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Dec 18, 2015
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I'm new to the forum and unsure where to post this question. I figured here would be a good place to start.

(Some background first)

I decided to go back to school for Optometry this last year.
My educational background is in Kinesiology, I have a; B.S. in Exercise Science, and a M.S. in Kinesiology.
After grad school I spent 4 years working in the medical field.

During this fall semester (2015) I started taking the remaining prerequisites needed for optometry. I took Chem 1 Physics 1 and Calculus.
Also, during the first half of the fall semester worked 20 hours a week as an optometric technician.
When mid-terms came, I did awful. I stopped working as much (down to 12 hrs a week) but the damage was done and I spent the rest of the semester on damage control.

During finals, I studied my butt off. However, I'm about 90% positive I just pulled C's in all three courses. Needless to say, I'm worried I dug my own grave by working too much and studying too little.

During my undergrad I took; Chem 1=C , Chem 2=B, Physics 1=B

I retook Chem 1 and physics 1, this year because it has been over 5 years and the school would not allow me to take; Chem 2 or physics 2 without re-taking Chem 1 or physics 1 (which I think is wise seeing how I performed) and I needed the refresher (obviously).

I know how important the OAT is to the overall acceptance to any program and I have plans to study rigorously for it. But, I scored a C in Chem 1, most likely, two times and I scored lower in Physics the second time I took it. These two things have me really worried.

(The question)

I'm looking for advice about what I should do next. Did I royally mess up? Or can I salvage my chances for Optometry school?

Undergrad GPA- 3.4/4.0
Graduate GPA-3.6/4.0

Classes left to take- Chem 2, Orgo and Physics 2

Thank you for any advice or input you might have.


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Jul 9, 2015
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I think it's unreasonable to say that your chances of getting into optometry school are over due to a few Cs in your science classes. That being said, I would really aim to do well above average in your remaining classes to show schools that you're very capable of doing well, & that learning to balance your work & classes (when you made all C's) was a big learning experience for you.

Obviously, a killer OAT score could do nothing but benefit you. High scores (especially on your Chem & Physics sections) would show schools that you indeed know your stuff, & that those Cs you made in your science classes were flukes. It's another good way to show them you were able to learn from your mistakes.

Keep in mind that although very important, GPA & OAT aren't everything. It sounds like you have solid experience & extra curriculars. Getting yourself involved in leadership roles in clubs/organizations is also important. And finally, the admissions interview is heavily weighted as well, so definitely don't count yourself out just because of a few C's. I also had a few C's in my science classes (that I wish I could have back), & I'm headed to SCO next fall.

I personally think the best advice I could give you is to focus on doing really well on your classes & OAT. Those are your top priorities at this point. Once you've shown you can do well on those, I think it will really boost your confidence in yourself & your abilities when you start applying to schools. Then maybe you can start looking at brushing up on your extra curriculars & leadership skills. Good luck!
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