Apply now or wait till after DAT

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Jan 26, 2012
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I am ready to submit my application for this cycle, but I am going to be taking the DAT again in August. My concern is that some schools might just deny me without even waiting to see my new DAT score. This is my 4th and final time applying, and I am applying to quite a few schools, so I just want to make sure everything is done in my favor. Does anyone have any advice or information that might help me?

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I would say to apply as early as you can, just make sure you let them know that you'll be taking the DAT's in August(fill in the portion for future DAT date), that way they know that they are waiting for those scores. I've heard everyone saying that if indeed you are going to apply then to apply early, early, but that's just my opinion.
Apply now send scores later

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