ross university

  1. R

    RUSM or UMHS?

    Hey, everyone. I've got a decision to make on which Caribbean medical school to attend. I would really appreciate any input one may have regarding attendance of either of these schools. Of course, the final decision will be made by my family and me. However, I want to gather as many perspectives...
  2. R

    Ross University Experience in Barbados

    Hello, everyone. I've recently been accepted to Ross University for the September 2019 term. I know that RUSM recently moved from the island of Dominica to the island of Barbados. It is hard to find info about RUSM that is not about student life in Dominica. So I would really appreciate it if...
  3. schnauzerlover94

    Ross University August 2019

    Didn’t see a thread for this and I have some questions. I am specifically looking to talk to a current Ross student who has a dog on the island. If you match the description and are willing to talk with me let me know! I would be very grateful!
  4. I

    Ross University School of Veterinarian Medicine January 2019 Class

    Hi all, I recently received my acceptance call from Ross and I have been accepted into the January class of 2023, however I will be attending in January of 2019 I was wondering if anyone else will be attending Ross University at this time, as I'd love to get in contact with some fellow...
  5. A

    Caribbean school chances

    Hello all, I am a recent graduate with a cumulative 2.99 GPA, with a 2.74 science GPA. I also just took the MCAT and scored a 485 (Yes, its low). I was wondering what my chances of getting into a Caribbean school would be (Ross, AUA, AUC, Saba, Trinity and St. Matthews). What can I do to help...
  6. J

    Caribbean Ross/SGU?

    so I didn’t exactly have the best years in undergrad and I’m about to graduate with a 2.81 GPA EC’s are great with internships with surgeons at MD Anderson and all of that Worked in ER for the past 3 years at a level 1 trauma hospital, etc etc LOR are solid as well Haven’t taken the MCAT yet but...
  7. A

    Carribbean Medical Schools

    Hello. I am a current senior, anticipating graduation this December. My grades and GPA in University are not where I would like for them to be, because I simply goofed off in college, and I didnt really realize this until I entered my last semester. I have not yet took the MCAT, but plan on...
  8. G

    Ross Interview 2017

    Hello! I got my very first vet school interview coming up and I want to nail it! Has anyone been interviewed by Ross School of Veterinary Medicine within the past couple of years? What questions did they ask? That is all =)
  9. M

    Should I apply IM? 209/249 step scores from Ross University

    Hello, I currently go to Ross University in the Caribbean, and got my STEP 2 CK score back, and am now wondering if I should apply to IM? After receiving 209 on STEP1, I was very disappointed and thought that Family Medicine might be the only route for me, unless I really did well on CK. I got...
  10. A

    MERP housing in Miramar FL

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone was starting MERP in April 2017! If so, I actually am looking for housing but I want a female roommate (dw, i'm a female too). The roommate finding website is not at all helpful. There are so many beautiful houses near the university but I don't feel...