1. H

    Post a 2 yr epilepsy fellowship, is general neurology practice (including stroke) viable?

    Hello all, I am a PGY-2 neurology resident in the US (a non-US IMG) and intend to do a 2-yr epilepsy fellowship in Canada. However, in my understanding, in Canada, it's tough to come by subspecialist-specific jobs (except stroke), and the demand is for general neurologists. My question is...
  2. F

    U.S. Clinical Research Opportunity Hepatology/Abdominal Transplant Surgery - Funded and J-1 Visa Support

    Hello everyone, Please see below attachment for a funded clinical research position in Hepatology/Abdominal Transplant Surgery in Dallas, Texas. CV and motivational letter are required. Application deadline: April 29th, 2022.
  3. F

    U.S. Clinical Research Opportunity Hepatology/Abdominal Transplant Surgery - Funded and J-1 Visa Support

    Hello everyone, Please see below attachment for a funded clinical research position in Hepatology/Abdominal Transplant Surgery in Dallas, Texas. CV and motivational letter are required. Application deadline: April 29th, 2022.
  4. D

    Opportunity for IMG's across Canada (ideally) to gain experience

    I am a fully licensed board certified General Psychiatrist and have a sub specialization as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. My background is that I completed my medical school training in Ireland, matched in the first CARMS iteration and completed residency and subspecialty training in BC...
  5. G

    PhD in US

    I am an international student wanting to become a physician scientist in US. I have decided to do a PhD before entering residency program. My question is: 1. How can a medical student with minimal experience in research enter into a good PhD program in US? 2. How to utilise PhD years effectively...
  6. S

    Preprint vs Peer-reviewed? Need Advice.

    Dear All, Posted a preprint on research square(Case report) but unable to publish it so far due to lack of funds. My question is: If publication in a Journal holds more value than a preprint (from the point of view of residency) and should I focus my energies(and monies) on it? Or should I move...
  7. G

    Moving to Canada as an IMG after Residency+Fellowship

    I've posted this before but I'm not sure it was in the right thread 1. I'm an IMG from india, if I want to train in the USA in a speciality like haem/onc, and move out to the Canada after that will i be able to do so? What will be the steps? How hard would it be to find jobs? Will my age (I'll...
  8. G

    Moving to Canada after residency+fellowship in the USA as an IMG

    1. I'm an IMG from india, if I want to train in the USA in a speciality like haem/onc, and move out to the Canada after that will i be able to do so? What will be the steps? How hard would it be to find jobs? Will my age (I'll be 32 by then i guess) be a huge obstacle? How will I get a PR? I am...
  9. S

    Minimum salary for IMGs on h1b

    https://www.businesstoday.in/amp/latest/economy-politics/story/us-hikes-minimum-pay-by-40-percent-for-h1-b-health-professionals-276418-2020-10-21 https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.timesofindia.com/world/us/no-change-in-h-1b-wage-levels-for-nearly-next-two-years/amp_articleshow/82600817.cms...
  10. G

    J1 Waiver jobs for indians and NORI update

    I've heard from someone that there has been someone that there has been some changes in the NORI legislation recently regarding the j1 waiver. What were those changes? I heard from someone that previously indian doctors neither had to do the 3 year j1 waiver jobs nor did they have to return for...
  11. G

    Do 3 year J1 waiver jobs kill my chance at academia?

    Basically if i want to pursue haem/onc in an academic setting, is j1 really the best option for me? Sure, there's better chances of matching than h1b, but from what i understand you'll have to do the J1 waiver jobs which last for 3 years and are mostly involving primary care only. If I take up...
  12. D

    Complete IMG graduated 5 years ago. Now what?

    My friend graduated medical school in his home country 5 years ago. Afterward he married a US citizen and moved to the US. During this time he worked non-medical jobs to support his family. Now that things are more stable, he is trying to retake the step exams (he passed these before, but they...
  13. Med.surg

    General surgery IMG observership

    Hello, everyone! I am an IMG from Europe who graduated and received my M.D. in 2021. I am currently living in Illinois. I passed step 1 with a score of 238 and am awaiting step 2 ck. Perhaps there is a kind General Surgeon who would allow me to observe his job and gain a better understanding of...
  14. A

    2nd year International Medical Student, should I apply for the greencard lottery to make my journey easier?

    Hello there! So as I've said above, I am a 2nd year(out of 6) Medical Student. The only reason I am scared to apply for the DV program now is that if I am lucky I can probably get the visa in 2023(when I'll be 4th year), and I am scared that my visa might get revoked since I won't be living in...
  15. C

    MD IMG applying for Match 2023

    Hello everyone, I'm an IMG from South America. I graduated back in 2016 and have been working as primary care while studying for the USMLEs. I recently got my score for Step 1 (209). What would be my best options to improve my chances to match into IM, Peds or FM?
  16. O

    USMLE path for an IMG, can I do it?

    Here is my story , I am an IMG that graduated in October 2020. Our program is basically 6 years. 3 years of basic sciences and 3 years of clinical rotations. I graduated from the best Uni in my country, it’s really hard to enter there and nearly every graduate end up doing residency and...
  17. Doctortobe1999

    IMG having gap between study

    I'm an international medical student. During quarantine due to the low quality of education, I failed a comprehensive basic sciences exam between my basic sciences and preclinical year with only 3 points. I retook the exam and passed with a good score. However, this semester the school became...
  18. S

    Failed Step 3 during ERAS application, and did not match. What now?

    Hi guys, IMG applying for General Surgery, didn’t match this past cycle. I planned to take (and pass) Step 3 before Match day, but ended up failing (Score 197). I took Step 3 again and I’m currently waiting for the score report. I am trying to prepare for next cycle and be smart(er). UPDATE: I...
  19. M

    Radiation oncologist moving to the US

    Hello everyone, I have a question on behalf of my wife, who is a Venezuelan doctor currently in her 4th and final year of a radiotherapy "posgrado," or postgraduate specialization course. We live in Venezuela but will be moving to Texas in 2022. She graduated medical school in Venezuela in...
  20. dan_bli

    What can boost my chances to get into US med school as an international applicant?

    Hi SDN. I'm male 22 y.o. from Russia. I'm finishing 1st year biology major this year. Next 3 years i'll take important "pre-med'" courses like: organic chemistry, zoology, microbiology etc. I really want to switch to a med and enter US med school after graduation. I've got couple questions i'd...
  21. EthanNt

    Best International Med School For Matching In US

    Hi guys, I am new to SDN and I have been looking for some answers and havent found a couple so I decided to post it here and I would appreciate if I could get your opinions. So I am a Canadian High School student and I have a fairly good average in the mid 90s and I will get into some...
  22. Pier

    Radiology as FMG/IMG: Visa comparison long term

    I'm currently studying medicine in Italy, second year (our of six), graduating in 2025, and preplanning* my hop across the pond to the US. Currently I'm investigating the possibility to get into radiology (diagnostics in particular). One of my concerns is the peculiarity of rads' path, with its...
  23. Peaches727

    SGU vs ROSS vs AUC

    Hello, I am posting this for advice. I hope to not get much backlash for IMGs. I am exploring my options and have exhausted some. I hope to recieve geniune advice. I have been accepted to AUC, rejected by SABA, interviewed at Ross expecting an acceptance to term or MERP, and SGU said...
  24. T

    Great places in the States for applying a psych residency ?

    Hi here , I'm an American IMG trying to broaden my horizons on where in the states would be a good place to apply for a psychiatry residency . I've been told there are great programs in California but besides that I have no clue about any other place. Any tiny little bit of information would be...
  25. T

    Realistically, should I bother with taking the steps as an FMG?

    I'm an FMG working in the UK who is unhappy with the system,training and low pay (starting consultant/attending pay is 75k usd after taxes{82k before}, incrementally builds up to a max of 95k after 19 years as a consultant) here. I haven't taken the steps yet, but I was wondering if I should...
  26. E

    Psych Residncy

    Hi, I am non-US IMG looking to match into psych this year Other than step scores (step 1:254 step 2ck:269) I don’t have any US clinical experience or research Is it considered a red flag for psych programs? Should I be worried?
  27. Titoxyco

    I am an IMG, moved to the US with green card visa. My options?

    Hi! This is Rafael. I recently got graduated from my medical school in my country, and moved to the US as a permanent resident. Currently I'm studying for USMLE, but I wonder if there is any other stuff I can do by now. For example, I read about fellowships. What are your thoughts? Thank you!!
  28. D

    Do you think I even stand a chance at med school?

  29. O

    I don't think I have a great chance of reaching my dreams at a US Medical school. Should I be moving to Mexico where I've already been accepted? HELP

    I hope everyone is staying healthy. This is the first time I'm putting my issues into words and "talking" about them so please stay with me as you continue reading. Here it is. I am a scared 25 year old questioning my entire life . Born and raised (kinda) in Mexico, moved to the US at 12. I...
  30. T

    IMG who did not match - Please HELP!!!

    Hi all, I'm asking for a family friend who is trying to match. I'm not sure of all that is needed so forgive me if I say something wrong or miss out some information. She graduated medical school in West Africa in 2012. Completed 1 year of what is called 'house job' over there - basically a...
  31. itskagome

    UQ Ochsner (IMG MD) vs. KCU (DO)

    To preface, I have recently been pulled off the waitlist at KCU in Joplin (3 hours ago) and have until 10am tomorrow to decide (less than 24 hours). I have spoken to A LOT of people, but more information/insight can only help. As of now, I am not interested in particularly competitive...
  32. M

    Should i get into the USMLE etc process as an IMG? I'm a 32 year old gastroenterologist and an attending in my country.

    Hello everyone, I've been reading alot about the process that IMGs have to go through in order to be licensed to practice in the US. I'm a 32 year old attending in gastro in my home country. For personal reasons, i'm considering moving to the US. I'm asking your honest opinion about: The...
  33. D

    International Medical Student USCE requirements for Neurology

    Hi, I’m an international medical student about to start my last year. Currently I’ve not made my STEP 1 and I’ve read about the importance of USCE. I know my options are limited, but from what I’ve read, clinical electives available for me are 3000-5000 each month. Honestly that’s a lot of money...
  34. M

    Other Unmatched Again! They Don't Care!

    Exams completed. ECFMG certified. No gaps in between and have remained consistent with work in the health field relative to gaining clinical experience. I have called numerous programs where the program directors/coordinators have straight said over the phone "I have not had a chance to check...
  35. GrabYourCoat

    What’s the latest you can take STEP 2 and still match for 2020-2021

    I’m a IMG who graduated in 2018 with US citizenship. I’m an expat who just got back late 2019. I’m studying for my STEPs and want to give STEP 1 and CS by the summer. What’s the latest I can give STEP 2 CK and still match?
  36. GrabYourCoat

    Clinical Experience through Agency

    Hi everyone, I’m an IMG who graduated in 2018. I want to get settled into the US healthcare system. I’m going to give STEP 1 and 2CS by the summer and STEP 2CK right after. The problem is I need LORs by September. Has anyone used a reliable agency for clinical experience/LORs? I found some...
  37. S

    FMGs in academic medicine?

    Is it possible for a foreign medical graduate today become a physician scientist or enter into academic medicine. Given the fact that a lot of NIH grants are given to US citizens only, is it possible for foreign medical graduates to get enough funding to enter academia?? Say if a fmg lands into...
  38. R

    Fellowship as an ECFMG cerified IMG with a General Surgery residency abroad.

    Hi there, I am an ECFMG certified IMG who specialized in general surgeon in a foreign country (not US or Canada). My goal is to get accepted into an ACGME accredited surgery fellowship in the US. I hear about a lot of surgeons doing a non-acgme fellowship, after which they come back to their...
  39. D

    Realistically what are my chances of matching in IM?

    I'm a US-IMG, I graduated in 2018 USMLE: Step 1 236, Step 2 CK 228 and I'm getting my score report for CS tomorrow. I want to prepare for the worst because I messed up three cases. I've done a year of research in the US, have several poster presentations and one journal publication and my US...
  40. M

    How can I get a good program with my non-modifiable factors?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently a PGY2 IM resident at a community program with no internal cardiology fellowship spot. I'm also a US-IMG with average board scores and with currently 1-2 poster presentations under my name and no other research. My goal is to start two retrospective research...