Jul 30, 2020
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In response to this year's unique application cycle, the ASA Delegates of the New York Medical College AIG are organizing a Q&A session with several program directors in our area. The goal is to provide anesthesiology residency applicants with an opportunity to get to know a variety of programs, program directors, and residents.

Our first session will be held on Tuesday, August 25th from 6 - 7 PM EST with the program directors from NYU Langone Medical Center, SUNY Downstate, and Mount Sinai West Hospitals.

After a brief introduction to the programs, the panelists will give perspective on the anesthesiology residency application season in response to your questions. The format will be a Q&A via Zoom with questions requested in advance (during registration) to allow for thorough consideration.

Our target audience is medical students applying to anesthesiology this year, but we feel that those who are applying to other specialties may benefit as well. The following link has more information and an opportunity to register for any of the 3 sessions.

Sign up here: Home | ResidencyAppForum
Link to submit a question: NYMC Anesthesiology Interest Group - Virtual Anesthesiology Residency Forum Question Submission Form

We hope you join us for these sessions!

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