AMCAS Coursework Question

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Jul 2, 2011
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Just two quick questions:

1) I took 2 study abroad courses during one summer. I listed those on my AMCAS application. No problem there. On my transcript though I have three courses listed. Following the two actual courses, my undergrad school needed to put a 0 credit course on my transcript for administrative purposes or something. It is titled "Mexico: Spanish Language." Under Course Grade it says "NC" short for no credit. And under credit hours it says 0. Should I list this on my AMCAS application? It's not an actual class or anything.

2) I extended the abbreviations on my transcript when filling out my AMCAS. Is this ok or does it have to be exact? For example, Latin Amer Civiliz 1 (transcript) became Latin American Civilization 1 (AMCAS).


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