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Jul 4, 2006
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If you did, I want to know if they cashed your personal check (the $25 you paid...disregard this if you paid by money order). It's really bugging me because I graduated from school and moved back home, so I'm not in CA anymore. The bank I was with is only in CA, so I can't make deposits anymore nor use an ATM without getting charged fees...therefore, I really wanted to close my account and put the money in my account here.

The thing is, UCSF hasn't cashed my check, and if I close my account then they won't get the money and I'd rather not cause problems with them. My bank said that checks can be cashed for 6 months, so that means that I possibly have to wait until OCTOBER! I've even called them twice, and both times the lady was really nice, apologized for the fact that their accounting dept is backed up, and said they'd be on it...but both times nothing has happened (it's been about a month since my last call).

Did anyone else run into this problem with them?!