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  1. Paul Scalzo

    Navigating the Military Application Process in Psychiatry

    Hello Everyone! Interested in learning more about military residency and fellowship applications for those in psychiatry? Well, we have the event for you. The Society of Uniformed Services Psychiatrists (SUSP) is hosting a webinar on Navigating the Military Application Process in Psychiatry with...
  2. G

    Military Pediatric Dentistry

    Hi all - first major post here. I am a Pediatric Dentist with a deep family history of military service. I have not heard very much about Pediatric Dentistry roles with the US Armed Services. Does anyone have information about lifestyle, bases, practice style, etc.? I would love all input. Thanks.
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  4. B

    Air Force HPSP - Should I Do It?

    Hi everyone! I am pre-med and will matriculate this fall 2023. I have applied for the Air Force HPSP and am set to attend MEPS next week. As the official commitment gets closer, I am getting nervous about making such a huge commitment. I am looking for honest and thoughtful guidance on HPSP and...
  5. K

    Army-Baylor Applicant Forum 2022-2023

    Hello everyone! I'm currently applying for the Army-Baylor DPT Program. Starting a thread to connect with other applicants. A little about me. I served 8 years active duty on submarines in the Navy. I have been in Navy Reserves for the past 3 years. This is my first time applying.
  6. T

    Email picture of social security and birth certificate for HPSP

    Hi everyone, I have been working with an HPSP recruiter and today they asked me to send a picture of my social security card and birth certificate for my security clearance since I am currently living 14 hours from the town where my recruiter is and cannot go in person to have them scanned. I...
  7. B

    Any folks here who have served as medical officers in the reserves? How is the pay in comparison to being a civilian physician?

    Also what was your experience like? - What branch/specialty are you in? - Were you active duty prior? - What was a typical drill weekend like? - Were you ever promoted in the reserves? - How many times did you get to deploy throughout your career? Plus anything else that comes to mind.
  8. dentalboi

    Recent Air Force HPSP grads, going back would you do the HPSP Scholarship?

    Hi, basically what time title says. I am currently applying for the 3 year Air Force HPSP scholarship and interview in a few days (lmk if you have any tips please). I have talked to a few dental students who are on the HPSP scholarship but I have not had the opportunity to talk to anyone who has...
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  10. UNCafDDS

    AF OMS externships - hands on or observation only?

    Can anybody comment on oral surgery externships at AF bases (Lackland, Travis), as far as extern responsibilities? I am especially wondering if an OMS externship at Lackland or Travis is mainly hands on or hands off? Can externs take/shadow call as well? Thanks for any input related to Air...
  11. D

    Air Force GMO to Civilian Residency

    Air Force Flight Surgeon/GMO here with a few questions. I have one year on my ADSC and plan to separate in time for a civilian residency in Emergency Med in 2021. I have two questions about the process: I was told that I would be allowed to separate 30 days prior to program start date (plus...
  12. C

    Trying to Get Pre-Reqs Done; Military Dental Assistant

    Hello! I am currently working as a dental assistant for the US Air Force overseas. I am trying to get as many prerequisite classes completed as possible with my time over here. (I have about 2.5 years let over seas, and another 4 + in the military.) I already have some college courses under my...
  13. M

    Air Force AEGD

    Hello, I am a 3-year HPSP scholarship recipient via the Air Force and as such I am required to apply/accept an Air Force AEGD position. I understand that there can be some variability due to the different needs of each of the AEGD bases but I was wondering what I should be expecting in terms of...
  14. M

    Air Force AEGD

    Hello, I am a 3-year HPSP scholarship recipient via the Air Force and as such I am required to apply/accept an Air Force AEGD position. I understand that there can be some variability due to the different needs of each of the AEGD bases but I was wondering what I should be expecting in terms of...
  15. akuko2

    Tips for transition to AD residency?

    AF HPSP just matched to spot at SAMMC for residency. I have a wife and will have 5 mo old by the time residency starts, and only military exp has been COT. Any good resources to set myself up for success as far as the logistics of transitioning into military life? Like guides for...
  16. AmericanHero

    All Branch Topic (ABT) VA specialty after Service

    Do military members applying to VA programs have preferential treatment compared to civilians applying? The application paper work asks if you have prior service. Is this the same type of deal as when applying to civilian jobs in the VA where there is a clear preference and job ranking for prior...
  17. D

    Opportunities for MDs/DOs in special operations

    Hello all. Hopefully I can spark up some discussion that hasn't been already covered in these forums. I currently serve as an AD Army EOD officer, but will be separating shortly to take my pre-reqs for medical school. I am more than likely going to apply to USUHS to practice operational/military...
  18. C

    Questions for current or former Air Force and Navy docs.

    So I am currently submitting a package for both CSO and NFO. I also have Pilot down for both, but my recruiters say my packages leans heavily towards the former. Should I not get Pilot and go CSO or NFO, I plan to go to medical school after my commitment. I am just having difficulty deciding...
  19. lumpsnotforsale

    UCSF (IS) vs. UOP

    Summary: I am waiting to hear back from the Air Force, if I do not receive the HPSP scholarship, UOP is off the table. I am interested in specializing/research but it's not something I'm dead set on. If I pick UCSF I will likely try to postpone the HPSP for 1 year and use savings to pay for the...
  20. akuko2

    Is STEP 2 Required?

    Is STEP 2 a strict requirement for JSGMESB application? I've read that you can get an extension and was trying to weigh my options. I'm AF and the specialty I'm applying to only has 1 active duty location, the rest are civ deferred/sponsored, so I'd rather hold off on STEP 2 until after I apply...
  21. M

    Military PT Information

    Hello! I am a pre-physical therapy student actively working on my undergrad. I absolutely want to be a therapist in the military, but I was hoping to become one through the military (for assistance with tuition and all that jazz). I am stuck between the Army and the Air Force, I have done lots...
  22. M

    Military Physical therapist Info

    Hello! I am a pre-physical therapy student actively working on my undergrad. I absolutely want to be a therapist in the military, but I was hoping to become one through the military (for assistance with tuition and all that jazz). I am stuck between the Army and the Air Force, I have done lots...
  23. S

    Transfer to Air Force from Caribbean MD program

    Does any one know a feasible route to transfer from a Caribbean MD program to the Air Force after STEP for rotations and eventually residency? I have contacted my local AF office and they said the Military/AF/Navy do not take IMG's into the AF program. They only accept students from U.S. MD/DO...
  24. K

    Air Force HPSP

    Hello! I am currently applying for the Air Force HPSP.. I have a strong GPA (3.997) and DAT (24AA 25 PAT) but I want to make sure everything else is good for my interview/application. I am a Division I athlete and have service experience both in a dental office and general volunteering, as well...
  25. H

    Navy/Army/Air Force Eligibility with Asthma.....

    FYI to people wanting to work in the military post-dental school. If you have asthma (like me), you are more then likely not going to be able to. I spoke to a recruiter on the phone and he said I may be able to get it waived after telling them I played NCAA hockey and that my asthma is mild, so...
  26. J

    Air Force pharmacy school scholarship

    looking for more info on the Air Force scholarship that will pay for pharmacy in return for a year of service for each year paid for. Anyone do it or know anyone that has done it? Did you/they like it?
  27. H

    military pharmacy questions..?

    so is there absolutely no need at this point? i'm a current pharmacy student looking to apply for like a 3 or 2 year scholarship. i've spoken with a recruiter, but he's very smoke and mirrors about most things. i've completed pre-screening and MEPs. so far so good. i'm familiar with the...
  28. H

    Current active duty Officer thinking about medschool

    So long story short, I am currently an Air Force officer with a BS degree in Behavioral Science -- Human Factors from a military academy. I always had a feeling I would end up wanting to become a doctor and unfortunately didn't decide until just recently. With that said, I need to take some...
  29. W

    Having trouble contacting Air Force HPSP recruiter...

    Hello, I will be applying to dental school in June, 2018. I have been attempting to reach out to AF HPSP recruiters at both the Bellevue, NE and Naperville, IL recruiting stations. After leaving messages many times over several months, I have still yet to be contacted by a recruiter for the...
  30. U

    How competitive is the air force scholarship program?

    Anyone have any experience/insight into the air force HPSP? I know it's competitive, but how competitive? Anyone with their stats that got in/rejected? Any insight or advice is appreciated.
  31. HungryHungryLion

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Value of Extracurriculars (clubs) to a military residency

    Hey all. I'm curious about how much a military residency actually values club activity or student government positions when considering a candidate for residency? With time limited already by studies and family deciding where to try and focus any other time is important. Obviously research and...
  32. YTAZ

    U.S. Air Force Pharmacist

    Hello guys, I have visited the U.S. Air Force's website and found some information. I wanted to know more about the benefits of joining the Air Force as a pharmacist, can you guys share please? Thank you!
  33. R

    How long can one defer residency after medical school?

    Hi, I’ve been unable to find an answer to this question after a lot of searching. I would like to know how long can one can defer residency after graduating from a US medical school. Long story short, I’m a third year medical student and I’m considering become an Air Force pilot and then...
  34. F

    Military HPSP 2017-2018

    Just creating a thread for Military HPSP applicants to post questions and their status in the application/commissioning process. Feel free to post and get this thread going!
  35. W

    MD Air Force Family Medicine Rotation Details

    Hey guys. I'm a third year AF HPSP medical student leaning heavily towards family medicine these days and was curious about my rotation options. Does anyone have any experience with any of the following bases? I understand my choices are as follows: -Nellis AFB (Las Vegas, NV) -Eglin AFB...
  36. T

    Join Army as a pharmacy student (permanent resident)

    Hello, I am a PY-2 student (Pharmacy). I am a permanent resident here. Height: 5ft 9ich, Weight: 180 lbs. I am interested in joining the army. 1) Am I eligible to join the army? 2) If I am eligible, what kind of benefits I can get? 3)Am I eligible for some other forces like NAVY, Air Force or...
  37. T

    Air Force How best to contact medical recruiter?

    Hey all! I am interesting in applying to AF HPSP, but I am having some trouble getting in touch with a recruiter to get on-track with my paperwork. I live in the D.C. area, and I have called the local recruiting office and sent some emails. Any tips from people who have moved through the...
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  39. mroerdh22

    Obtaining ID card

    Hi all! I am 4-year AF dental HPSP that will begin this fall. I will not be attending COT until after I graduate. I am already a military dependent and have immediate access to a base to obtain my ID. I read that we have to bring in our appointment order or Form 92 to do so. I do not see this on...
  40. G

    Air Force/Army/Navy HPSP

    Hello all, I'm a senior at a state university currently in the midst of applying to several schools for graduate studies in medical physics, starting in the Fall of 2018. My school of choice (Duke University) has mentioned that many students in the program have accepted HPSP contracts through...