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  1. D

    ASDOH vs Dugoni for OMFS Specialization

    Hi guys, I've been lucky enough to be accepted into both dental schools. I am from Los Angeles and would obviously have to move out either way and both schools are an equal distance away from me but I was wondering: which school would be better for me career-wise especially if my plan is to...
  2. V


    Hi All, I've gotten an acceptance from both of these schools and would like some feedback to help make a final decision. I'm currently a CA resident so I'm eligible for in-state tuition, and received a tuition waiver to UW making the difference in costs negligible. I'm a UCSD alum and lived...
  3. J

    Need Help ASAP: DMU vs. RVUCOM-CO

    Hi Everyone :) I was fortunate enough to be accepted into DMU and RVUCOM-CO, and I'm having trouble weighing my options. I will be going the military route to pay for school, so the price isn't as big a deal as setting myself up to specialize competitively. Any thoughts and insights would be...
  4. T

    ACOM vs. NYITCOM (Jonesboro,AR)

    I've spent the last couple of hours reading through threads to get opinions, but wanted to ask here as well. ACOM Pros - 100% residency placement in 2021, heard of students getting competitive residencies incl. derm (not my interest, but good to know its not impossible for a dedicated student)...
  5. johnsonthehopeful

    LMU-DCOM vs Noorda

    Hello all! I've been accepted to LMU-DCOM and Noorda and have to pay a deposit by mid-December for both schools. For background, I'm a non-trad from Texas, so both schools are quite a ways from me. I'm also interested in urology after working as a urology CMA/scribe for ~5 years, though I know...
  6. H

    Consider Reapplying or Go To Only Acceptance?

    Stats: 21 AA, 21 TS, 19 PAT, 3.93 sGPA, 3.97 GPA I applied to 7 schools, interviewed at 3, and was accepted to 1 school this cycle. That school is the super expensive one that you all know what I'm talking about and I know I'm not the first person to be in this position of only getting into...
  7. L

    NYU vs Harvard vs WashU

    Hey guys! So thankful to have these options and luckily, the financial aid packages at all schools are similar enough for that not to be a huge consideration. For reference, Harvard would be about $6k a year in tuition/fees, NYU $4k/yr (fees), and WashU is offering full COA. I am not sure what...
  8. Melvillei

    BU vs OSU

    PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE Very grateful to be accepted to both schools but struggling to choose between them. BU was originally much more expensive, but I was offered enough financial aid to make total COA essentially even. Both would be far from home (California) and my eventual goal would be to...
  9. bubble21

    Burrell vs. ICOM

    I am so happy to be in the position to have more than one acceptance! The problem is deposits are expensive and making the decision is tough! I received an acceptance from Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) and from Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM). I am from the...
  10. Irene Mariam

    Forensic science as pre med

    I'm planning on choosing BSc Forensics as my premed in Canada. Do you think there's any scope for it there in case I don't get into med school? Will a Masters in Forensics help me land a stable job with a stable income?
  11. aspiring_physician123

    KCU-COM (Joplin) vs WVSOM vs VCOM-Louisiana

    Hey guys!! So I've recently been accepted to three pretty amazing schools, feeling incredibly blessed, but the first deposit is dawning on me, and I'd greatly appreciate y'alls insight on how to best go about choosing between these schools: KCU-COM (Joplin) Pros P/F Curriculum No mandatory...
  12. F

    Should I pursue an MPH?

    Hi everyone. I am an undergraduate from a state school and I was currently looking at my GPA through an AMCAS GPA calculator. I was disappointed and shocked when I saw my AMCAS GPA being a 3.54 when my BCPM GPA is a 3.74 and AOGPA being a 3.86. I know not much can be said without an MCAT but I...
  13. T

    Help me decide: KCU-Joplin vs WVSOM vs Nova

    Hello, I could really use some knowledgeable insight to help me make my decision. I am planning on going the IM route for residency and would like to end up in or as close to DC as possible, as that’s where my partner will be. Not sure how much the school (in my case) impacts that possibility. I...
  14. N

    Choosing the right pre-med university.

    Hello, I got accepted into Texas Tech (Biology Major) and University of Texas at San Antonio (Biology Major). Which university will help me pursue my end-goal which is Medical school/ dream Medical school which is Baylor Medical. Moreover, taking these following points below into...
  15. T

    Case Western vs Indiana University

    Hello all! Thanks for looking at my post. I'm currently trying to decide between attending CWRU or IUSM. Case Western Pros: • Prestige • Strong clinical rotation sites (University Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, VA, Metro) • Great research opportunities • Large amount of time during...
  16. queenofthenorth

    NYU vs. UB (OOS)

    University of Buffalo Pros: - Cheaper than NYU - New facilities - Low rent - in-state tuition after a year I think? Cons: - Cold! - the city compared to nyc NYU Pros: - NYC; I've always wanted to live in a big city and a lot of my friends live there currently Cons: -EXPENSIVE -large...
  17. EpiLover12

    MPH Thank you for helping me choose schools!

    I have chosen.