Advice Needed On Choosing Best Path To Reinvention

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Apr 10, 2023
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Hello everyone!

Thank you for taking the time out to read this. I need some help on how to reinvent myself and be a better applicant for medical school.

For some context, I am in my mid 20's and I graduated in 2020 with a GPA of 3.23 and sGPA a bit lower than that. My ec's aren't great but I have done research and have done a decent amount of volunteering. As far as the MCAT, studying hasn't been good but I am planning on taking it in August.

I am not too sure on what reinvention path I should choose So far here are my options,

Option A: Texas A&M MS in Medical Sciences
- 2 year program but if you get above a 3.5 and 505+ on the mcat you are guaranteed an interview at their medical school
- deadline is June 15th
- does not require MCAT

Option B: UNTHSC online MS in Medical Sciences
- one year program
- priority deadline is June 1st
- does not require MCAT
- same curriculum as the in person cohort, except for anatomy
- emailed a few med schools in Texas on how they perceive the online program and they said it was fine but I am still a little bit wary

Option C: University of Houston MS in Biology with graduate certificate in Biomedical Sciences + DIY postbacc for one year
- this route is a bit different because the deadline has already passed
- I would do a DIY postbacc with upper division science classes at the University of Houston for Fall 2023/Spring 2024 and then start the program subsequently in Summer 2024
* recently got married and my wife is doing undergrad at University of Houston.

I know all three options have their own pros and cons and I am not guaranteed admission in any of them. The first option seems to be the safest, option B gives the most flexibility but seems risky, and I am not sure how viable option C is. I am really confused on how to proceed and would love any advice on what to do next or even some information on these programs.

Thank you so much for your time and help!

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