Jul 30, 2016
Hello people of SDN! it's my first time posting here so bear with me :D

I am currently in the process of completing my prereqs for medical school so far I have competed
-> 1 semester of biology: A-
-> 1 semester of Chemistry: B+
-> 1 semester of psychology: A
->1 semester of sociology: B+
-> 1 semester of statistics: A
-> 1 semester of calculus: A-

My current GPA is a 3.44 but this is my grade without factoring community classes I need to transfer over to my university so my GPA is closer to a 3.5 [I messed up my sophomore year] :(

I have two more years until I graduate and complete the rest of my prerequisites and degree so there is definitely room to bring my GPA up!
I plan on applying to medical school in 2019, my focus being on applying to DO schools because I like their mission of evaluating the patients overall well-being such as factoring their environment and lifestyle it seems more holistic and I like that aspect a lot.

Extracurriculars I am currently involved in:

->nutrition club on campus which provides awareness to healthy lifestyles and eating for students on campus
->volunteering at a community farm in an undeserved area which focuses on providing awareness to healthy eating
-> Volunteering at my university's food pantry to provide food for college students
-> I am doing clinical search with an ER doctor at my local hospital 4 hours per week for a total of 2 years and by the end of it I'll have 400+ hours of clinical experience
-> I am a part of the Science Educational Equity program at my college designed for minority students to help us give us a pathway toward professional careers, being a part of this program I sometimes go out to disadvantaged schools to do mentoring and tutoring.
-> I currently work part time as well and i am full time (however I plan on quitting) it's been about almost a year working there.

** I am working on getting shadowing experience

So after looking at what I have to offer am I on the right track for medical school? What advice can you give me to improve my application?
Jul 30, 2016
So what's a "clinical search with an ER doc" ? What do you do?

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In the Emergency Department I go around to different patient's rooms asking them to participate in a research survey that is in two parts that has questions tailored to show hints of whether someone shows signs of ADHD. if they do show signs of ADHD they go on to a second survey with specific ADHD related questions and their results are then sent of a psychologist at another local hospital to determine if the actually do have it. If the person does not show signs of ADHD then they are done and we thank them for their time. All in all we do this to gather patterns of ADHD patients so at the end of the research the doctor that I am doing surveys for can create a screening tool to help patients figure out that they have ADHD fast during their visit to a regular doctor. When there are no patients to survey I can follow the doctor I am doing the survey for around the ER like shadowing as well as the nurses. Sometimes I clean hospital beds or deliver medicine tubes for different sections of the ER


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So far, so good!