Sep 10, 2015

I am looking for any guidance or advice for the TMDSAS prompt that says

" Learning from others is enhanced in educational settings that include individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Please describe your personal characteristics (background, talent, skills, etc.) or experiences that would add to the educational experience of others." (max-2,500)

I am 26 year old non-traditional student but honestly the only diversity I feel I can bring ( I am a white upper middle class female applicant...) is my maturity based on my age and the fact that for the past four years I have working in a cancer research lab performing substantial translational research. Does anyone have any ideas for a unique take on this question or even if what I am thinking about putting covers the question??

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!


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Oct 13, 2011
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I didn't write a single word about race on my "diversity" essays. Mine were about my educational background, my arts experiences, previous healthcare career, and overseas time. Anything you feel you're bringing that the "standard" applicant might not is fine...I'm sure you bring a lot more than you give yourself credit for.
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