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  1. X

    Whens the latest I can take the MCAT and still be "on time" with my application?

    Hey guys! Long story short I was supposed to take the MCAT in May but I ended up having to work wAYYYY more than I expected and had some family issues come up. I am motivated and have started reviewing for the MCAT and now I am thinking I need 3 months and technically whats left of april, May...
  2. M

    Recc Letters Questions-Pls help

    - Is Genetics considered a science recc letter -How bad is it to have 2 recc letters from the same class (Biochemistry)-one speaking to you as a student, one speaking to you as a TA -How many recc letters should one have -Should I send MD letter to MD schools? Would it look bad to send DO...
  3. M

    DO Chances

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys could help me figure out what my chances are, and what I need to score on the MCAT based off of it for DO school. I'm a third year Bio and Psych dual degree student at a large research university. My current cgpa is a 3.74 but I think it will go up to a...
  4. M

    DO verified with MCAT incomplete?

    Can you submit AACOMAS before you have taken the mcat like you can for MD?
  5. Q

    NSU KPCOM Vs Rowan SOM

    Hi, NJ Resident with several DO acceptances, wanted help choosing between NSU and Rowan. I want to leave NJ, but still am unsure which school is more competitive/has better residency matches/board scores/opportunities- disregarding cost of attendance (because I've realized med school is...
  6. M

    Are there restrictions on FMG's?

    I am all for MD, DO, MD-IMG students for getting the residencies-basically American citizens, but it seems unfair for FMG to match without others matching first (since it's our tax dollars). I want to learn more about our GME system, what kind of restrictions are currently placed on accepting...
  7. M

    Late June Mcat

    Is taking the mcat on June 28 too late for this cycle/ will it put me at a disadvantage? Currently registered for a late May date but I just got an internship that will prevent me from taking it on that day, plus i do not think I am anywhere close to prepared at this point... Would June 15 be...
  8. M

    Help me decide: GA-PCOM vs. KYCOM!

    Hi all, So far in this cycle, I've been lucky enough to get accepted into 3 schools (GA-PCOM, KYCOM and LMU-DCOM). For some reasons, I already declined the acceptance from DCOM. So now, I have 1 more week to decide bw GA-PCOM and KYCOM. Here are several pros and cons of each school based on my...
  9. mandyads

    Early Apply & Unreliable Application

    Hi All (looking for actually advise/experience, not a list), I am currently in a one-year, 37-credit SMP at a new DO school (3rd cycle coming up) in Texas. I had moved to the area due to a military partner and was hoping to pursue medical education again after 3 years out of school. I found...
  10. mandyads

    MD & DO Early Apply & Unrealiable Application

    *Unreliable Hi All (looking for actually advise/experience, not a list), I am currently in a one-year, 37-credit SMP at a new DO school (3rd cycle coming up) in Texas. I had moved to the area due to a military partner and was hoping to pursue medical education again after 3 years out of...
  11. mandyads

    MD & DO SMP & Early Apply MD/DO

    Hi All, I am currently in a one-year, 37-credit SMP at a new DO school (3rd cycle coming up) in Texas. I had moved to the area due to a military partner and was hoping to pursue medical education again after 3 years out of school. I found out the medical school I was interested in had a...
  12. J

    DO School

    Hello everyone! I’m an undergraduate student in Canada, majoring in Biology. I’m really working hard towards getting into DO school in the states. I started off my first year of university, working my ass off and getting poor grades. I’m currently in the second term of my second year, and my...
  13. BNoog

    MD/DO possible? IN resident with 3.5 cGPA/510 MCAT

    Hello everyone! Been a lurker (inactive) for the past year and was wondering what your thoughts on my WAMC are! cGPA: 3.50 (upward zigzag trend explained below) sGPA: 3.18 AMCAS 3.25 AACOMAS MCAT score: 510 (127/128/128/127) State of residence: Indiana (have direct family connections in Ohio)...
  14. S

    Can't get into medical school, any tips?

    I have posted something like this before. Thank you to everyone who commented on that, I just think I need some more direction and specifics. I graduated at a Canadian University with a 2.42 cGPA. I failed physics as well. I graduated with a Human Biology and Psychology Major. Now currently...
  15. E

    My SO needs reapplication advice

    We both applied mainly DO and our state MD schools however she hasn’t received any interviews so she’s looking for some advice. Graduated May 2018 with degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. ORM female cGPA: 3.77 sGPA: 3.73 Last 2 years had a 4.0 science gpa MCAT: 501 (126/122/126/127)...
  16. S

    Should Texas residents apply to other med schools not in Texas?

    I'm curious if Texas residents need to apply to schools other than the ones in Texas. Obviously a Texas resident would have little/no chance getting into a state MD school, because they accept so few out of state applicants. My scores aren't competitive enough to go to an ivy league school, so...
  17. B

    No DO shadowing. Still worth applying?

    So i have no DO shadowing and probably wont either. I plan to apply both MD and DO but truly have no preference and i do respect the DO principle. I think i can sort of explain why do based on my major choice in undergrad. i dont know if its worth it to apply to DO without any shadowing or DO...
  18. S

    What are my chances

    science GPA: 3.68 cumulative GPA: 3.72 MCAT: 491 EC: EMT Basic Certification CPR Certification Volunteer at Office of Services for Students with Disabilties Omircron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society Was President of the Executive Counsil of Honors College for a year Secretary of...
  19. M

    Have I "reinvented" enough? ORM, 3.3s 3.3c

    Hi All, Thank you. I've seen mixed reviews on applicants with stats like mine. GPA is haunting me, but I pour my soul into my work and volunteer opportunities. Would Michigan MD be a donation? Female, ORM Graduated 2014, decided on medicine in 2016 Applying 2019, DO and MD Michigan resident...
  20. Fishy fish

    Opinions on canceling interviews

    So I have applied to both MD and DO programs and have been fortunate enough to receive 4 MD and 3 DO interviews. Given that I am interested in dermatology, I would like to attend an MD program. However, if DO is my only option, I would rather go that route than wait another year and re-apply. My...
  21. E

    Reality of this profession

    I'm a non-trad who completed a post-bac in order to apply to Med Schools. I've been drowning myself in SDN forums as well as talking to other physicians on their lifestyle after the arduous process of Med School + Residency. For me, this path is not about money. Making 250k vs 350k is no...
  22. H

    What are my odd?

    White female 3.883 GPA in History from top school with phi beta kappa and honors thesis research. Taught elementary school with TFA for two years. Post bacc GPA of 4.00. Current medical assistant at urgent care facility. MCAT 503–my biggest downfall
  23. E

    DO and PA programs

    Hi Folks, I'm not here to ask pros/cons between DO vs PA (yes, theres tons of post on Med vs PA) So... I am looking to apply to BOTH DO & PA Programs. However, they both use the CAS Application Portal (AACOMAS CAS vs CASPA). I am wondering if programs can find out if I'm applying to the other...
  24. L

    Some advice on low mcat score

    I just received my mcat today and was disappointed with a 497. I know I am capable of doing better, I had a very rough test day with not finishing the test and being psyched out. I plan on retaking sometime before may of 2019. I was wondering what are my chances if I actually applied with the...
  25. B

    DPM or DO/MD

    so an awkward thing happened to me this past week. I discovered podiatry. I mean, I rediscovered the path to podiatry this past week. Let me start off by saying there are so many reasons I want to be a physician. And NONE of them involve the letters at the end of my name. I have applied this...
  26. K

    Canadian Student Going to US DO School?

    I'm going into my second year of undergrad and I am looking into US DO schools. In Canada, we only have MD schools but internationally educated DOs can still practice in Canada. I am considering studying in the US because I like the ideas behind being a DO more than a MD. In Canada, most MD...
  27. B

    Send Letters after I submit

    Thank you everyone in advance, SDN is always crazy helpful. As a reapplicant i was suggested to not send the same letters of rec. unless there are new ones to read as well. I am only a DO reapplicant. I applied MD also, but it takes so long to validate I'm sure it will come before i even get my...
  28. E

    Take 2nd MCAT after application submission?

    Quick Background: I was a pre-PT student in UG. Gave up PT acceptance in 2016 to pursue med. 2016-2017 = pre-requiste 2017-2018 = advance postbac The Post bac (Fall'17-Spring'18) had an agreement with PCOM. If I score a >3.3GPA & MCAT of 500 (at least 125/section) PCOM will reserve a seat for...
  29. L

    MD & DO cgpa/sgpa 2.2,3.0 WAMC Pre-med

    Is there still time to redeem myself? Age 23/M Asian Texas Resident Stats: cgpa/sgpa 2.2, 3.0 (I've taken 40 credits so far and all are from a cc and I've only taken 2 UL science classes) Planning to transfer to a 4 year University this fall to major in Psychology and do a DIY post bacc to...
  30. K

    DO WAMC Low GPA -- Good ECs

    Please do not quote. Thank you cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS uGPA: 3.1 postbacc GPA (19 credits upper division bio) - 3.947 final AACOMAS sGPA : 3.10 final cGPA: 3.23 MCAT score(s) and breakdown AAMC FL were: 507, 510, 511. Taking actual Saturday. State of residence or...
  31. M

    SMP or Post Bacc

    URM: African-American New York Resident Overall GPA: 2.91 Science GPA: 2.64 B.S in Biology Plan on taking the MCAT in September 2019 Clinical Volunteer Hours: 1000+ hours. Volunteered as a medical scribe and medical assistant. Shadowing: 100+ hours. Shadowed doctors in internal medicine...
  32. fwest9

    DO school chances

    GPA: 3.4 (constant upward trend, just had a hard time freshman year) MCAT: 497 (2017) --> 503 (2018) 122/126/127/128 (not sure what happened on c/p was averaging 126 on practice tests) - South Carolina resident - 100 Clinical Volunteer hours - 1000+ non clinical volunteer hours (interned at a...
  33. F

    Should I apply or wait?

    is it worth me trying to apply with an MCAT of 492 or should I just wait and retake the mcat and apply next cycle? Do schools like to see reapplicants? Help
  34. K

    Need help clearing some questions

    Currently studying for the MCAT for 7/7 with practice scores between 507-510. uGPA: 3.1 postbacc GPA (19 credits upper division bio) - 3.947 final AACOMAS sGPA : 3.10 final cGPA: 3.23 ORM FL Resident My issues are: 1) Do I stand a chance with these stats for DO schools? 2) I will not have a...
  35. E

    ORM / Texas Resident

    TX Resident, ORM, just finished undergrad. cGPA/sGPA: 3.38/3.59 MCAT: 523 EC: Clinical job working with DO: ~2000 hours Clinical community service: ~1000 hours Research: ~500 hours (during undergrad) Non-clinical community service: ~1500 (I started a non-profit serving URM) Non-clinical...
  36. ruskibearjew

    Another school list - any suggestions? *GPA Reinvention*

    Hi guys/gals, I am finishing my primaries to reapply this cycle while I'm enrolled at Midwestern's 1 year Biomedical Science Master program. I'm wondering if anyone has any comments/suggestions of schools I should add/remove. Not looking to spend thousands of dollars on app's either...
  37. L

    Anesthesiology Hopeful, looking for advice!

    Hi all! I am currently matriculating to a DO school in the south. And would like to stay in the south after graduation. However, I have noticed that not many southern academic centers are DO friendly yet (Who knows with the rapid southern DO school expansions). Anyways, during the past year I...
  38. W

    LECOM Erie vs. Bradenton?

    Which is better?
  39. G

    Meharry Medical College OR Touro college of osteopathic MD in NY? Help!

    Hi amazing docs and future docs! Would like to get your advice on school decisions as I am a reapplicant and have been out of school for 3+ years. I got accepted into Touro a few months ago in the harlem campus. I was also waitlisted at Meharry until this past friday! Meharry offers a MD program...