1. Z

    US anesthesiology residency - transition to UK

    Hi, I am currently in a US anesthesiology residency with possible plans for fellowship afterwards. While my hope is to work in the US after training, I have personal reasons that make me want to keep the option open of moving to the UK (where I am allowed to live and work) in the future. From...
  2. NVO

    Couples Matched into Anesthesiology - AMA

    I remember lurking on the forums back when I was in undergrad applying to med schools. Then in my OMS3 year, SDN and Reddit became my pseudo-advisors when my school assigned me an FM attending as my residency advisor. I figure now that I'm quarantined with all travel plans canceled, all online...
  3. F

    OMFS Internship Opportunities - POST HERE ONLY

    I know this time of year, everyone is trying to figure out exactly how they want to fill out their rank list, but I just want to take the time to post a little about my experiences at my OMFS internship so that those of you not fortunate enough to MATCH will be aware of the opportunities...
  4. dmk5n

    Anesthetic Management of Patients With Suspected or Confirmed 2019 Novel Coronavirus Infection During Emergency Procedures This was sent to me from neighbor who works at the CDC, would like to get some thoughts... Are you developing protocols or have them in place? We have two Covid-19 patients in ICU. Matter of time till it spreads.
  5. M

    Chin Lift or Jaw Thrust for Upper Airway Obstruction?

    Hello everyone! I am a masters Biomedical Engineering student working on a project to develop a device to be used when an upper airway obstruction occurs and I am curious about some of the current methods. I would appreciate your honest answers to the following questions: 1) Do you find chin...
  6. Propo Sapiens

    Anesthesia OSCE’s help

    Is there any sort of resource or grading rubric available for the OSCE? I passed the SOE no problem but failed the OSCE not once but twice. Everyone says to just use the ABA guide and that it’s a piece of cake...but I really don’t know what it is I’m doing wrong. When the report came back I was...
  7. Mr.Popo'sDentist

    MD & DO Considering CNRA's came to be in 1956 and so far MD/DO Gas docs are making more and have stable employment, where did the negativity come from?

    I see a lot of depressing threads from 2006/2009/2012 etc. about Gas or Anesthesiology losing jobs and being paid less, but the statistics seem to say otherwise. Its 2019 and: Automation doesn't look like it happening any time soon...
  8. G

    Cook County Anesthesia Elective - Experience

    Just finishing my last week of anesthesia at John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County, thought I would share my current thoughts about the rotation. At first glance being overwhelmed in a big city with a busy patient population I couldn't feel more welcome by the residents here. The relationship...
  9. K

    selling big blue

    Selling Big Blue! All 3 volumes for $100! Gently used for written anesthesia boards review.
  10. N

    CA-1 Anesthesia Position NYC

    Looking to change fields into anesthesia. Anyone know of any CA-1 spots for July 2020 in the NYC Area? Went to an allopathic Med school in NY and matched to my top-ranked program in the area. After a year, I realized it isn’t for me...explored a few subspecialties within my field, but still...
  11. J

    How screwed am I for this disorderly conduct charge?

    M2 here, looking for some advice/input because SDN can be brutally honest and I think that’s what I need right now. In college, I received a citation for disorderly conduct (not a felony, not a misdemeanor) due to having a small amount of marijuana in my possession. It was a stupid thing that I...
  12. J

    Drop in Step 2 CK

    Hey SDN! I'm a 4th year DO student from an established DO school applying anesthesiology this year and was pretty bummed when I received my step 2 score back. I'm wondering how much my drop in step 2 will affect my application and if I should apply to a backup specialty. Fortunately, I was able...
  13. D

    How to go about applying to transitional year vs. prelim medicine programs?

    Hi all, Current M4 here planning on going into anesthesia. So I have been trying to figure out how go about applying to transitional years vs prelim medicine programs, and am having trouble finding information online. It seems that TY years are more "cush," but at the same time, I will have to...
  14. A

    "Big Blu" and "Ranger Blue" Audio and Books, the most recent edition

    If anyone interested, I have the recent "Big Blue" complete audio, and "Ranger Blue" complete audio and book, to sell. If you are interested send me a message.
  15. T

    Temple Anesthesiology Residency

    Hi Everyone! Temple anesthesia chief residents here. We wanted to open up a thread to tell you about our program, as well as answer any questions that you may have. Temple University Hospital is a major academic center that performs a wide variety of cases in every surgical discipline...
  16. G

    Chances for Top anesthesia programs

    I’m a MS4 applying for anesthesia residency this September. Step 1 is 242 and step 2 CK is 238. 4 non-anesthesia related publications in journals. Several volunteer activities in med school. I attend a private mid tier school in the south. I’d ideally like to go to a top 20-30 anesthesia...
  17. KatiaRayanna

    CRNA Or Anesthesiologist ? Should I Transition ?

    Hi Guys !! I'm Currently In College For Nursing. I Want To Be An Anesthesiologist, But When I Jobshadowed One & An CRNA. CRNA Makes The Same Amount Of Money As An Anesthesiologist, The Only Difference Is One Is A Nurse & The Other Is A Doctor. CRNA Is Less Education Years As Well. My Plan Was To...
  18. Taverly

    Is anesthesia D.O. friendly?

    Is anesthesia D.O. friendly or will I have to kill boards to get a shot?
  19. H

    Anesthesia elective

    Can you please help me find an elective/clerkship in Anesthesia. I still didn't apply for a program as most universities require Step1 scores or do not accept international visiting students. If you know any program please let me know
  20. N

    Do I need to take Step 2 CK before applying for anesthesia residency?

    Hi all, For those of you who have been through the match process for anesthesia, I was wondering, is it necessary to take Step 2 CK before applying? I have a relatively strong Step 1 score (248) and am worried that I may not do as well on Step 2 CK. I know that taking it can help bolster a weak...
  21. S

    Position Swap PGY1 swap IM to anesthesia

    Matched into IM categorial in FL (university program). Looking to swap into anesthesia (any location). If interested please message me. Thank you
  22. d-dimer

    TY Electives to Prep for CA-1

    How many months of anesthesia do you recommend for pgy-1 as a TY? How about other useful electives? Extra month of cardiology, IM Wards or IM clinic? Or should I go for easier electives like radiology, derm, rheum, non-surgical ortho to study for Step 3? Thanks in advance
  23. FlapJack

    DO student looking to do Anesthesia

    Hello, I am having a lot of trouble figuring out which programs would be a good fit for my competitiveness. I am a OMSIII attending a DO school in California. I am applying to GAS residencies this fall. Step1-233, Level1-570. Step/Level2-July. Working on one publication. I completed an...
  24. K

    Position Wanted PGY1 Internal Medicine in Chicago looking for position in Houston, TX or surroundings.

    Hi! I am about to finish my IM PGY-1 year in a very nice, university-affiliated-community hospital with a great working environment, 0 scutwork, amazingly manageable workload (minimum levels of stress), amazing nursing and ancillary staff, and even better faculty. Looking to transfer to...
  25. Python Forever

    Matching Anesthesiology/Gen Surg. - MD vs. DO?

    Sorry if I'm posting this on the wrong forum. I'm a nontrad premed who's been shadowing some doctors/physicians, and both anesthesia and general surgery had me captivated. Based purely on my shadowing experiences, if I'm fortunately enough to land a medical school acceptance, I'd like to...
  26. S

    OB Anesthesia fellowship

    I'm a CA1 at a midwest program. I just recently did my first OB rotation, and I really loved it. I know that our OB department is rather odd in that there does not seem to great communication b/w the OBs and the anesthesia, and is overall slightly dysfunctional. I was hoping that some ppl...
  27. K

    Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship 2020-2021 ACCM

    Hey all, Just wanted to get a thread started for all of us applying right now. Feel free to share any info you have on programs! Anyone interview at UPenn, UCLA, Michigan, OHSU or Vandy yet? Have limited time and I can't interview at all of them, so I was wondering if anyone had any feedback...
  28. S

    For Sale Anesthesia Oral Board prep

    For sale: Board stiff Three by Chistopher Gallagher DVD unopened, tiny tear in bottom of spine, pencil writing on 2 pages. "good" condition. Lange Anesthesiology Oral Board Flash Cards by Jeff Gadsen and Dean Jones Used once, "excellent" condition. The Essential Oral Board Review 3rd edition...
  29. G

    Position Available Interventional Spine and Pain Management Fellowship

    Florida Spine Institute has non-ACGME accredited, Interventional Spine and Pain Management Fellowship in Clearwater, Fl. Our program trains Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation nad/or Anesthesia residents in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of painful spine and musculoskeletal...
  30. W

    TOP Anesthesia Programs, Suggestions and Tips, HELP!

    Hello, everyone. I am a third-year medical student interested in anesthesiology. I would like to go to one of the top anesthesia programs in California (top), though I will probably apply to all the programs in the west and east coasts. I am currently attending a mid-tier medical school on the...
  31. J

    Nurse kills patient by giving vecuronium instead of versed

    At Vanderbilt, a nurse's error killed a patient and threw Medicare into jeopardy Pretty crazy how this happened. Can’t imagine the torture the patient was going through in their last moments.
  32. C

    Partnership Position Available- Cape Cod MA

    Our private practice group is looking to hire physicians to join a group of great physicians and CRNAs in a wonderful setting. -Private Practice Community hospital -Partnership track 2 years -Great salary and benefits (401k, HSA, full health/dental) -Supervision of CRNAs and own cases -Great...
  33. N

    University of Tennessee 2018-2019 Anesthesia

    Are there any other Anesthesiology applicants scheduled to interview at University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville in December who would like to switch for a November date? My husband is doing an away rotation at that time and I think it would be better to wait to interview until after...
  34. L

    Canadian IMG, US Anesthesia trained, wants to do ICU in Canada - how?!

    Canadian IMG, did school in Europe. PGY3 applying for Critical Care training in USA. My question is, can I work in Canada as an Intensivist after completing fellowship in USA, or will I have to do extra training? Wondering if it is worth doing CC fellowship here if I can't even do CC in Canada...
  35. student-of-life

    CCM / Anesthesia Lifestyle

    Hi, I'm a student interested in the blend of CCM and Anesthesia. I'm hoping some attendings can shed light on: Scheduling - My impression is that one will generally do one week in the ICU and then 3 weeks in the OR. However, I'm also under the impression that pure CCM attendings generally have...
  36. C

    Being useful as a CRNA

    As a long-time SDNer, I wanted to make this new account to post this. I have long been set on medicine (actually have applied this cycle), but I have come to realize that I am not sure that I want to make the sacrifices necessary spending time away from my husband and children. With that being...
  37. R

    Anesthesia or Internal medicine?

    Hello everyone what i like about IM: the knowledge part is probably the most intriguing part for me in IM. the wide variety of cases and the patient care as well. and of course the wide spectrum of specialties in it ( like cardio,nephrology,gastro ) what i dislike about IM: probably what i most...
  38. S

    ABA oral board exam 2018

    Looking for MOCK oral practicing partners for the October exam. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks.
  39. D

    European Diploma in Anesthesia

    So I decided to take part in the first part of the Diploma's exam this year in September. Due to time and work pressure, I will not be able to complete the recommended reading list. I would be glad to hear about my fellow colleagues's preparation experiences.
  40. C

    Low COMLEX (456), Decent USMLE (231)

    Well Just got my COMLEX score back today and was pretty disappointed to see that I scored a 456. Despite scoring so low on the COMLEX, I scored decently on the USMLE (231). I've been interested in Anesthesia for a while, but now I'm worried that my abysmal COMLEX score will keep me from getting...