1. I

    Nontrad, new mom, need advice what path I should pursue/if becoming a doc was worth it to you

    Hey everyone, I am in need of some advice and harsh truth/reality. Background: I am a 30 year old female, newborn son (would be two when I start med school). Helicopter pilot in the Navy currently but getting out soon. I do not want to fly anymore so no matter what I will be making a career...
  2. OddBroccoli


    Just got accepted into ATSU-KCOM and thinking about the next 4 years of my life. I’ve got a wife and a kid and just curious what others did during their 3rd and 4th years. Did you take family with you? Send family to live with parents?
  3. D

    Family Ties for School with Strong IS bias

    Hey all, So i’m an FL resident, but I am interested in applying to some schools that have strong preference for IS applicants. I’m referring to UC Irvine mainly, but I have what I perceive as strong connections in CA, NY, and NJ so my question can apply to the other strong IS preference schools...
  4. E

    Sending an LOI to my top choice school. My partner's kids live in the area. Do I mention this?

    I recently was waitlisted at my top choice school, and I am writing a letter of intent. Although this school checks all of my boxes educationally, there's also the added layer that my partner's two young children live nearby the school. I have heard that schools want to hear if you have a reason...
  5. M

    Dealing with family criticism

    Hi SDN, I don’t know if this belongs in the non traditional thread, but I thought the people here might be able to give me some advice on this topic. Easter is coming up next weekend and I’m going to visit my extended family with my fiancé. He is in his first year of med school and I was...
  6. Caffeine Matters

    Position Available a

  7. D

    Helping out at dad's medical office

    My dad became a doctor later in life (non-trad?) and recently established his own medical office. I help him out around the office whenever I can and make appointments, help patients fill out paperwork , bill patients etc. I have not added this to my resume/CV since it is a task I do for a...
  8. R

    Relocating with family for International Medical School

    My apologies in advance for the length. I am a 37 year old non traditional student married with 3 children. My original plan was to do a diy post bacc, take the MCAT and apply in the US. For a number of reasons surrounding the current environment in the US, I would like to relocate my family...
  9. C

    Pre-SLP switching to Pre-Med... with a not-so-supportive boyfriend and family. Thoughts?

    Hi Everyone, So, I am currently studying Speech-language pathology at college that offers their program mostly online, which is great but here's the thing... I really feel like if I continue and become an SLP, I'd be settling with a career that I'm not totally invested in. I've wanted to be an...
  10. W

    I Want to be Doctor! I'm Burnt Out and my Parents don't Believe in Me!

    This initial post has been deleted! Thank you all for you insightful opinions as I truly do appreciate them! All the best, Thank you sincerely!
  11. M

    How to handle family loans for tuition?

    Hey everyone! I have been accepted to CDMI class of 2023. It being a private school it is on the expensive end so my grandparents are wanting to loan me all of the tuition at little to no interst rate so I can avoid federal loans. I am researching the best way for them to loan me the money to...
  12. 8YearsLate

    How to cope with demanding friends/family?

    Hi All, I thought my toughest challenges in pre-med would be academic, financial, etc. But here I am, with just one pre-req and MCAT left to go, and my biggest challenge is: getting my family to understand how much I have to study in order to pull all this off. I work part-time, single mom, in...
  13. N

    Lose-Lose Gridlock

    Thank you in advance for your advice. I’m having trouble in residency and thinking of trying to find an alternative. I will try to stay vague so my PD doesn’t learn about this from SDN somehow. I matched into my top choice and I’m loving the program. It’s a very poor hospital system with tons...
  14. jg2021

    family situation in personal statement

    one of the main inspirations for me going into medicine was a situation i went through fairly early in life (9 or 10 years old). my grandmother, whom i was extremely close to, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and i went to rounds of chemo, dr appts, stayed by her side in the ICU when...
  15. M

    Position Swap Want to swap a pgy 1 family med spot for pgy 1 transitional year

    The family med position is in the midwest. I dont have too much preference where the TY spot is
  16. G

    Having a family while in medical school.

    Hey Guys, I am in need of advice. I have recently been accepted into medical school and have a few questions regarding finances. My wife and I have a 6 month old daughter who is a premie, therefore my wife is a stay at home mom. I am curious about financial options for families so that I can...
  17. agdcmg7

    Relationships, kids, and struggles of medical school.

    Hello Future DOctors, I was just wondering how everyone is able to keep their relationships together at home with their spouse and kid(s). We moved out of state away from our extended family support system and it has been a rough year. We have one daughter, who has adjusted well, but the time...
  18. doctorsdoctor

    Career Change MD to (???)

    Status: I am a doctor from the Philippines who holds a medical license degree in Philippines. I have tried various residencies in the Philippines but then I got married to a french guy. Now I am here in this foreign country whose Medical System is designed to kill doctors or either die trying. I...
  19. C

    Stark Law Questoin

    My family owns a private business that sells DME. I’m a medical resident in a related specialty. There are non-MD/DO practitioners that work there and rely on MD/DO referrals. I would like to work with or for the company. My understanding is that any DME prescription I write cannot be filled at...
  20. E

    Reality of this profession

    I'm a non-trad who completed a post-bac in order to apply to Med Schools. I've been drowning myself in SDN forums as well as talking to other physicians on their lifestyle after the arduous process of Med School + Residency. For me, this path is not about money. Making 250k vs 350k is no...
  21. T

    MCAT Advice - To take or not to take

    Hi to anyone who sees this. So I am going to do my best not to whine or complain because I know many people have had it far worse than me, but I am not sure what my next steps should be in this situation. So this is my second time taking the MCAT. The first time I took it, I voided it. I was...
  22. DoctahB

    Compensation of an FP in an ED

    Hi All, MS4 Strongly considering EM & FM. Not that compensation should be a deciding factor, but wondering if anyone has any insight as to the compensation of a Family Med Practitioner working in an ED as compared to an EM-train (yes, I know it depends on location). Additionally, can an FP...
  23. DoctahB

    Compensation of an FP in an ED

    Hi All, MS4 Strongly considering EM & FM. Not that compensation should be a deciding factor, but wondering if anyone has any insight as to the compensation of a Family Med Practitioner working in an ED as compared to an EM-train (yes, I know it depends on location). Additionally, can an FP...
  24. Franzliszt1

    How are people on SDN paying for this cycle?

    The advice I see most commonly is to apply broadly. Getting into med school is very challenging and it would be foolish to apply to fewer than say 14 schools. I know 14 is the "average" but I'm using SDN wisdom to set the stage for my question to the SDN community. I will be relying entirely...
  25. A


  26. H

    Position Wanted Seeking PGY2 position in Family Med, Emergency Med, or Internal Med

    Seeking PGY2 position in Family Med, Emergency Med, or Internal Med. I am a US Medical Graduate, passed all of my USMLE steps on my first attempt. I also have another doctorate in health care. I received my PGY1 credit this past March 2018. I am also applying for my physician licensure but i...
  27. D

    Surgeon with an actual life?

    Over the past year I’ve worked as an OR tech and it pretty much reassured my love for surgery. But I’m worried about hours. My mother was always home but my dad was not. I don’t want to be this kind of father to my children. I want to be a surgeon, but I value time with my family the most. So...
  28. libertyyne

    Welcome to the Club (Speech)

    In starting medical school have you ever encountered the, Welcome to the "Club" speech? Where even physicians who are not involved in your education say you can contact them if you need help or anything? It is almost like being welcomed into a large family. Does this phenomenon increase post...
  29. confusedstudent2195

    Family's attitude about studying

    Any one else's family just incredibly unsupportive about you studying for the MCAT? They're frustrated that I have to study for hours/all day. Their attitude is that if I don't know it by now then I never will...and they pretty much don't believe that I'm studying this much. They told me that if...
  30. C

    2 years between medical school and match into a FM residency

    I graduated in Jan 2016 (difficulty with 1 class and Step 1 put me off schedule to graduate on time) and I matched into FM this time around. I have been doing research, but pharmaceutical research in rare diseases and mostly cancers as well. I need to refresh myself in these three months...
  31. K.Ar.I.Na

    Doctor and Police Officers

    Alright so this is my first time posting to the forums so bear with me. I am currently in medical school and my fiance has just been accepted to the police academy. Though I'm so proud of him for accomplishing his dreams and goals, I'm a little afraid for our future. As you guys know cops and...
  32. MasterOfTheSelfie

    Federal AND private personal loans to support family?

    Hi everyone, I have recently been accepted to the school of my choice, but now I’m trying to figure out how to pay for my tuition and expenses. Briefly, my situation is that my wife is expecting a baby soon, and I would like to secure enough loan money to support them throughout school without...
  33. ResidentSwap

    Position Available Family Medicine PGY-2 in Pennsylvania

    Featured Opening by Resident Swap, Inc. ( ) -------------------------------------- 1/25/2017 Family Medicine PGY-2 Opening in Pennsylvania Reading Hospital Program Click here to check if this opening is still available Program Director: John C Sheffield MD...
  34. O

    Trying for a baby at the end of intern year?

    I'm a 4th year medical student applying into OBGYN getting married at the end of 4th year to a now-1st year law student. If I match in the city where he is, we'd like to have a baby at the end of my intern year (summer or start of his third year). His schedule as a third year law student will be...
  35. J

    Overwhelmed by circumstances. Graduates undergrad and in a post bacc program

    Hey to anyone who reads this, At most what I get from this post is expressing my issues, but hopefully insight will guide me to the right path. I finished undergrad with a great GPA and background in research, volunteering and extracurriculars. I grew up with 6 siblings (all 7 from the same...
  36. A

    premed bf

    hi guys, my boyfriend, alex is a junior premed student at NYU- and they have one of the most competitive premed programs. it’s very vigorous. he studies for hours and hours on top of doing his work. exam weeks are hell. i barely see him once a week sometimes and it’s hard for me. (especially his...
  37. stayathomemom

    I'm an old lady with a family. Is there any hope?

    Alright, maybe not that old, but I ain't no spring chicken anymore. I worked in day care taking care of this year's round of med school applicants. I'm 35, married to a man who is in the prime of a successful professional (non-medical) career, and a stay at home mom to three kids, all school...
  38. Pscyh6

    Day-To-Day Tasks for an Intern

    Just curious what types of jobs or tasks an intern would go through on a day to day basis. (Specifically an intern in the family/counseling field) If you're an intern or you know an intern in any other specific area; feel free to list a few tasks with the field he/she is working in.
  39. A

    PA vs MD, specific circumstances, money not an issue, etc

    Hi, I had some questions regarding pa school vs med school that I was hoping to get some insight on from those who have more experience than I do, so I make the right decision and don't regret it in the future. Prereq wise for PA school I still need biochem, microbio, genetics, and Ochem lab...
  40. AZhiker93

    MD RN; cGPA 3.90 sGPA 3.89; MCAT 508; Family

    My stats are as listed above. I have 2 years of experience as an RN, but a total of 5.5 years of healthcare experience total. I have about 150 hours of volunteer experience. Shadowed internal medicine for 12 hours; cardiology for 12 hours. I am married and have two children. First...