anatomy and physiology pre-req

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Jan 30, 2010
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I've noticed a couple of schools have Anatomy and Physiology as one of their pre-req requirements.

So, is this for upper division or lower division anatomy and physiology?

At my school, for example, there is 3rd year anatomy/physiology and 1st year anatomy/physiology (for the nursing students). So the 3rd year anat/phys would require like 2-3 pre-reqs...


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My school's like that too. They have the introductory course and then they have the upper level courses which need 2-3 pre reqs. I remember seeing on one of the optometry school websites that Microbiology cannot be "an introductory course" which sucks since the upper level microbio would take 2 other pre reqs. I think that would probably be the same with anatomy and physiology. I'm not for sure though.
Just email the schools and see if they will take the course. Make sure you save their reply.
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I don't know how to....i tried emailing ICO, but i received an automated email message.
Someone will probably write back to you soon. I emailed ICO a few weeks ago and also got the automated message but then a couple of hours later someone from the office personally responded to me. Give them a week to respond and if you don't hear from them just call the Admissions office. ICO is on trimesters or quarters or something like that too so it is possible that they are on break or something.