1. Z

    US anesthesiology residency - transition to UK

    Hi, I am currently in a US anesthesiology residency with possible plans for fellowship afterwards. While my hope is to work in the US after training, I have personal reasons that make me want to keep the option open of moving to the UK (where I am allowed to live and work) in the future. From...
  2. M

    Switching from Anesthesia to EM

    Putting feelers out to see if anyone has done this and what their experience has been? Current PGY2 Anesthesia resident, was torn between Anesthesia and EM so interviewed and applied both. Ranked Anesthesia higher, matched to a great program. Realize now that I miss the teamwork, diagnostics...
  3. M

    Chin Lift or Jaw Thrust for Upper Airway Obstruction?

    Hello everyone! I am a masters Biomedical Engineering student working on a project to develop a device to be used when an upper airway obstruction occurs and I am curious about some of the current methods. I would appreciate your honest answers to the following questions: 1) Do you find chin...
  4. J

    Drop in Step 2 CK

    Hey SDN! I'm a 4th year DO student from an established DO school applying anesthesiology this year and was pretty bummed when I received my step 2 score back. I'm wondering how much my drop in step 2 will affect my application and if I should apply to a backup specialty. Fortunately, I was able...
  5. T

    Temple Anesthesiology Residency

    Hi Everyone! Temple anesthesia chief residents here. We wanted to open up a thread to tell you about our program, as well as answer any questions that you may have. Temple University Hospital is a major academic center that performs a wide variety of cases in every surgical discipline...
  6. A

    Looking for a study partner for CA1- ITE

    Looking for a study partner for CA1- ITE. Please reach out to me those who are interested.
  7. B

    Glide Year - advice on preparation

    I just graduated from undergrad, and I'm taking a glide year for financial purposes. I want to keep studying and learning, and I'm thinking about buying some books to read (physiology, anesthesiology, general medicine). Does anyone have any suggestions for me? All are welcome!
  8. d-dimer

    TY Electives to Prep for CA-1

    How many months of anesthesia do you recommend for pgy-1 as a TY? How about other useful electives? Extra month of cardiology, IM Wards or IM clinic? Or should I go for easier electives like radiology, derm, rheum, non-surgical ortho to study for Step 3? Thanks in advance
  9. 21Rush12

    Anesthesiology VSAS 2019 Thread

    Hi all: I was browsing looking for some VSAS information and found a thread like this from the previous cycle. I thought now would be a good time to get a new one started as programs are opening and apps are sent out. I'm hoping this can be a place for people to post their accept/reject/stats...
  10. G

    Anesthesiology Board Preps

    Maybe these are already answered but Any suggestion for BASIC BOARD prep qbanks? Boardvitals, vs. Truelearn vs. passmachine etc.? how about Michael Ho's program?
  11. L

    Position Available PGY-2 / CA1 Anesthesiology position

    PGY-2 / CA1 opening available for July start in NY PREREQUISITES: - Successful completion of PGY-1 year in an ACGME accredited residency program prior to start date. Contact: [email protected] Good luck!
  12. G

    Position Wanted Anesthesiology residency CA2or CA3

    Anywhere in the country ... does anyone know if there is vacant spot for CA2 or CA3 vailable for July 2019? That would be PGY 3 or PGY4
  13. P

    Anesthesiology OSCE Exam

    Hi guys last year I took the SOE and OSCE. Unfortunately I did not pass the OSCE part. Based on them I failed in the non technical parts of the OSCE. Informed consent, the QI, etc. US and diagnostic station I did great. My point is that I really don't know what else to do for this OSCE. I...
  14. Hash Slinging Slasher

    Anesthesiology Residency: Chances and Advice for Future

    After a great deal of soul-searching and deliberation, I've finally decided on anesthesiology as my specialty of choice. However, I have little idea of how competitive I given my stats. I've looked over the NRMP match outcomes, and it appears as though I have a decent chance at anesthesia. What...
  15. T

    Perioperative Medicine: What does this actually entail for anesthesiologists?

    I realize that nobody has all the answers with regard to the future of the practice of anesthesia, but "perioperative" is a buzzword that almost always shows up in the conversation as a possible area of expansion. I just can't figure out what this actually entails. What are some practical, day...
  16. S

    OB Anesthesia fellowship

    I'm a CA1 at a midwest program. I just recently did my first OB rotation, and I really loved it. I know that our OB department is rather odd in that there does not seem to great communication b/w the OBs and the anesthesia, and is overall slightly dysfunctional. I was hoping that some ppl...
  17. K

    Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship 2020-2021 ACCM

    Hey all, Just wanted to get a thread started for all of us applying right now. Feel free to share any info you have on programs! Anyone interview at UPenn, UCLA, Michigan, OHSU or Vandy yet? Have limited time and I can't interview at all of them, so I was wondering if anyone had any feedback...
  18. L

    US Anesthesia Critical Care to Canada Critical Care

    Canadian IMG, did school in Europe. PGY3 applying for Critical Care training in USA. My question is, can I work in Canada as an Intensivist after completing fellowship in USA, or will I have to do extra training? Wondering if it is worth doing CC fellowship here if I can't even do CC in Canada...
  19. L

    Canadian IMG, US Anesthesia trained, wants to do ICU in Canada - how?!

    Canadian IMG, did school in Europe. PGY3 applying for Critical Care training in USA. My question is, can I work in Canada as an Intensivist after completing fellowship in USA, or will I have to do extra training? Wondering if it is worth doing CC fellowship here if I can't even do CC in Canada...
  20. H

    WAMC superthread

    I am a DO applying this cycle and was wondering if I have a decent chance at matching given that I won't have my STEP 2 CK by the time I apply...(9/15) here are my stats: DO SSP member (AOA for DO)- grade went down so I'm in second quartile now Lots of community service +volunteering Tutoring...
  21. C

    Being useful as a CRNA

    As a long-time SDNer, I wanted to make this new account to post this. I have long been set on medicine (actually have applied this cycle), but I have come to realize that I am not sure that I want to make the sacrifices necessary spending time away from my husband and children. With that being...
  22. P

    USMLE Super worried about my STEP2 CK & chances of matching Anesthesiology

    In brief, I've got a step 1 of 231. My CK came back today and go figure.... 231 again. Not sure what happened but I definitely left that test feeling like crap. Can I still match a decent (or any) Anesthesiology program given this information? Any insight would be appreciated, I'm pretty...
  23. Zeakfury

    Anesthesiology Residency/Fellowship Survey

    In an effort to help my SO decide where they should apply to for anesthesiology residency, I am creating a master list of data on the different residencies from Doximity, Freida, & AAMC. I would like to add resident/fellows ratings to this data. However, I could not seem to find a good source...
  24. R

    Anesthesia or Internal medicine?

    Hello everyone what i like about IM: the knowledge part is probably the most intriguing part for me in IM. the wide variety of cases and the patient care as well. and of course the wide spectrum of specialties in it ( like cardio,nephrology,gastro ) what i dislike about IM: probably what i most...
  25. Anesthesia_IMG_24789

    Chances of matching Anesthesiology for US IMG

    Hello there, I am a US IMG, hoping to match anesthesia in 2019. In October, I will be graduating from one of the big 4 Caribbean schools. I am honor society, 90.5 GPA, 242 step 1, 259 step 2 CK and passed CS on first attempt. I'm trying to realistically decide how many anesthesia programs I...
  26. A


  27. L

    Anesthesiology Hopeful, looking for advice!

    Hi all! I am currently matriculating to a DO school in the south. And would like to stay in the south after graduation. However, I have noticed that not many southern academic centers are DO friendly yet (Who knows with the rapid southern DO school expansions). Anyways, during the past year I...
  28. PhysicianRec

    UMass Dept. of Anesthesiology & PeriOp Medicine is Expanding! (HIRING in Massachusetts)

    The Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at UMass is Expanding! "Faculty are the backbone of our department. As Chair, I believe our genotype reflects our phenotype, we are who we recruit, develop, and retain. Supporting each faculty member to achieve...
  29. J

    Big Blue Anesthesiology 2013

    I bought these in 2013, 21st edition. In great shape, no missing pages. Definitely high yield information, I should probably keep them, but trying to clear out my office. $150 shipped.
  30. R

    Anesthesiology ROL Pro's and Con's

    Hi folks, I wanted to share my thoughts on the top 8 places I interviewed at this season for anesthesiology. Don't take my rankings of these programs too seriously though, all of them are phenomenal and have unique offerings. Hope this helps future anesthesiology applicants choose a residency...
  31. A

    Position Wanted PGY-1 Internal Medicine or Anesthesiology

    Hello, I am a foreign medical graduate, graduated in Nov 2016. My scores are: Step 1-230, Step 2CK - 210 and Step 2 CS pass. I have 9 publications and 9 months of volunteer research experience. I am currently pursuing Masters in Clinical and Translational Research. I am seeking a PGY-1 position...
  32. D

    Anesthesia with only COMLEX

    Can someone who has applied to ACGME programs with only a COMLEX please list which programs were applied to? I have searched Freida and identified several anesthesia programs that do not require the USMLE; however, after reading other posts on this forum, it appears other applicants in my same...
  33. brothermanbill

    job prospects crappy residency program

    This question has sort of been asked before, however I just want to ask an extreme example. The reason I ask is that I most likely will be participating in the SOAP (failed to match ophtho) and many of the programs in the SOAP are not great. Obviously I would want to train at the best residency...
  34. O

    Advanced PTEeXAM Preparation

    Hi everybody, I am trying to prepare for the Advanced PTEeXAM this coming July 2018. I am at odds as to what to use to prepare. I've been reading Perino, Sorrell and journals so far. A few people have said they used PTEMasters to prepare. Others say there are other resources besides PTEMasters...
  35. brothermanbill

    Anesthesia SOAP advanced vs wait for physician only (R) Spot

    Hi all, Recently I found out that I did not match into ophthalmology. I am now looking towards anesthesiology. This isn't the worst thing ever, as I was having some regrets about ophthalmology even during the interview process. I have taken the anesthesiology rotation and have given anesthesia...
  36. DuckTing

    Anesthesiology Step 1 < 220 as DO

    i know there's no guarantee for anything but what would i need to do/to score to reasonably guarantee anesthesiology with Step 1 <220? PD survey for anesthesiology from 2016: interquartile range for step 1 for almost never granting interview = 210 - 220, i think that means: 25% of programs...
  37. P

    MD research outside of desired specialty

    I'm an MS1 tentatively interested in anesthesiology (I realize this will likely change a million times by 4th year), but I also think the microbiome is freaking fascinating and want to get involved in a project. How important is it to do research related to the specialty you intend to apply to?
  38. S

    Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship 2019-2020

    Hey all, as the SICU fellowship application opens it would be useful to have current and past fellows comment on the rigor and schedule of their prospective program. Also, I would be interested in prospective job offers or current jobs, like benefits, compensation, etc. Did you get a job during...
  39. Silver316

    Anesthesiology Residency possible with low USMLE?

    So the odds are looking against me from what I can tell, I'm a 3rd year just got back my scores of USMLE 218, COMLEX 541, and bottom quarter of class. I was president of the Anesthesiology club at my school but not much else Anesthesia related. What do you think about my shot at getting an...
  40. OldGregg

    Big Blue and Audio Blue CDs

    For sale: 1. Big Blue 2015 edition (3 binders) - lightly used, some underlining and few notes in margins. Retails $560, Selling for $200 2. Audio Blue CDs (25 CDs) - Good condition, listened through twice. Retails $650, selling for $200 Would discount both bought together for $350...