Which base did you like best (or heard the best things about)? (why in comments plz)

  • Nellis AFB (Las Vegas, NV)

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  • Eglin AFB (Florida)

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  • St. Louis University (Belleville, IL)

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  • Offutt AFB (Offutt, NE)

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  • Travis AFB (California)

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  • National Capital Consortorium (Ft. Belvoir, VA)

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May 27, 2017
Hey guys. I'm a third year AF HPSP medical student leaning heavily towards family medicine these days and was curious about my rotation options. Does anyone have any experience with any of the following bases? I understand my choices are as follows:

-Nellis AFB (Las Vegas, NV)
-Eglin AFB (Florida)
-St. Louis University SOM (Belleville, IL)
-Offutt AFB (Offutt, NE)
-Travis AFB (Cali)
-National Capital Consortorium (Ft. Belvoir, VA)

Basically I'm trying to figure out which base will give me the best training and lifestyle/stuff to do. My family is in NC, PA, and FL but I'm willing to go anywhere (preferrably NOT FL...)

EDIT: Almost forgot to mention my focuses! I like sports medicine and possibly aerospace. Also integrative medicine and international medicine (I know, not ruling it down much, hence the interest in family). I love procedures, and NOT research. All ages. And I WANT to deploy and move as often as possible :D

Also any advice as far as how to make myself more competitive?
*Well above average my first two years (P/F but should reflect on class ranking?)
*224 step 1 (as good as I could do; yes I know I have to do better on step 2)
*100+ hrs volunteer work (free clinics + humane society)
*Undergraduate research unpublished (and no intention on doing more; hate research)
*Good clerkship grades so far (honors in surgery, unknown for EM and FM yet)
*Tend to do well interviewing
*Will go ANYWHERE (single, no kids, adventurer at heart :D), preferrably north/abroad

Finally, anyone have any experience with AF FM/Aerospace Medicine combined programs? I'm interested in Flight Surgery but not without a FM residency as I want to be marketable outside of the military as well... (though I could potentially stay in until retirement)

Please and thank you! (and yes I know there are other posts on some of this, but most are old/outdated and don't have quite the information I want; I've read most of them!)
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