Jan 21, 2016
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Hi guys,
If any of you can help, i would appreciate your opinion or any suggestion. I posted this as a comment in another thread about AEGD programs for FTD, but I wish you that know more about this process could give me some advice.
I am currently living in the US with a J1 visa, I am a postdoc now but I need to look for my future since the pathway for assistant professor is kinda awful (and call me weird, but I don't really want to spend more than 6 years as a postdoc in order to get my green card - expiring j1 and then H1, etc- because I am 33 now).
I am dentist and I want to become clinical faculty or lecturer or even instructor at a university, I would like to make it my priority over working all day in a private practice.
I don't have funding nor anybody who can sponsor me, I am (obviously) not permanent resident so I have no options to go into any tuition based- AEGD/GPR/Residency program .
So far and based in the chart that was posted here I have identified three paid aegd that accept foreign trained dentists.
I know that Marquette University gives you the chance to get full license in WI, and in the same way Uconn (although it seems that they prefer very young and fresh graduates). I also know about northwest dental residency and seems to be interesting since they assure you can get the full license in WA, however, they send you into a very rural environment: Yakima, Spokane and one more that I do not remember right now. My main concern regarding this option is that these areas are actually safe for a girl. Does anybody here know someone that got acceptance into that program? or maybe any other option for FTD in paid aegd/gpr? (preferably not in Florida)
I think we cannot really go too far without a green card or any sponsor. Science is amazing but it does not pay much...Anyway, maybe I should consider other option in a different country
Thanks a lot for you attention
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