ANy info on the Massachusetts Programs?

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Mar 18, 2006
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As a third year, my interest in Anesthiology is growing. I was wondering about the competitiveness of the programs in MA specifically the ones in Boston and Umass. Stats step 1 218/88, half honors/half high passes pre-clinical, mostly high pass and some honors clinical, 2 publications, and 1 poster presentation in ortho and OB/Gyn. All attendings and residents who have evaluated me over the past year seem to enjoy working with me---I'm not a social idiot and am easy going.

ANy info on these programs would be great or if you matched at a program could you provide your stats. If you interviewed there, could you also give your overall impression? Thanks so much!!!

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umass i think is definitely attainable. perhaps even new england med cetner (i think thats waht it's called). dont know about the rest.
If you can handle Worcester, UMass is an excellent program. The chairman is president of American Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists and a very nice gentleman. No shortage of experience there. Worcester really sucks though.

You should have little trouble matching at any of the non-Harvard programs in MA with those stats.

I liked MGH. Great clinical experience, not as much call as you would think for a program of that caliber, mostly cool residents (with some gawky MD/PhDs thrown in the mix). Just have to ask yourself: can you handle the intensity? Can you deal with living in Boston, the most over-rated city in North America?

BID is good if you want to do pain or if you're looking for a relatively cush residency with a good name. :) Just one MS4's opinion.
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bullard said:
Can you deal with living in Boston, the most over-rated city in North America?
I thought I was the only one that thought that! I'll add it's the most overpriced too. BID, Brigman and MGH all payed about 7K more per year but I couldn't justify the cost with a family so I ranked them lower. If I was single then BID would have been three/four. Harvard name without the pain was the feeling I got plus cool residents and probably my favorite PD and residency director that I met along the trail.
NEMC (Tufts) is definitely doable and a nice, smaller program. I would not rule out St. Elizabeth's either. It has gotten a bad rap and an image of only taking FMG's but this is changing. In any other city, it would be a top program, but has to compete with the Harvard Programs. UMASS is an excellent program and would provide great training, but you have to live in Worcester. BU, (rotated there) I would put down lower on my list due to the work environment but they do produce very capable Anesthesiologists. The other Boston programs have been covered in previous posts.
Thanks for the info.....anyone else with an opinion?
bullard said:
(with some gawky MD/PhDs thrown in the mix)

I assume you meant a gawky md/phd is the exception not the rule? Otherwise, you know, that's mean.

I guess I'll just leave you with the immortal words of championship golfer Fred Funk :

"I've never really been paired with a guy who's as long as he is"