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  1. YoungDaggy

    (WAMC) No IIs 2023 Cycle, Reapply this year or wait until 2024?

    Graduated in Spring 2022 with a 4.00 GPA; currently taking a gap year. I took the MCAT twice (never did CARS practice): 503 (129/121/126/127) in 04/21; ran out of time at the end of C/P and skipped ~4.5 CARS passages. I didn’t really study for it and took it during a semester, dumb mistake I...
  2. DrStephenStrange

    COCA Accreditation standards?

    Is COCA trying to tighten up their accreditation standards? or is it just a fluke that all these schools are getting Accreditation with heightened monitoring? This used to be a very rare thing for any school to receive accreditation warnings, but COCA is handing them out like candy nowadays. Up...
  3. HappyPerson

    Should I really give up on medicine?

    Hello, I’m usually not put down by others but my premed advisor really hurt me. I graduated 2 years ago with a bachelors in biology with a cumulative gpa of 3.46 and a amcas science gpa of 3.13 and aacomas science gpa of 3.21. I have thousands of hours of scribing, medical assitant, community...
  4. Z

    PM&R Residency: should I take Step 2 and COMLEX 2?

    DO student here, and I was hoping for some advice about if I should take step 2 on top of COMLEX level 2? Some background on me: Step 1: 255+ . COMLEX 1: 650+. I did well my first 2 years, ranked in the top 10%. I am lucky to have 5+ publications. 5+ poster presentations.I am involved and have...
  5. celen

    Higher sGPA than cGPA, chances of acceptance into DO

    Hello, Long time reader, first time posting. Just wanted to know what you guys think are my chances of getting into DO school? I have a 3.15 cGPa and a 3.31 sGPA. I took the science classes more seriously, and got stupid grades that brought down my cumulative. I have two more prereqs left...
  6. S

    How to get into a US medical school with bad grades?

    I’ve attended a US accredited 4 year university but had to drop out because of family financial reasons/a tragedy happened in my life. My grades were perfect for the first two years of schooling, I was on the deans list for maintaining >3.8 GPA. suddenly my grades dropped in my last 1.5 years at...
  7. DrStephenStrange

    DO Match List Thread 2021

    I figured I would start it this year since I can't wait to see what's waiting for me next year. Post whatever list(s) you got (partial or full) Last year's thread: DO Match List Thread 2020 | Student Doctor Network RVUCOM RowanSOM LMUDCOM UIWSOM MUCOM TUNCOM MSUCOM DMUCOM VCOM-Auburn LECOM...
  8. DrStephenStrange

    2020 Program director survey is out.
  9. adrenalinejunkie

    MD & DO EM residencies that allow 3rd years to rotate?

    Making my 3rd year rotation schedule and along with our core rotations: FM, IM, etc, we need to do 1 elective and 1 GME elective (specifically at a GME site) during third year. I plan to do my elective early on (EM at a local hospital to get my feet wet) and I want to do my GME elective in April...
  10. L

    Update schools and essentially asking for interviews

    Hey all, I was fortunate enough to have multiple acceptances at both DO and MD schools. I wanted to send out an email as sort of a last-ditch effort to see if I can get an interview at a program that is higher up on my list. I wanted to include updates such as recent publications and my...
  11. N

    Post-Bacc Courseload?

    I plan to take a DIY post-bacc and I am only missing the prerequisites for medical school. I am wondering what my course load should be? I am planning to take biology, general chem, physics, organic chem, and english. Obviously, general chem is a prequisite for organic chem so I cannot take...
  12. S

    Retakes and DO schools?

    Hey everyone, It's been a while, but I have a question. I was wondering if DO schools are out of the question if a non traditional applicant retook 1 prerequisite class more than 3 times? I was wondering if that is the case then what can the applicant do to improve their...
  13. Kkshake

    Low Step 1 Score

    So I got a 205 on my step 1. Currently I've been interested in pursuing EM, but IDK, would it be stupid to continue to look in to it with such a low score? My father passed away during dedicated, so I'm just happy to have been able to focus enough to pass at all. I'm a DO student, still waiting...
  14. FutureDoctor5000

    Merger 2020

    Will the merger weed out the IMG's? Discuss and let me know what y'all think.. How long before these off shore schools close? Theres way too many DO and MD schools popping up for the IMG's and FMG's to even get spots. I really hope that sometime in the near future NO ONE other than someone...
  15. M

    (medical school)

    Planning on applying next cycle and I was wondering if I will be considered a URM, I was born in Africa (my ancestors were there since the early 1800s), however I am not black neither do I know if any of my ancestors were mixed with Black or not. Is African considered a URM? Also this is my...
  16. M

    MD (almost guaranteed spot at UMASS the following year) or start right away at a decent DO

    Hi all! I'm currently trying to make a decision and would like some input. OK so UMASS has basically accepted me into post-bacc program which is one year long. This program grants me conditional acceptance to their medical school the following year (given I pass the course work). The...
  17. X

    Whens the latest I can take the MCAT and still be "on time" with my application?

    Hey guys! Long story short I was supposed to take the MCAT in May but I ended up having to work wAYYYY more than I expected and had some family issues come up. I am motivated and have started reviewing for the MCAT and now I am thinking I need 3 months and technically whats left of april, May...
  18. M


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  21. Q

    NSU KPCOM Vs Rowan SOM

    Hi, NJ Resident with several DO acceptances, wanted help choosing between NSU and Rowan. I want to leave NJ, but still am unsure which school is more competitive/has better residency matches/board scores/opportunities- disregarding cost of attendance (because I've realized med school is...
  22. M

    Are there restrictions on FMG's?

    I am all for MD, DO, MD-IMG students for getting the residencies-basically American citizens, but it seems unfair for FMG to match without others matching first (since it's our tax dollars). I want to learn more about our GME system, what kind of restrictions are currently placed on accepting...
  23. M


  24. M

    Help me decide: GA-PCOM vs. KYCOM!

    Hi all, So far in this cycle, I've been lucky enough to get accepted into 3 schools (GA-PCOM, KYCOM and LMU-DCOM). For some reasons, I already declined the acceptance from DCOM. So now, I have 1 more week to decide bw GA-PCOM and KYCOM. Here are several pros and cons of each school based on my...
  25. mandyads

    Early Apply & Unreliable Application

    Hi All (looking for actually advise/experience, not a list), I am currently in a one-year, 37-credit SMP at a new DO school (3rd cycle coming up) in Texas. I had moved to the area due to a military partner and was hoping to pursue medical education again after 3 years out of school. I found...
  26. mandyads

    MD & DO Early Apply & Unrealiable Application

    *Unreliable Hi All (looking for actually advise/experience, not a list), I am currently in a one-year, 37-credit SMP at a new DO school (3rd cycle coming up) in Texas. I had moved to the area due to a military partner and was hoping to pursue medical education again after 3 years out of...
  27. mandyads

    MD & DO SMP & Early Apply MD/DO

    Hi All, I am currently in a one-year, 37-credit SMP at a new DO school (3rd cycle coming up) in Texas. I had moved to the area due to a military partner and was hoping to pursue medical education again after 3 years out of school. I found out the medical school I was interested in had a...
  28. J

    DO School

    Hello everyone! I’m an undergraduate student in Canada, majoring in Biology. I’m really working hard towards getting into DO school in the states. I started off my first year of university, working my ass off and getting poor grades. I’m currently in the second term of my second year, and my...
  29. BNoog

    MD/DO possible? IN resident with 3.5 cGPA/510 MCAT

    Hello everyone! Been a lurker (inactive) for the past year and was wondering what your thoughts on my WAMC are! cGPA: 3.50 (upward zigzag trend explained below) sGPA: 3.18 AMCAS 3.25 AACOMAS MCAT score: 510 (127/128/128/127) State of residence: Indiana (have direct family connections in Ohio)...
  30. S

    Can't get into medical school, any tips?

    I have posted something like this before. Thank you to everyone who commented on that, I just think I need some more direction and specifics. I graduated at a Canadian University with a 2.42 cGPA. I failed physics as well. I graduated with a Human Biology and Psychology Major. Now currently...
  31. E

    My SO needs reapplication advice

    We both applied mainly DO and our state MD schools however she hasn’t received any interviews so she’s looking for some advice. Graduated May 2018 with degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. ORM female cGPA: 3.77 sGPA: 3.73 Last 2 years had a 4.0 science gpa MCAT: 501 (126/122/126/127)...
  32. D

    Should Texas residents apply to other med schools not in Texas?

    I'm curious if Texas residents need to apply to schools other than the ones in Texas. Obviously a Texas resident would have little/no chance getting into a state MD school, because they accept so few out of state applicants. My scores aren't competitive enough to go to an ivy league school, so...
  33. B

    No DO shadowing. Still worth applying?

    So i have no DO shadowing and probably wont either. I plan to apply both MD and DO but truly have no preference and i do respect the DO principle. I think i can sort of explain why do based on my major choice in undergrad. i dont know if its worth it to apply to DO without any shadowing or DO...
  34. S

    What are my chances

    science GPA: 3.68 cumulative GPA: 3.72 MCAT: 491 EC: EMT Basic Certification CPR Certification Volunteer at Office of Services for Students with Disabilties Omircron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society Was President of the Executive Counsil of Honors College for a year Secretary of...
  35. LindaAccepted

    Medical Encore: How to Get Into NYIT’s College of Osteopathic Medicine [Episode 278]

    Gina Moses is the Director of Admissions at New York Institute of Technology’s (NYIT) College of Osteopathic Medicine, and in this episode she discusses the state of the art technology at NYIT as well as the wonders of osteopathic medicine. She also shares information on the application process...
  36. M

    Have I "reinvented" enough? ORM, 3.3s 3.3c

    Hi All, Thank you. I've seen mixed reviews on applicants with stats like mine. GPA is haunting me, but I pour my soul into my work and volunteer opportunities. Would Michigan MD be a donation? Female, ORM Graduated 2014, decided on medicine in 2016 Applying 2019, DO and MD Michigan resident...
  37. Fishy fish

    Opinions on canceling interviews

    So I have applied to both MD and DO programs and have been fortunate enough to receive 4 MD and 3 DO interviews. Given that I am interested in dermatology, I would like to attend an MD program. However, if DO is my only option, I would rather go that route than wait another year and re-apply. My...
  38. E

    Reality of this profession

    I'm a non-trad who completed a post-bac in order to apply to Med Schools. I've been drowning myself in SDN forums as well as talking to other physicians on their lifestyle after the arduous process of Med School + Residency. For me, this path is not about money. Making 250k vs 350k is no...
  39. H

    What are my odd?

    White female 3.883 GPA in History from top school with phi beta kappa and honors thesis research. Taught elementary school with TFA for two years. Post bacc GPA of 4.00. Current medical assistant at urgent care facility. MCAT 503–my biggest downfall
  40. E

    DO and PA programs

    Hi Folks, I'm not here to ask pros/cons between DO vs PA (yes, theres tons of post on Med vs PA) So... I am looking to apply to BOTH DO & PA Programs. However, they both use the CAS Application Portal (AACOMAS CAS vs CASPA). I am wondering if programs can find out if I'm applying to the other...