughts Thread

    Hey SDN! I thought I would start a thread where people can discuss the different online video prep options, so we can find all the info on all the options in one spot. Feel free to put any thoughts you have on specific videos, what's good, what's lacking, or even just on using videos to help...
  12. AJthefuturedoc34

    Pre-Med Youtube Channels to checkout

    I am planning to apply to med school in the fall of 2018- 2019 school year, so I am getting really excited for what is in store for the future. Lately, I have been looking at a lot videos of premed and medical students sharing their experiences on YouTube. I recently came across this one dude’s...
  13. MC1255

    Videos: Do you feel there is enough out there about dentistry/dental procedures?

    We all know of the UMich dental videos, but do you think dental schools should be putting more of an effort to create content that is dental procedure related in the video format? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.
  14. G

    Pediatricians, what are your thoughts on patients filming you while you work?

    Okay so..... this is the era of technology and social media. I was sedating a toddler, and the parents were very nervous. I did allow them to stay in the room. At some point, without my knowledge, the father pulled out his phone and started videoing everything that I and sedation team were...
  15. Bluesclera

    Great Video Resources for Ophtho stuff

    Great for watching videos of surgery, new lectures, etc: Willseyeonline.org eyetube.net Great for learning: http://www.ophthobook.com/videos http://webeye.ophth.uiowa.edu/eyeforum/
  16. quepid

    Step 3 Prep videos - MedQuest vs DIT 3

    Has anyone used the Conrad Fischer MedQuest videos for step 3? Are they worth it? I thought his Step 2 High Yield video that went along with Master The Board was pretty good. Does the MedQuest go along with the MTB3? Also, how about DIT step 3? About to start Step 3 prep and was trying to...