Navy Applying to EM NADDS v. FTOS

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Jul 29, 2017
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I am an M4 Navy HPSP, my current plan is to rank FTIS first (I will rotate at NMCSD and NMCP this fall which should give me a better idea). I've heard EM is looking even more competitive this year, which is already working against my favor. So, before spending a ton of money/time applying to civilian programs I was trying to get an idea on the number/chances of a civilian spot as a backup option.

Looking at latest BUMED note it appears there are NADDS spots available, but I have been unable to find any specific number. It also states that there are 6 FTOS Residency positions for the next year.

- Does anyone have a rough idea how many NADDS spots there will be?

- Are the 6 FTOS spots available for PGY-1?

- Just to confirm my understanding of FTOS (Full Military pay/benefits, essentially free to civilian program, assuming a three-year program I will owe 3 additional years on top of my 4yrs for HPSP= 7 total)

Alternatively, before I was considering deferment as an option I was told that not applying for any kind of deferment (primary choice or Prelim programs) is risky if you do not get selected for your primary choice or TY.

- Is TY competitive enough for a remarkably average applicant not to match?
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