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Jan 6, 2022
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Hi! I’m trying to choose between 2 schools (SJB SOM and UCC SOM in PR), and a really important factor that I’m taking into account to make my decisions is Step on pass rates. Both schools have info about this on their websites, however, one of the schools doesn’t have the updated 2023 info up and I would like to see it to compare to the other school. Do you guys know if there’s some place where I can look up school specific step 1 pass rates?

Also, if anyone has an opinion on the 2 schools that I’m deciding between, I’d love your opinion. Thanks!

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Counterpoint- step 1 pass rates are almost worthless since most every school's curriculum sucks now. That statistic has less to do with the school's curriculum and really is just a statistic saying "What percentage of students did UFAPS religiously?"

From a board studying standpoint, you'd be better off picking the school with the fewer number of mandatory sessions. More free time = more time to study.

When I say school's curriculums suck- I don't think the schools are training crappy doctors. But I have friends ranging from DO and low tier MD to places like Hopkins, and not one of my friends feels like their school's curriculum adequately prepared their students to pass step 1.

I think they should get rid of the ridiculous step 1 questions (what doctor needs to calculate airplane cabin pressure?) and make the exam more clinically relevant, and maybe then students will perform better. But until then, we're all sitting around grinding AnKing to memorize all those random series of numbers and letters to pass the exam........
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