Alternative choices to MD?

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Mar 27, 2017
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You have a lot of time. Ace junior / senior years, ace the Mcat, volunteer clinically, nonclinically, and with underserved populations and you have a shot.

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A 'U' trend in grades is normal as med schools account for organic chemistry! Your dip is lower than most examples I've seen but not only do I believe you can get your GPA back up, it's rather common. You aren't alone. Take a breather this summer and maybe self-study a bit (and review the classes you did poorly in for the MCAT). You got this!
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I had pretty much identical stats at a similar point in time in undergrad after I took on far too many credits in addition to my job. I will be starting my MD program in a few months! Just buckle down, don't stress, and this should just be a bump in the road not an insurmountable obstacle...good luck!
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You'll know if you are competitive for MD after this semester. If you actually got your grades where you are hoping, that's a great sign!

If analytical chemistry is through the chemistry department, it is part of your sGPA.
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