1. Melvillei

    Regret withdrawing my acceptance

    I recently withdrew my acceptance from USUHS after choosing to attend a civilian USMD program instead. I just couldn't overlook the ≥7 year obligation plus the many cons of milmed discussed on these boards: lack of control over my career and family life, limited job opportunities for my SO...
  2. X

    Army Officer to HPSP--Rank

    Hi all, I'm an active duty Army MAJ with 18 years in, all commissioned. I'll likely be starting med school via HPSP in July of this year. Reading up on the regs it looks like that upon graduation from med school I should be awarded 1/2 credit, so I should start residency as a CPT with 9 years...
  3. Kelly Re

    Navy HPSP

    Is anyone on here applying for the Navy HPSP Clinical Psych program? I am submitting my packet soon and wanted to see who all was also applying!
  4. I


    I am divided between NYU and Buffalo. I am from brooklyn so I can stay home and commute which is 1 hour to an hour and 15 minutes. If I stay in buffalo then I save commuting time but I will live by myself so have to do cooking and other chores. NYU Pros: - GET HPSP and save $450,000 tuition and...
  5. D

    All Branch Topic (ABT) HPSP failure

    The reality of HPSP is seen on first contact with uniformed service members at MEPS. HPSP is not suited for young adults with good morals who simply want to pay down student loan debt. If you are troubled by harsh language, crude jokes and lack of respect for the individual, you will not like...
  6. TrackHime

    Medical HPSP?

    Hello Hello, I currently work in a government position so I found It natural to think about getting an MPH while in medical school. Specifically, an MPH with a global health focus or an MS in global health. I also want to learn multiple languages (studying Arabic now, fluent in Spanish). I...
  7. Ctoothy

    Army Army HPSP AEGD-1 Year Waitlist

    Hello! This is my very first post on SDN after many many years of lurking without an account. I finally have a question pressing enough to ask here. I’m a 4th year Army HPSP dental student who applied to the 1-Year AEGD and recently got placed on the waitlist, or OML. I wanted to reach out and...
  8. Puddin09'

    HPSP $20k sign on Bonus?

    Greetings, I am applying for Army and Navy HPSP and wondering whether accepting the 20k bonus for Army will bind me to the Army program even if I get accepted to the Navy after. Should I reject the 20k army bonus in hopes that I get into Navy HPSP? Or can I sign for the Army bonus and go Navy...
  9. dentalboi

    dumb hpsp questions

    Hi everyone, my apologies in advance if these are dumb questions, but I wanted to learn more about the dental HPSP scholarship. I am currently a D1 and was interested in joining for the next 3 years (and then serving for 3 years). I have listed my questions below, thank you for your help! 1) My...
  10. T

    Can someone give me information on AMEDD and medical school?

    I can’t seem to find much information on AMEDD and medical school. I’m wondering if it would be a good route to go if I don’t get the HPSP. Do they pay for all of medical school? Will I be required to do a weekend a month while in medical school? Thanks for any advice!
  11. T

    HPSP MCAT Score

    When reading about the scholarship, I typically read that 500 (124 minimum on each section) is the minimum to receive the scholarship. If I am below that minimum MCAT, but above average on GPA with good EC’s, could I still receive the scholarship if I get an acceptance letter? Thanks!
  12. ashcave

    HPSP for Veterinary Students

    Hello all! Is there anyone on here that has done the military HPSP to pay for vet school, or know anything about this scholarship? Is it just the Army that offers this or is it Air Force as well? And can anyone speak to the number of years of service this requires after graduation and how many...
  13. BillyBobHorton

    Applications for HPSP

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has applied for the HPSP with the Navy this spring and is waiting to hear back or has heard back. I thought the selection committee met on March 22 or so, but maybe that's not enough time to have made selections and told the applicants. I'm in my first...
  14. T

    Chances of HPSP scholarship with asthma

    Hi all, I am a sophomore predental student who is hoping to apply to the HPSP scholarship for dental school. Ideally, I would like to serve with the Air Force but I recognize how competitive it is and am planning on applying to all three branches. I have been searching through forums and am...
  15. T

    All Branch Topic (ABT) (HPSP) Will four years of GMO after medical school end my commitment?

    A bit of background: I’m not an HPSP student yet, but I’m just trying to get every little question answered before I commit to either Air Force or Army. Back the question, if I didn’t match into any of my top choices, would I be able to do the four years as a GMO, and then come back as a...
  16. N

    HPSP Physical Requirements?

    Hey everyone! I was looking into the HPSP, for dental school and I was wondering if the actual height/weight requirements for the army/navy/air force also applied to recipients of the HPSP. Let's just say that I'm a fair amount higher than the maximum weight limit for my height... I was...
  17. D

    I don’t qualify to be an officer?

    So I have yet to reach out to the Air Force (which I’m told is even more selective) or army officer recruiters. But I was speaking with a navy recruiter today about the FAP who told me I wouldn’t qualify to join the navy as an officer because of my poor undergraduate GPA (I graduated in 2013 and...
  18. F

    Army Med question/HPSP

    I'd like to first start off by saying that I've always wanted to serve, so no I would not be applying just to "pay for med school". Now that that's out of the way lol, I am considering applying for the HPSP scholarship with the Army, I've read about the problems with not getting the residency...
  19. M

    Applying for HPSP/ SSRI's/Navy Dentistry

    Hi all! I want to start by saying I've done a good bit of research on the HPSP, all branches of military dentistry, and all of the disqualifications. I have not applied for the HPSP yet, just in the process of talking to a navy recruiter. It's always been a dream of mine to serve in the Navy as...
  20. H

    Active Duty to Medical School

    Hey everyone! I've just recently graduated from college and I've become really interested in joining the military (not sure what branch just yet) and become an officer. However, my dream has always been to go to medical school and become a doctor (particularly looking into surgery). Is it...
  21. B

    Cross commissioning/switching scholarships

    Hello all, I am currently a dental student on the Air Force HPSP Scholarship. I am about to start my 3rd year of dental school and I am looking to cross over into the Navy HPSP program, as my spouse is active duty Navy, and co-location will be difficult AF-Navy. I have heard that it can be...
  22. B

    Docs who did HPSP, how did ODS/Leadership Course fit into your medical school timeline?

    At what point in medical school(semester/month/year) did you do your 5-6 week officer training? In what ways, if any, was your classes, activities, or (especially) USMLE/COMLEX prep affected? Thank you in advance, and thank you for your service.
  23. G

    Army 2019-2020 4-year Army Dental HPSP Waitlsit/OML

    Hello, I am currently on the Army OML for the 4 year HPSP. I have been since February. My question is basically, does anyone know if there is still hope to get off the waitlist at this point? I know in past cycles people have gotten off the waitlist around mid-June, but is July too late? Also...
  24. B

    HPSP: If I match into a civilian residency and a military residency during M4, do I have to pick the latter?

    Image the following scenario: I'm an M4 Navy HPSP recipient, and I apply to both military and civilian residencies(EM as my 1st choice, radiology as my 2nd, and internal as my 3rd). I match into a civilian EM program but only an IM program for the military. Do I have to do the military...
  25. G

    HPSP & Relinquishing Disability Rating??!!

    Hello SDN, I am currently in undergrad, but will graduate in Spring 2021. I am looking to pursue a career in dentistry. As such, I have been in contact with the local recruiter regarding HPSP. I hope someone can provide some insight on what he is relaying to me. The recruiter is telling me...
  26. B

    Army HPSP: When to complete DCC and BOLC

    I am a current first year army HPSP medical student and I was planning on completing DCC this summer (between m1/m2 year) and then BOLC..idk.. between M4 year and residency? Unfortunately I am unable to complete DCC this year due to them not having enough spots anymore due to the COvid crisis...
  27. H

    Navy HPSP Residency: fact checking, questions and advice

    TL;DR: I have a bunch of questions and need advice lol Hello everyone. I am currently a second year dental student with a 4 year HPSP payback obligation. I am interested in pursuing a residency with the Navy after dental school, but am unfortunately very lost on how to do so. I have been...
  28. gilbz

    Active Duty to HPSP

    So I applied this past cycle as an active duty Air Force officer. I got the conditional release from my commander and admitted to med school, but I was just put on the "alternate" list for HPSP. I heard that you can apply to HPSP from other branches even as an active duty member, but I am sure...
  29. B

    Navy Is matching into a civilian residency difficult after completing a tour as a GMO?

    Background: I am applying for Navy HPSP. I would like to do a military residency in EM but I don't mind spending the 3-4 years as a GMO either. After medical school, let's say I don't match into a military residency. If I serve my HPSP time as a GMO, how difficult will it be to match into a...
  30. H

    Air Force Air Force ortho specialty

    I’m new to this forum, I am applying to dental school next year, but I want to specialize in orthodontics. I really want to do orthodontics through the Air Force but reading some of these threads I’m just confusing myself more. Can anyone clarify the process of going through dental school, ortho...
  31. S

    How to pay for dental school?

    So as the title of this and many other threads I am wondering what other people might do in their opinion if given these options. So at the moment, I have only been accepted into very good expensive private schools with their location being in Philly and New York. At the moment, I have not...
  32. W

    HPSP - Risk of GMO tour after Peds Residency? Other Options?

    Hi all, I've been considering HPSP (either army or AF) and military medicine for a while now and find myself drawn to spending a few years serving, especially if it comes with the benefit of paying for my medical school, which is looking at about 85k/year between tuition and living expenses...
  33. KABUKI7

    Air Force Dont know if i should do HPSP/ROTC

    I'm new to this site and currently in high school planning for my future. I know I have a lot of time to decide these things, but I'd like to have a general idea about it now. I wish to be a pediatrician in the air force, and I have a lot of questions. 1. How often do pediatricians get...
  34. M

    Air Force AEGD

    Hello, I am a 3-year HPSP scholarship recipient via the Air Force and as such I am required to apply/accept an Air Force AEGD position. I understand that there can be some variability due to the different needs of each of the AEGD bases but I was wondering what I should be expecting in terms of...
  35. M

    Air Force AEGD

    Hello, I am a 3-year HPSP scholarship recipient via the Air Force and as such I am required to apply/accept an Air Force AEGD position. I understand that there can be some variability due to the different needs of each of the AEGD bases but I was wondering what I should be expecting in terms of...
  36. AmericanHero

    All Branch Topic (ABT) VA specialty after Service

    Do military members applying to VA programs have preferential treatment compared to civilians applying? The application paper work asks if you have prior service. Is this the same type of deal as when applying to civilian jobs in the VA where there is a clear preference and job ranking for prior...
  37. VivaVeritas

    PCOM HPSP/Post 9-11 GI Bill Insight

    Hey all, I'm interested in more insight about attending PCOM using Air Force HPSP and/or post 9-11 GI Bill resources. Please PM me with your experience. Thank you :)
  38. J

    Too late for HPSP?

    I was wondering if it is too late to start applying for the HPSP. My stats are 9.987 gpa, 22AA and a lot of volunteering and extracurriculars. Should I even bother to apply this year? Do you think my chances would be better if I went for the 3 year scholarship?
  39. A

    HPSP Questions

    Hi everyone, I am a first year medical student and am on the fence about joining the 3 year Air Force HPSP program. The financial benefit is not a huge concern for me and, in fact, I found that most civilian doctors typically make more money than members in the HPSP program in the long run. A...
  40. Biggytooth

    When to apply for NHSC & HPSP by to be competitive?

    Hi, By what month should a person apply for an NHSC or HPSP scholarship? Are they so competitive that you should apply asap? Or are some branches less competitive and relatively easy to get? Thanks for your input!